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Journal chrisleonard's Journal: Dvorak's Revenge 2

Today's most interesting computer-related adventure:
  1. Install Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor (TTTT) to learn Dvorak keyboard.
  2. Switch keyboard layout to Dvorak.
  3. Run first few lessons of TTTT on the Dvorak keyboard.
  4. Go eat dinner (btw, it was great, Margie!)
  5. Come back from dinner to find screen locked and computer asking for my password.

I bet you can fill in the blanks from there.

After failing to log on a couple of times, and then panicking because I couldn't log in, I finally realized that I was failing because the computer was still using the Dvorak layout, but I wasn't. So, after panicking a bit more because I had no chance of entering my very complicated password using the Dvorak layout, I then recovered my senses and used another nearby computer to look at the Dvorak keyboard layout on the Web. I then proceeded to use this layout as a visual guide, and thus succeeded in botching my password a couple of more times.

Next, I wrote down (still using that handy Dvorak layout on the Web) what I thought the Dvorak version of my password should be, and using this new cheat-sheet, failed to log on about 5 more times.

As the despair grew, I decided to write down the Qwerty version of my password in plain sight on the same piece of paper, and I double-checked my translation to Dvorak. Thus equipped, I promptly failed to log on about 5 more times.

Finally, I put the Dvorak version of my password directly over the Qwerty version, letter-by-letter, and after double-checking everything a couple more times ... well, after all THAT ... I was able to log on quite easily. Once.

Mental note number one: re-enable Qwerty before leaving the 'puter for more than 10 minutes.

Mental note number two: complain to Microsoft because their Dvorak implementation is obviously buggy.

Mental note number three: maybe I don't need a password that's *quite* so complex.

Mental note number four: I'd better shred that piece of paper.

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Dvorak's Revenge

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  • I love that story. It's fun to hear stuff like that from time to time. :P
  • by dnoyeb ( 547705 )
    Hidden in plain sight :D

    Actually I started using complicated passwords because their just as easy to remember after about a week of usage. The more I use it, the more complicated I can make it.

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