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Journal akaina's Journal: Saturday gone

It's really tough to think about how far we are inside of our own boxes. We do nothing but build them to be more and more transparent, and more and more comfy, all the while we live without knowing (or caring) how we function as humans. People never take the time to crawl out of their box and ignore for a few minutes some of the things going on around them to uphold what may turn in to a missing piece of science.

It's also not always easy to find a lending ear, much less likeminded individuals.

There are currently hundres of millions of babies waiting to take your place, and what are the chances that one of them will do something that makes your life look completely worthless? Peronsally I'de like to live without the stigma that one of them will replace me so easily. So I aim for a lofty goal and tell everything in my way to fuck-off.

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Saturday gone

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"Tell the truth and run." -- Yugoslav proverb