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Submission + - Ocado evaluating robotic manipulation for online shopping orders (robohub.org)

Kassandra Perlongo writes: Ocado, the world’s largest online-only supermarket, has been evaluating the feasibility of robotic picking and packing of shopping orders in its highly-automated warehouses through the SoMa project, a Horizon 2020 framework programme for research and innovation funded by the European Union.

Comment Re:Count me in (Score 1) 703

And your point is... what exactly?

His shtick is funny and has more truth in it than O'Reilly/GB's festering mouth(s) could ever dream of.

Festering mouths? Really? Why the hatred?

Festering mouth is right, and its not hatred. Any Projection is on your part.
If I see someone walking around with a festering wound for a mouth I don't hate them, but I sure am concerned that something dangerously ungood is happening.


Submission + - When IP Protection Incites Consumer Rage

An anonymous reader writes: How many industries of late have managed to generate such genuine consumer hatred over the last several years? says Richard Menta about the record industry. He was refering to that industry's aggressive activities to control its content in the digital age and he makes a solid argument that these efforts, including oppressive DRM tactics and legal actions, have alienated the consumer to the point where it is a key contributor to decreasing CD revenues. This quarter alone EMI saw a 20% drop in CD sales, while Warners 3rd quarter loss widened. The article lays out 17 events including the Sony rootkit scandal and the payola scandal that have tarnished the industry's public image and undermined its credibility with the average record buyer.

Submission + - Manners maketh man.

akintayo writes: The New York Times reports that in response to the recent brouhaha, some technology bloggers have suggested raising the level of civility on tech blogs by implementing a code of conduct. Kathy Sierra, a technology blogger and friend of O'Reilly was subjected to threats and insults from readers and other bloggers. In partial response, O'Reilly and others have proposed a code of conduct which could include restrictions like the outlawing of anonymous accounts.

Satellites Mating Via Robotic Arm 91

Roland Piquepaille writes "The launch of the Orbital Express mission, with its two satellites ASTRO and NextSat, the first one servicing the other, was widely covered a month ago. But what is happening in space now? In 'Robotic satellite servicer rehearsal underway in orbit,' Spaceflight Now reports about the progress done. A week ago, the two satellites were able to link to each other to operate the first transfer of hydrazine fuel from ASTRO's propellant tanks into NextSat. This weekend, ASTRO's ten-foot-long robotic arm is going to be used to move objects to NextSat. But what does it mean for international satellite operators when they need help with their space birds? Will they use a system designed for U.S.'s DARPA? "
User Journal

Journal Journal: Kathy Sierra 1

How odd. I just noticed that the whole Kathy Sierra harassment issue has not come up (did I blink and miss it?). This seems kind of odd. Certainly, online standards of behavior and internet harassment are something that should matter to we nerds who spend much of our life online. This is pretty much the only forum relevant to the topic that I frequent that has not brought it up. Why is this not seen as important? Is there a legitimate reason is has not come up? Is it insensitivity of t


Submission + - Effect of antibiotics increased by herbal extract

An anonymous reader writes: Nature Medicine (http://www.nature.com/nm/journal/vaop/ncurrent/ab s/nm1572.html) is reporting on its website that bacteria infections which are refractory to antibiotic treatment may be able to be cleared by supplementing the treatments with a widely used herbal extract. Urinary tract infections (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urinary_tract_infect ion)are caused by E. coli and have frequent recurrences due to the ability of the bacteria to hide within the bladder. Using the herbal extract, forskolin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forskolin), the researchers have been able to eliminate the hiding bacteria, which could lead to better treatment efficiency when using antibiotics. Forskolin is an extract from the plant coleus forskholii which has been used for decades as an herbal remedy for painful urination. More recently nutrition stores have been carrying forskolin as a weight loss drug and energy booster. It's interesting that the same herbal remedies that most scientists dismiss as voodoo medicine are becoming the center of well respected research which explains their therapeutic value.

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