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Comment Re:Loved the pros and cons in the comments (Score 1) 191

yeah, they are sort of shooting themselves in the foot from the perspective of the linux community, but since their target audience is windows users and windows users switching OSes is probably sort of rare, i am sure seasoned Linux users already have their favorite flavors of Linux and it is just a few noobs that are unsure of what they decided to like in the Linux dept. are the ones doing the distro hop, so the only people switching would be a few non-professional windows users disgruntled with windows and a few noob linux users

Comment Re:I could have told you that. (Score 1) 142

RE:"The fastest way to make a buck if you don't care about anything in the way of integrity, is to tell people what they want to hear."

The fastest way to get elected president of the USA if you don't care about anything in the way of integrity, is to tell people what they want to hear.[in your campain speeches]

Comment i agree with this lawsuit because (Score 2) 253

i have seen some inferior imported products that are normally found on ebay creep their way in to amazon, what happened to the FTC making sure products are safe? when something like this family's house burning down goes ignored or thrown out of court it sets a bad precident that encourages more faulty products to be sold in the USA, and if you dont agree i bet you will when it is your property thats destroyed because of poor quality products self destructing and taking out your entire home

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