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Comment Re:Sweet (Score 3) 126

Musk did nothing to do that, increasing tension between Russia and the US did.

Apart from that, keeping a large number of Russian rocket scientists and engineers gainfully employed after the collapse of the USSR wasn't some Star Trek fantasy, it was the right strategy. Much better than letting those chips fall where they may. We'd have seen a lot worse than Scuds in various wars.

Third, if we're talking about idiocy, that monikers fits 'narrow national hatreds' rather well.

Comment Re:One bit doesn't make sense (Score 1) 101

It's safer for the rocket, a platform that isn't pitching and rolling leads to a higher probability of a successful landing.

Besides, Cape Canaveral isn't anyone's back yard. If things threaten to go haywire, they'll use the self-destruct and rain debris on unpopulated areas long before it can get to inhabited land.

Comment Re:irresponsible journalism (Score 1) 164

The only way to prevent all terrorist attacks is to have draconian security measures and an end to all personal freedom. That's not a desirable option.
The next-best thing is to deny attackers the information they would need to improve their attacks. That won't work for all attackers, but there are far fewer meticulously-planned attacks than there are half-cocked affairs. If we can help a few attackers to remain ignorant and ineffective at no cost to society, why not?

Comment irresponsible journalism (Score 0) 164

Why was this story published? It's exactly the kind of information the next would-be mass murderer would need to refine his attack.
I'm astonished by the amount of detail law enforcement is willing to give on cases like this one. Safety features on the truck, details on how the attacker fled (and how much success he had using those methods). Nobody except greedy media companies benefits from these being common knowledge, and we should stop indulging them.

Comment Re:Don't forget (Score 1) 351

That has been shown not to work. Prostitution was legalized in the Netherlands years ago. Research has shown a significant fraction of prostitutes are still human trafficking victims. Lured from poorer countries (in e.g. Eastern Europe, Africa) with the promise of a decent job, then held captive indefinitely.

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