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Submission + - Knowledgetree: So long, and thanks for all the free GPLed work (

GigsVT writes: Knowledgetree, a formerly GPLed document management system, is now only available as a hosted service, with a hefty subscription fee. The former community site at is unreachable, and the project is no longer available on Sourceforge. An open source release from 2009 can still be obtained, but only if you fill out a sales contact form first. It seems that Knowledgetree has found the big loophole in the GPL: You can take all that community work closed, if you do it by changing into an SaaS model.

Submission + - #ThinkBeforeYouDebug (

An anonymous reader writes: What Ken Thompson showed Rob Pike about creating software. Ken created a mental model of the software and thought about what would allow a bug to happen. Rather than just starting by debugging

Submission + - Second Life tries to backpedal on the GPL (

GigsVT writes: The Second Life viewer has been available under the GPL for 3 years. Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life, recently released a "third party viewer" policy that all but erases the freedoms granted under the GPL. It includes such draconian measures as "You agree to update or delete at our request any data that you have received from Second Life or our servers and systems using a Third-Party Viewer", "You must not mask IP or MAC addresses" (reported to the server), "you must have a published privacy policy explaining your practices regarding user data", and "You acknowledge and agree that we may require you to stop using or distributing a Third-Party Viewer for accessing Second Life if we determine that there is a violation."

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