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Comment Re:Found the LUDDITE! (Score 3, Insightful) 320

Only LUDDITES hate automatic appdates because they're too stupid to know how to use apps! Modern app appers love automatic appdates because it lets them app even more apps while apping other apps!

Hmmm most other OS's automatic updates don't require hours of down time and often unexpected reboots. M$'s automatic update system could only be worse if it was designed by a government employee

Comment Re:WTF!!! (Score 1) 513

I think the big question is did he disclose this info at his job interview and did they specify in the job description and at the interview if he might be required to work evenings/weekends. It was his first day on the Job so he would have had zero employment rights to prevent them from firing him.

They do strike me as a bunch of assholes though for firing him over this issue but if he didn't point out the issue at his interview then they are well within their rights asshole or no.

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