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Comment Won't catch on until you can keybind (Score 4, Funny) 609

It'll all be for noobs until you can keybind your macros...which requires a much more complex interface than a simple joystick...I mean, come on, what is this, pac-man?

gimme a control that lets me:

[StartMacro Name = 'RoadRage']
/accelerate 90

and then we'll be talking...till then...back to the drawing board.

Comment Re:If you play enough, you will ALWAYS lose. (Score 5, Insightful) 597

"Why people play with their money against clearly unfavorable odds is beyond me" It's called entertainment. I can go to Atlantic City, be treated like a King for 3 days, staying in a top class hotel room I didn't pay for, with people tending to my every whim, simply by being willing to risk some cash at the tables. And the games themselves are fun as well. There is a group energy behind a winning craps table, or the tension of the moment the roulette wheel is about to drop, or even the (generally) goodnatured cutthroated competition of a poker table. And yes, I generally drop 2-300 bucks over the course of the three day trip. But I got three nights in the hotel, food, drink, and fun for that $300. Or I could go to a MLB game, drop that same amount of money, with no possibility of getting it back, and emerge a mere 3-4 hours later.

Comment Re:Let's see Blizzard come after those PvPGN serve (Score 1) 234

"Google unenforceable, unconscionable, consideration"
Google "Has been enforced frequently", "Copyright Law says they don't even have to let you have it at all if they don't want to", and "In exchange for being allowed a license to install the game and access their servers".
No Court is ever going to turn down a game writer's ability to police their game. Yes, if there was a EULA term that says "You agree to give us your first born child and all your base", a Court might turn that away, however, a EULA that says "If you want to play this game, you must play it by our rules, if you don't like it, you should return the software immediately for a refund" has never been defeated in a court of law.

Comment Re:Another liberal dream goes totalitarian (Score 4, Insightful) 439

As opposed to Conservative fantasies, which don't even bother starting out as absolute do-whatever-you-want-just-don't-kill-anyone free-for-all and just go straight to the authoritarian group usurping natural ownership and dictating rules galore stage....
You would have been better off just saying "Power corrupts"

Comment Ummm....Robo-callers perhaps? (Score 3, Informative) 236

I would think automated Robotic Calling programs, which have been around least a decade now...would qualify as prior art here.

I acknowledge that at least the suing company is in the market of actually selling something to 911's, EMS's and the like, and the increasing use of twitter for "Follow me for important safety updates" is probably cutting into their business...dramatically....but...I don't think this lawsuit deserves legs.

Comment Re:SCOTUS should not be driven by ideology. (Score 1) 151

(quote) McCain/Feingold: What part of Congress shall make no law... is beyond the comprehension of the Honorable Senators? Note that the entirety of the Campaign Finance regulatory regime fails this test along with most of the FEC regulatory machinery. (/quote)

The same part that lets them ban child porn. (No, I am not in favor of child porn, I'm just using the 'Child porn is the root password to the Constitution' logic.)

"No law" doesn't mean "No law", it means That the Constitutional Principles the law being examined is furthering (Fair and honest elections, people electing their representatives, not corporations, etc) are furthered more than the constitutional principals being diminished by the law (unlimited speech in the political arena)

That balance falls in favor of "Yes, you can restrict someone's ability to essentially buy an office".

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