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Comment Re:A hacker phone is a powerful phone (Score 1) 50

The charging protection is in the kernel, many people using Galaxy S with CM7 have a kernel that inscrease the temp that the phone will stop charging.

You can do whatever you want with the phone, but stay as-is with what the manufacturer offer, they can't help if you overclock your phone from 1000Mhz to 2000Mhz, brick, and then go to a store, say "oh I was making a phone call and the phone broke". If you want to control your phone, control it and please don't blame any want.

Comment Re:What about phones? (Score 1) 557

My phone (galaxy S) boot-up take about 5% power to load all the app, play the boot and the sound animation, rescan media, check sdcard..., and then it take about 2% for a whole night sleep (with wifi and sync on)

Comment Re:Well, guess what Samsung (Score 1) 172

I'm the one who keeping the default/stock ROM (JVQ), but with Odin
The current state of cooked galaxyS ROM is bad, battery, camera, radio is not at usable level. UI is a different story, the only ROM I found has a usable and nice UI is MIUI, CM7 is good but the stock application is too bad.
Android has some good potential, but it should has some good user-interface and a good set of default application, in this field iPhone is the best.

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