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Comment Re:Emergency response (Score 1) 140

The flying car, as it could be made with today's technology, is just a novel alternative to a helicopter, as you point out (or perhaps a "roadable aircraft"). They'll suffer from all the same problems of the aircraft that people aren't already using, including the cost to own and run one.

But most people don't think of it that way. Most people think of the flying car as a poorly thought out idea from a cartoon. It'll be just like a regular car except you can get away from traffic by moving up or down! It would solve the problem of traffic congestion!

Unfortunately this idea is so far from attainable with today's technology that nobody alive today will live to see it. They'll need Star Trek batteries to carry a large amount of affordable power running affordable motors, first and foremost. The average person is already struggling to buy and run a small number of relatively very pedestrian combustion engines, they can't afford anything that has multiple exotic forms of the damn things ferociously guzzling precious fuel.

Comment Re:Or just go back to the way things were before (Score 1) 5

This is personal to me. A friend I knew in high school, went into the service with, and kept in touch with couldn't afford insurance and caught appendicitis. It ruined his credit and nearly his family. In 1992 when he had a heart attack, he just laid down and died rather than calling 911.

That's what happens in the US when you work full time and can't afford insurance.

Comment Re:Thanks, Obama! (Score 0) 205

That isn't sticking up for your principles unless one of your principles is to spew gratuitous Islamophobia until the terrorism stops. The number of people in the US who actually want sharia law can probably be counted on your fingers, and won't be dissuaded if every conversation in America is peppered with Islamophobic jargon. Quite the opposite in fact.

Comment Re:Regressive Leftist? (Score 1) 397

Well if you're socially liberal and fiscally conservative, you're a libertarian, very different from a liberal. If you're socially conservative and fiscally liberal you're a...unicorn? I don't think there's a name for that. It seems that such views aren't common. But they're as different from "true" liberals as libertarians.

After some searching around it seems there is no name for this ideology.

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