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Submission + - Independent OOXML Analysis Debunked (

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "The recent, highly-touted independent analyst report by the Burton Group claiming that OOXML is better than ODF in the enterprise has a number of significant flaws. Ars Technica examines their study and points out that they have more of a bias than they'd care to admit. Specifically, they question how they can downplay Microsoft's OOXML vote-buying in Sweden "episodes of overzealousness in the drive for ratification" as if they're rare exceptions instead of a pattern of behavior, while claiming that Sun's work on interoperability between ODF and the Chinese Universal Office Format is part of a drive to effectively mandate the use of in China without providing anything more than speculation. While it's true that some attacks on OOXML have been unwarranted, and ODF is not perfect in every way, this report is simply not all it has been hyped up to be."

Journal Journal: The most important documentary of our time... Zeitgeist is the most important documentary of our time - Zeitgeist is *the* MUST SEE movie. Beginning with a history of Christianity, the film transitions into the new era and follows the development of governments and the role of government in the world today. If you are not already awake, you will be after seeing this film!

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