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Comment Re:VHS says, call me in 30 years. (Score 1) 308

You're right, why would anyone want to see a 90 year video old?
Or a movie that's 60 years old.

Sarcasm aside, I do think you have a somewhat valid point. Most videos probably aren't worth the effort it would take to save them. I think it's silly to build huge libraries of preserved home movies to cling to the past. I really don't care to save the wife's old VHS copy of Ace Ventura.
Still, I would like to preserve a couple of these older movies for "someday." At least so I have something to show my kids of the grandfather they never got to meet.

Comment VHS says, call me in 30 years. (Score 5, Insightful) 308

When you try to play your DVD-RWs. No, seriously. I've got a Hauppauge PVR150 in my desktop (Salvaged from the sad remains of the first Mythbok that died...) and I've been using it rip my parents old home movies recorded to VHS. These tapes are 20 years old and play great. The question is, what the heck can I burn it to so it might survive 30 more years?

Submission + - Mice Cured of Autism

noahisaac writes: "My brother just sent me an article he posted for the Rett Syndrome Research Foundation about a cure for Rett Syndrome, a form of autism. According to the article, researchers successfully re-introduced a fully functional version of the MECP2 gene into mice that had been born with damaged MECP2 genes. Contrary to their expectations, the mice improved. From the article, "restoration of fully functional MECP2 over a four week period eradicated tremors and normalized breathing, mobility and gait in mice that had previously been fully symptomatic and, in some cases, only days away from death." The ramifications for people suffering from Rett Syndrome are obvious, but mutations of the MECP2 gene are also believed to be the cause of "classic" autism, and a number of other neurological disorders."

German Past Haunts Gamers' Future 134

Wired has up a very thoughtful article examining the current anti-violent gaming trends in Germany, and reflecting on their connection to WWII. Article author Bruce Gain discusses some of the history of post-Nazi Germany, and points out how violent games rile politics in that country by reminding it of its past. Says Gain: "Some German officials link these games to an increase in violence among the young and cite at least one instance where a gamer applied the lessons learned from a first-person shooter to a real-life murderous rampage. Remove the connection, they argue, and you prevent further violence. Germany has a lot of gamers, but the violence found in many of these games is widely criticized there. It has some of the strictest video-game censorship laws in the Western world. For example, laws prohibit the sale of Counter-Strike and other titles with blood-depicting graphics switched on. But for many politicians, the laws don't go far enough."

Submission + - Hacking the Cable Modem review

s1axter writes: ""First let me say that I am thoroughly impressed with both the author and the information content. Hacking the Cable Modem is part textbook and part tutorial, steeped in a plot straight from Hollywood. DerEngel weaves a narrative in the exploration, exploitation and modification of an embedded system with the story of some of the first cable modem hacks in the 90s." Review of Hacking the Cable Modem can be found here "
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Journal Journal: /. and modding down 8

I am not sure how to state this, and have for quite a while not even been sure if to bring it up. For a few reasons i am: 1) Not many people will probably even read it. 2) It's worthy of discussion. 3) It goes against stated slashdot documents.


Apple's Windows Apps Not Ready For Vista 278

narramissic writes "A new Apple technical support document confirms that none of the company's Windows Applications are compatible with Vista. Affected applications include: 'QuickTime, the iPod shuffle reset utility, Bonjour for Windows, AirPort for Windows, the iDisk utility, AppleWorks for Windows, and Apple Software Update for Windows. The stand-alone iPod updater for iTunes 6 for Windows also isn't ready for Vista.'" The article refers to an Apple tech support document dated "today" (02/08) — without providing a link — but a search turns up only this one from 02/02.
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Submission + - Linux to Power Super Router

VE3OGG writes: "While Cisco might not be shaking in its multi-billion dollar booties, a couple of network experts have decided to see if they can come up with a possible alternative to Cisco. Termed 'Open Linux Router', and joining such other ambitious projects as the Extensible Open Router Platform (XORP), the Open Linux Router project aims to compete with the realms Cisco routers and PBX. SOme fo the features include SSL web interface, serial console, wireless support, VLAN support, packet filtering among others."
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Journal SPAM: Evolution Or Natural Selection? 3

Mackerel has a strange eye-like design in their back. As long as they remain just design, they are just the result of natural selection. If those eye-like pattern back of mackerel turn to real eyes, that is evolution.

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