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Comment Re:It's not about the screen size, it's field of v (Score 1) 60

Spend enough money for your kitchen equipment and ingredients, and why eat out anymore? Even if you suck at cooking, there are plenty of options for eating a variety of cuisine of decent quality at home.

You don't even have to spend that much on equipment or ingredients to get better food.

Here's why.... people get stir-crazy and want an experience

For dining out it makes more sense because you do not have to wash dishes, and SOMETIMES you get better food than you could have made yourself.

For movies there are no dishes to watch. The overall vastly negative experience of the theater, from absurdly high prices on everything to crowds to unwanted noise during the movie, mean that the "experience" is pretty much vastly better than what you can have at home with just a bit of effort in purchasing decent equipment (which you'll be using a lot anyway as most people make heavy use of the TV).

I personally am all about getting out and spending for quality experiences. But nothing about movies makes much sense to me in terms of experience so it makes a lot more sense to me to spend less on a movie at home than a theater, and save your time out for REAL experiences, like concerts or plays or whatever,

I'd probably be evicted from my apartment if I decided to get 'dat bass.

Headphones or one of these things

Not everyone lives in an apartment, a house is quite common if you are not in the bay area.

Comment Re:what a disappointment (Score 1) 66

I know this is not fusion, but on that note, If Europe gets fusion to a practical level, it would be a yuuuuge embarrassment to the US, comparable to losing the space race. Plus, Europe will probably charge us for related patents, or at least they should: they shouldered most of the cost while we collectively denied global warming and bowed down to the Oil Gods.

Comment Re: Gravity waves != gravitational waves (Score 1) 50

Let's see if I got this straight:

Cloud particles gravitationally pull on each other such that if there is a disturbance in their movement, ripples form in the attraction movement pattern somewhat similar to ripples on a pond after tossing in a pebble: the particles bunch up and then some other force (???) pushes them back apart after a period of time. What's this other force? (On a pond, the weight of the peak of the wave pushes it back down.)

It seems we normally don't see these on Earth because our thicker atmosphere and magnetosphere overwhelm gravity's direct influence.

If this is the case, I'm surprised Mars cloud particles (mostly dust and ice) would have enough gravitational influence on each other. It's really a small amount of mass, and rather defused. Thus, I think I am missing a piece of the puzzle.

Comment It's not about the screen size, it's field of view (Score 1) 60

2 seats in a theatre. With a 75 foot screen and high-tech sound.

That you have to sit 100 feet away from. And the "high tech" sound is all about that base, bout that base, bout that base.

I have a projector. When I watch a movie at home the screen is filling as much of my vision as a pretty large movie theater.

I also honestly have MUCH better sound, and that is with a middle of the range receiver with cheap speakers (but there are five of them plus a subwoofer).

$30 to watch a newish movie in your own home is terrible value when compared to literally every other in-home viewing option.

That made no sense and I could not parse at all what you were trying to say, except for the general concept you were trying to get across of "you are wrong". But as noted, you don't even understand that sitting closer to a smaller screen gives an equivalent effect and you consider movie theater audio to be "high tech".

Comment Wait I thought it was $50 (Score 1) 60

There was some earlier Slashdot story that said something like $50 or $70.. glad realism is entering the picture here. Very happy to see some movies on release at home for $30, that actually may get traction.

A side effect may be further upgrades to people's home theater setups as more people take advantage of the tranquility of a movie at home without a bunch of randos.

Comment Argentina & Greece [Re:The American obsession (Score 1) 306

Just sit an watch Argentina, Greece

Argentina got in trouble larger for relying on a single product: oil. This mistake can happen in capitalism also, as the Irish potato famine showed. If anything, Adam Smith's "comparative advantage" encourages one to put too many eggs in one basket.

Greece got in trouble for overspending on lots of different things, including the Olympics. Politicians both left and right over-spend. Bush and Reagan were yuuuge spenders (and during non-slumps). I believe our military is too bloated, yet GOP wants to bloat it more.

I'm for a balanced budget amendment as long as it allows for stimuluses during slumps or emergencies. But that's nothing to do with capitalism versus socialism.

Comment You are utterly wrong in every possible way (Score 1) 306

It's a choice between community and individuals.

With one statement, you show yourself the fool, utterly lacking in understanding of what individualism is about, or the power of what it can do - not for a person, but for the COMMUNITY.

Individualism is not "I got mine". At the heart it is, if possible do not be a burden to others, because you have taken care of yourself as best you can. If you are personally in good shape then it makes it far easier to help others.

Your philosophy is the truest form of selfishness because it encourages members to leech off others with no return. Individualism is the simple common sense of "put your oxygen mask on before assisting others". Is that wrong?

Individualism is making sure that AS MANY members of the community are in a position to help others as possible, so that when the need arises people can get help instead of everyone assuming "the community" is helping someone while they freeze to death in a ditch.

Individualism is about looking out for other individuals, because a little assistance early heads off major and possibly impossible assistance later.

Americans have to get over their fear of socialism

Yeah, no reason to be afraid of a philosophy that has killed hundreds of millions, sometimes brutally and sometimes through sheer indifference.

Go visit Cuba or some former communist nations to see just how much communism should not be feared.

P.S. What is the deal with you communists forcing Trump into office? What did you think you'd get out of that anyway?

Comment Re:The American obsession with self-reliance (Score 1) 306

Self-reliance was great back in the day when you could (in theory) walk into the wilds and build your own civilization, but if you want a modern standard of living...

Many in the US are still more or less in this "live off the land" mentality, and that's why they consistently vote against larger-scale civilization and coordination.

Whether this rural viewpoint is realistic or good is another thing. But it's not going away any time soon. The culture wars burn on...

Comment Re:Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proo (Score 1) 244

Seems that the fix for that would be to ban intent as a criteria to set damages. I.e make all infringements attract the same penalty which should fall between the two extremes.

No, that wouldn't be good. Normal damages for unintentional infringement shouldn't be much higher than licensing fees, otherwise you impose an additional cost on innovation -- requiring people to scour the database searching for any patent that might possibly apply. Equally, it's important that intentional infringement receive higher damages, else there's no reason ever to bother with licensing.

What we really need is fewer, better patents, written in a more useable way. What gums up the works is all of the patents on obvious inventions that are highly likely to be independently reinvented by anyone competent who looks at the a given problem.

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