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Comment Cloud (Score 2) 283

Amazon created and dominated the cloud as we know it before Microsoft even knew it existed. To this day, Microsoft's prices on Azure are about twice that of AWS, and Microsoft doesn't have a prayer in taking that market. All Microsoft has ever done is a half-assed attempt to buy their way into yet-another-market. If Amazon wasn't so laser focused on defining what the cloud means and pouring in R&D dollars, sure they could make a little more money. If Amazon wasn't pushing boundaries like same-day delivery, sure they could make a little more money. Put another way, if Ballmer wasn't so focused on making a little more money, and could be laser focused on R&D and pushing boundaries, maybe he could dominate a market like Amazon - but he left that post years ago.

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone Not the Cause of Duke's WLAN Problem

An anonymous reader writes: A few days ago, Slashdot covered the news of Apple iPhone flooding the WLAN at Duke University. Kevin Miller, assistant director, communications infrastructure, with Duke's Office of Information Technology, blamed the built-in 802.11b/g adapters on several iPhones periodically flooding sections of Duke's pervasive wireless LAN with MAC address requests, which temporarily knocked out anywhere from a dozen to 30 wireless access points at a time. Today, Macworld quoted Julian Lombardi saying the iPhone may not be the problem after all.

Duke University is taking a softer stance on the cause of its wireless networking problems on Friday. Earlier in the week Duke administrators put the blame squarely on Apple's iPhone, but a report due today from the university may exonerate the iPhone. "We are presently looking into it and we have not been able to conclusively pinpoint where the problem is," said Julian Lombardi, assistant vice president of academic services technology support for Duke University. "We hope to have a resolution in the next few hours."
Oops! Shame on Duke's IT people for going public with hastily drawn conclusion and blaming Apple for "one-way communication".

Comment Threading (Score 1) 90

I have avoided threading for the same reason I have avoided C++. It's a broken platform. It doesn't make your smarter after you learn about it - it makes you realize how broken the system is. It's more of a patchwork than a real solution. There needs to be a paradigm shift (ala Actor Oriented Programming).

Until that happens, I'll confine myself to threadpools and a worker thread.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Heaven Help Us

I just saw a link to this on another site. This thread should be a poster child for why important databases need to be managed by people who know what they're talking about. It also demonstrates the clear and present danger that there are lots of people in the world who enjoy _sounding_ like they know what they are talking about, whether they do or not.

Comment Re:The funniest part of the article... (Score 1) 4

Well, I understand all that - it's pretty obvious, isn't it? In fact, I can't tell for sure from your post if we agree or disagree on this. :oS

Only a culture that is self-absorbed with self-absorption would think that an activity whose primary purpose is to be seen actually is an important thing. Described that way (and the description is accurate, as far as it goes), it is difficult to see the difference between a political demonstration and a Hollywood movie. But I'm sure not going to base my policy opinions on which demonstration hired or attracted the most protesters any more than I am going to base them on the half-thought-through philosophies advertised by Hollywood's "art." Of course we may disagree about this, but I think that my opinion is not an uncommon one or an ill-considered one, either. I hope you can at least see where I'm coming from.
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Journal Journal: Saturday gone

It's really tough to think about how far we are inside of our own boxes. We do nothing but build them to be more and more transparent, and more and more comfy, all the while we live without knowing (or caring) how we function as humans. People never take the time to crawl out of their box and ignore for a few minutes some of the things going on around them to uphold what may turn in to a missing piece of science.

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Journal Journal: Dvorak's Revenge 2

Today's most interesting computer-related adventure:
  1. Install Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor (TTTT) to learn Dvorak keyboard.
  2. Switch keyboard layout to Dvorak.
  3. Run first few lessons of TTTT on the Dvorak keyboard.
  4. Go eat dinner (btw, it was great, Margie!)
  5. Come back from dinner to find screen locked and computer asking for my password.

I bet you can fill in the blanks from there.

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