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Comment Re:Horse Hockey (Score 1) 728


Two more points.

First, she made the decision early in her SOS position. Maybe the other devices were not yet assigned. The main point would still remain that 4 devices are better than 5 later on etc (all things being equal).

Second, the device quantity has nothing to do with secrecy laws. You are wandering off topic. The FBI investigated mishandling of classified material, NOT device quantity.

Comment Re:Horse Hockey (Score 1) 728

"Untrue" is not the same as lying.

I make factual errors all the time, and most are NOT lies. Some are due to carelessness, such as not double-checking, some are due to receiving incorrect information from others, and some are due to misinterpreting text because English is inherently vague and/or one context can be mistaken for another.

Work-related emails are often terse and assume prior work knowledge, domain lingo, and/or context.

This is "Office Life 101", I shouldn't have to explain it. Normal people know all this.

Comment Re:Horse Hockey (Score 1) 728

Reread your original post where you said "lying about". The Director said that NO clear evidence of intentional misconduct was found. Being sloppy is not "lying" to normal English users. I'm not condoning her sloppy behavior here, just pointing out that your claim as written has no evidence behind it. You are sloppy also, ironically.

Comment Blame Scope [Re:Cheesy 80's movie excuse] (Score 1) 728

You seem to miss that HRC is not the DNC. Why would the DNC having poor network security have anything to do with Clinton, or reflect on her at all?

One could argue that ultimately the prez is held responsible by the public for just about everything regardless of whether they had direct control over it or not because they always have at least indirect influence. It's the old famous "The Buck Stops Here" situation.

That's fine, as long as applied evenly, such that Trump gets blamed for plagiarizing by the RNC speakers, for example.

Comment Re:the real question: legal basis of secrecy (Score 1) 170

So, while customers don't necessarily "have a constitutional right to know if the government has searched or seized their property", the government certainly has no constitutional right to prohibit companies from telling customers anything they want.

If you grant that the government has a legitimate national security interest in keeping the inquiries quiet, the courts will rule that the Necessary and Proper Clause authorizes the gag orders.

Comment scvhost.exe full CPU oddity (Score 1) 269

My Windows 7 Home-Premium PC had a process called scvhost.exe that was running full core CPU-wise. I eventually found it's related to the Windows Update service, and switched off updates.

Before that I applied all kinds of alleged fixes and patches without success. Some suggested it's related to the "encouraged" Windows 10 upgrading process.

What the h8ll is it doing so long that hogs an entire core? I don't see a lot of disk activity from it. Anybody else encountered this and studied the guts by chance?

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