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Comment Re:Sorry. Do you not have this???? (Score 2) 72

Proving that death was indeed caused by a multi-drug resistant strain is not trivial in many cases, the testing for that post-mortem would need technical standards that are not always agreed upon

Yep most people of complications like pneumonia rather than the original infection.

Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 1) 362

People died while being locked in cars. Two examples are : car fallen in the water, and people sleeping in a car while owner and friend locked it. The owner came back after a long hot weeken, his friend was dead inside. Double lock is a dangerous feature.

Agreed given the number of children & dogs that have died from heat exposure because they were locked in a car on a hot day

Comment Re:Has the lord and savior told you (Score 1) 332

Clearly you demo guy had an inadequate understanding of unit testing because you shouldn't have to expose anything because a unit test should be able to access private properties & methods (Not necessarily directly but using techniques that won't work outside of a unit test).

Comment Re:This is what happens... (Score 1) 394

...when guns are illegal. They wouldn't dare do mass surveillance in the US because gun owners would overthrow the government. Right? Right?

No they just wouldn't legalize it. If you think the US Government isn't doing all this behind the scenes then you're an even bigger fool than I give you credit for

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