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Comment Netflix hasn't been about Movies for years (Score 1) 80

Orange is the New Black and House of Cards have had 4 seasons each and we're constantly seeing new shows with big budgets and high production values.

Movie fans have already seen Godfather and Empire Strikes back. They'll have a library of DVDs at their disposal. They're not really a huge market. And those that there are often prefer something that they haven't seen.

TV shows are where it's at.

Comment Re:Nintendo OFFICIALLY has left the "console" mark (Score 1) 222

Without knowing how much the Switch costs, let me assure you that it will be less than a "real" tablet.

How can you do that when it will likely cost at least as much as a typical tablet, because it will have faster graphics hardware? But at the same time, it will be poorly supported, because Tegra.

Comment Re:Contracts (Score 1) 235

You don't have to sign such an contract but Tesla doesn't have to sell you a car without such a contract.

I predict Tesla will be told in court that they can't enforce such a clause when they sell someone a car, even though there is an ongoing service component, specifically because they are competing and that would be anticompetitive.

Comment Re:Advert aimed at wrong market? (Score 1) 222

Nothing wrong with being a "kid's console" though. Kids like games. Nintendo typically addresses this niche as a primary market, whereas Sony and MS seem to see it as secondary to the hardcore gamer.

Nintendo tends to make cheap consoles, so it will appeal to kids. I'll not be surprised if this is priced low enough that two of them are competitive with a PS4/XBOne.

Comment Irony at its finest! (Score 1) 186

So, let me get this straight. When Apple sues Samsung over the "rounded corners" look and feel thing (stupid as that is/was) they were telling the courts it was all bogus; fair use, an abuse of the system, etc., etc. Now that they are abusing the system to suppress what is an obvious fair use parody - and as such should be protected anyway - of their phone's appearance, that's all fine and dandy? Maybe the Note 7 isn't the only thing at Samsung overheating at the moment...

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 494

Sarcasm aside, it does seem that these days

What do you mean by "these days"? Since... forever? It has always been scandalous if a presidential candidate has been anything other than responsible and austere.

Well, maybe you can find a candidate with a spotless record, who will remain standing under the closest scrutiny, no skeletons in the closet. Would such a person make a good president?

I'm not thrilled about how Obama turned out, either.

Comment Re:Diversity Bullshit (Score 1) 494

It is clear that the SJWs only believe in one kind of Diversity...of Race

...wait for it...

[...] Prop 8 [...] Proposition 8 [...] Brendan Eich [who donated $1,000 to Proposition 8] uh, Proposition 8 was about race, huh? That was some skillful foot-shootin', pardner!

If you think differently than them, have different opinions, or don't share their SJW goals, you are Other and are to be despised.

The problem with this idea is that their SJW goal is that you should be able to be different — but that you should not be able to force other people to live differently. Married people get certain rights which are not given to other people. I think that's wrong, but as long as it's true, not letting homosexuals marry is denying them rights that are granted to everyone else. If you've been profiting from the gays and then spend money to suppress them, you ought to expect some ire. If you're a convenient target, and people feel that you've betrayed them (as is the case for El Coyote) then you had better batten down the hatches for a shit storm, because it's coming your way.

They are not interested in [the] Diversity of {Opinion,Thought,Goals}

Is that why a predominantly straight public is attempting to defend the rights of a homosexual minority? Is that why a predominantly (not for long, perhaps, but still) white public is attempting to defend the rights of brown people? Nobody is arguing against your right to dislike whoever you like. People are incensed with other people actually spending money to prevent them from gaining the same rights they enjoy on some specious basis, and rightfully so. If the queers were in charge and said you couldn't get married because heterosexuals don't take marriage seriously enough (as evinced by absolutely absymal success rates) then you might be a bit grumpy, especially if you were denied access to your hospitalized heterosexual life partner (they're not your wife or spouse, obviously, because you can't get married) while their life was threatened... or hey, maybe they're fine. You don't even know, because since you're not "family", you're not permitted to even know if they've been admitted if you didn't come in with them.

Don't bother arguing otherwise.

Too late! I'm not good at shutting up when I'm told, especially by someone who is attempting to assert a moral authority that they don't possess.

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 494 keep the ILLEGALLY border crossing Mexicans (and anyone else using that border) out.
There's a big difference.

Is there? Some of those people are planning to behave in an antisocial fashion once they get here — as opposed to Trump's "Some of them [...] are good people" etc etc. Most of them are just fleeing situations created or exacerbated by U.S. foreign policy. No doubt you can find enough of them who are hard up enough to build a wall, but it's been established that a wall won't keep out even casual immigrants, let alone determined attackers. At best, it's make-work to keep would-be immigrants employed along the border, but as soon as the work runs out they're going to tear some bits off of the wall so they can use them for cover on the way into Estados Unidos Norteamericanos.

I don't think many Americans have problems with LEGAL immigrants.

Most Americans outright depend on the labor of illegal immigrants to provide labor which results in food prices they can afford to pay. When we crack down on immigration, food rots in fields.

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