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Comment time does not actually exist in the universe (Score 1) 167

only man's devices for measuring the concept of time, the past goes on for eternity and the future goes on to eternity, it is just that we humans have the audacity to think we are smart enough to count it or measure it, we can make devices that do this but they will never be absolutely accurate as these scientists found...

Comment there has to be a cheaper way (Score 1) 318

of knocking out cheap drones like that, maybe a cannon that fires a bunch of lead shot like a giant shotgun or even more effective could be shot like those south american bolas it is basically a piece of rope with balls on the ends and they can be thrown and the rope tangles around anything they hit

Comment I agree!!! (Score 1) 228

abandon daylight savings time, i propose this one last time set the clocks forward 30 minutes, and then leave it right there in the autumn, it splits the difference between and hour forward in the spring and an hour back in the autumn, by splitting the difference at 30 minutes it is a good balance between the two

Comment Re:WOW! (Score 2) 88

there is other additive to concrete than portland, they can include styrofoam and fiberglass that not only make the concrete weigh less it also improves the R factor and with double layer walls that have an air-locked barrier between them they will be insulated, the days of the 2x4 pine boards in construction is on its way out and all the ranting by old farts wont stop 3D printed homes

Comment using AOL for email? (Score 0) 445

i bet he got started using AOL back in the late 1990's when AOL was giving away those CD roms like spam and his idea of the internet is AOL is the internet and that says a lot of what an inept character Pence is when it comes to both politics and technology, he was probably grandfathered in to every position his whole life as long as he plays ball with good ol grampa and does everything grampa tells him to do

Comment Re:yes, this is of utmost importance (Score 1) 181

my mom grew up during the 1930's depression, she still cuses FDR to this very day for ordering farmers to take fruit & vegetables out to the desert and burn it when it could have went to feed the poor, (he did it to keep the prices from dropping too much). and she still keeps leftover food until it starts to turn rancid and sometimes i have to go through her refrigerator and throw out old food, i know how the great depression influenced people, she wont waste a drop of anything, i seen that the insanity can go the other direction too, i wont bother to scrape the last drop out of a can or bottle, but i wont waste half a container of good food if it can be frozen and thawed to be re-used

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