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Comment Re: Stop calling it "skepticism". (Score 3, Insightful) 504

You're like the kid with his fingers in his ears going "lalalalalalalala I can't hear you". Just because it's news you don't want to hear doesn't mean it's not true.

Thousands of studies done by different, independent parties all agree Earth's climate is warming up rapidly due to human action. How much more extraordinary do you need the evidence to be?

Comment Re: Stop calling it "skepticism". (Score 3, Informative) 504

This unmitigated drivel is modded 'Insighful'? The evidence is stacked to the rafters, and available to anyone who cares to look. China is working hard to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.

It's getting warmer, and we caused it. You think it's a scam? Come up with some evidence, instead of frothing at the mouth.

Comment Re:Democrats are the enemy (Score 1) 554

What rock have you been living under? Some Republicans have been bickering and sniping over the past 8 years just as much as some Democrats are doing now. In fact, some of those bickering and sniping Republicans were in the House and Senate, where they promised to block every single piece of legislation coming from the White House on general principle. Remember that?

After this election, there's plenty of blame to go around. Don't be fooled into thinking it all falls on the shoulders of your "enemy". Republicans have eagerly tossed fuel on the fire of divisiveness. Republicans have decided to let themselves be represented by one of the worst Presidential candidates I've ever seen. That he still managed to win the election is pure dumb luck (and a just-as-appalling candidate on the other side), and no thanks to any Republican merit.

It's time for the US to stop bickering and start trying to pull out of the nosedive they're in.

Comment Re:Tech won't fix society (Score 1) 270

The problem is not those instances where fake news is easy to detect. "aliens are controlling your minds", well duh.
It's about those instances where the fake news is plausible. Like the claims that Russia carried out the DNC hack. I've read so many claims and counterclaims that I don't know what's what anymore, and given the discussions here on /., neither do many others.

Comment Re:One rule for them and another for us (Score 1) 314

Funny how you're reading much more into my statement than is actually there. The USA is not my country.

I'm not even primarily talking about actions being criminal or not. Again, disclosing secrets to the whole world seems to me a much worse breach of security than disclosing them to a few government officials.

Comment Re:One rule for them and another for us (Score 1) 314

sharing classified information with NATO allies without approval

That's actually more serious than Snowden's leak to reporters who are US citizens.

You have a strange sense of priority.

Leaking to reporters: their job is to disseminate the information as widely as possible. Some journalists gave at least some thoughts to the damage this could do, others just published everything and damn the consequences. Secrets are secret no longer.

Leaking to the government or military of NATO allies: the information ends up in an organization equipped to deal with secrets and used to keeping them secret. Also allies, you know, countries whose interests are generally aligned with those of the US. Secrets stay secret, and may be used to actually solve a problem here or there.

There's a long history of allied countries sharing too little information in wartime and suffering as a result. Also a long history of unofficial/unauthorized sharing of information to mitigate that problem.

Comment Re:Disable maps (Score 1) 291

What we need is a way to tell the smartphone 'if navigation app X is running, don't bug me with anything else'. No reminders (can't do anything about them until I have arrived at my destination anyway), no messages (especially not plastered over the middle of the navigation info while trying to negotiate a complex junction), and (looking at you Apple) no bloody system updates!

Comment Time Capsule (Score 2) 238

Routers are a dime a dozen, but Time Capsule used to be unusual: it was the only network device usable for Time Machine backups. IIRC this was because Time Machine needs an HFS disk to back up to, and just about all routers don't support HFS.
iPhoto also had this requirement, and was unusable when you parked its library on a FAT32 disk.

Has this changed, and do other routers support Time Machine these days? Or does this mean the end for the easiest-to-use backup solution ever?

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