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Comment Re:Game Stop is like RadioShack (Score 1) 117

This is true. Although I've never really seen myself in a situation where I need a new game controller RIGHT NOW. Usually Amazon 2nd day delivery works for me. Overnight is a bit more expensive but still cheaper than my time/driving to the mall. But yeah you have a point. Maybe. I play PC games. Keyboard is all I need :P

Comment Re:Where's the news? (Score 1) 247

Looking at just about any sport I can think of, I can point to equipment improvements in nearly every one of them over my adult life. If you don't think those improvements should be patent-able, then you probably just don't believe in patents. Sure, many patents are absurd, but to claim all are is just as ridiculous.

Comment Re:Where's the news? (Score 1) 247

Why not? Is the research into the aerodynamic characteristics of a golf ball more or less worthy than the research into the hydrodynamic characteristics of a blood vessel stent? For that matter, someone who keeps active as a golfer is likely to be healthier longer than someone who is sedentary and requires drugs and other medical interventions to live. Certainly you'd agree that the sporting goods companies have done more good for public health than Martin Shkreli ever did as CEO of a drug company.

Research is research, and the law says that inventors can profit from their inventions. I'm sorry you don't like that.

You're seriously trying to argue that golf ball aerodynamics is as important as a life saving device? It's not like golfers would quit if they only had shitty balls to play with, so your point about being active is pointless. Please point to any sporting goods company that has done good for public health when it wasn't simply in their financial interest to do so. As for Shkreli, that jackass can burn in hell.

Comment Re:Where's the news? (Score 1) 247

Golf balls. Someone actually designs the things? What an awful way to spend your life.

My dad used to design boxes. At least they were specialized to hold automotive parts, so they weren't just cardboard cubes. Ford and GM would send him a part...he'd create a box for it. You'd be amazed how many patents there are...he had a few.

Comment Re:Not really a call center. (Score 1) 19

I'm currently wondering how come every call center I call lately seems like I'm calling Mars. Ever called an airline to change a plane ticket? Then you know what I'm talking about. There's no point having a call center if all you can afford is a 4KHz connection and no one can hear each other. Skype or god forbid Teamspeak/Mumble/Discord sound like an audiophile's wet dream compared to say, KLM whom I called recently. I thought Amazon might be trying to solve this, but sadly not. /rant

Comment Re:I Do Call Center Work (Score 2) 19

If you're of average intelligence (and yes for argument's sake lets assume that average = median for a moment although I know this is not necessarily true) just consider that half the people in the world are dumber than you. Now imagine what it's like to live on the right side of the Gauss curve. No matter how hard you try to design something that will work for the "average person" there will always be a mind numbing number of complete idiots who will always get it wrong. This is why toothpicks come with instructions. It should be pretty obvious that "DO NOT POKE IN EYE" is part and parcel of normal toothpick operation. But it's not.

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