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Comment It's not about the screen size, it's field of view (Score 1) 45

2 seats in a theatre. With a 75 foot screen and high-tech sound.

That you have to sit 100 feet away from. And the "high tech" sound is all about that base, bout that base, bout that base.

I have a projector. When I watch a movie at home the screen is filling as much of my vision as a pretty large movie theater.

I also honestly have MUCH better sound, and that is with a middle of the range receiver with cheap speakers (but there are five of them plus a subwoofer).

$30 to watch a newish movie in your own home is terrible value when compared to literally every other in-home viewing option.

That made no sense and I could not parse at all what you were trying to say, except for the general concept you were trying to get across of "you are wrong". But as noted, you don't even understand that sitting closer to a smaller screen gives an equivalent effect and you consider movie theater audio to be "high tech".

Comment Re: Digital Rights? (Score 1) 187

Why the hell would I want to stop them? All I said is that people are accepting a "licensing" model if that is offered to them in a comfortable way. Saying that people WANT a licensing model is bullshit if you ask me. What they want is comfort, and for that they're willing to put up with things that are less annoying than the gain in comfort.

Comment Wait I thought it was $50 (Score 1) 45

There was some earlier Slashdot story that said something like $50 or $70.. glad realism is entering the picture here. Very happy to see some movies on release at home for $30, that actually may get traction.

A side effect may be further upgrades to people's home theater setups as more people take advantage of the tranquility of a movie at home without a bunch of randos.

Comment Re:So now we need warning labels on jobs??? (Score 1) 293

The fallacy is that if you take away a bad business that there will be no business. Guess what: Just because we disallowed you from having slaves doesn't mean that there was no cotton to be picked anymore. The work still has to be done, if you can't get slaves to do it, you might have to pay workers to do it.

Comment Re:Digital Rights? (Score 1) 187

That's the other extreme. Hell, am I the only one who doesn't think that having one foot in the freezer and the other one in the frying pan is the only way to have a comfortable warmth on average?

Right now the scales of copyright are tipped WAY over towards the side of rights holders, to the point where they pretty much dictate everything concerning their work. Including and actually especially the time after I hand over money for it.

It used to be simple. You created something, I gave you money so I could enjoy it. But that wasn't enough, now you also want to control how, when and if I may enjoy it. And this goes beyond any reason.

Comment You are utterly wrong in every possible way (Score 1) 293

It's a choice between community and individuals.

With one statement, you show yourself the fool, utterly lacking in understanding of what individualism is about, or the power of what it can do - not for a person, but for the COMMUNITY.

Individualism is not "I got mine". At the heart it is, if possible do not be a burden to others, because you have taken care of yourself as best you can. If you are personally in good shape then it makes it far easier to help others.

Your philosophy is the truest form of selfishness because it encourages members to leech off others with no return. Individualism is the simple common sense of "put your oxygen mask on before assisting others". Is that wrong?

Individualism is making sure that AS MANY members of the community are in a position to help others as possible, so that when the need arises people can get help instead of everyone assuming "the community" is helping someone while they freeze to death in a ditch.

Individualism is about looking out for other individuals, because a little assistance early heads off major and possibly impossible assistance later.

Americans have to get over their fear of socialism

Yeah, no reason to be afraid of a philosophy that has killed hundreds of millions, sometimes brutally and sometimes through sheer indifference.

Go visit Cuba or some former communist nations to see just how much communism should not be feared.

P.S. What is the deal with you communists forcing Trump into office? What did you think you'd get out of that anyway?

Comment Re:The Puritan philosophy of human worth (Score 1) 293

That's stupid. Simple and plainly.

Work is the necessary evil to get money. Nothing more, nothing less. I can find stuff to do just fine myself, there is no need to keep me occupied. But I need money, like everyone else. That is the only reason to work.

Any work has to provide enough money to make it worth the time wasted on it.

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