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Submission + - EA To Release Ninja Relfex For Nintendo Wii And DS (

XueCast writes: "Electronic Arts ( EA ) has teamed up with Nunchuck Games to bring a reflex training game title called " Ninja Reflex " to the Nintendo Wii and to the portable video game console Nintendo DS. According to EA and Nunchuck Games, Ninja Reflex is an action game that will test and measure the players' reflexes in a series of mini games. Ninja Reflex will also have a multiplayer mode with a maximum of four players."

Submission + - HerbalExtract Found to Increase Lifespan:UC-Irvine (

Tech.Luver writes: "The herbal extract of a yellow-flowered mountain plant indigenous to the Arctic regions of Europe and Asia increased the lifespan of fruit fly populations, according to a University of California, Irvine study. Flies that ate a diet rich with Rhodiola rosea, an herbal supplement long used for its purported stress-relief effects, lived on an average of 10 percent longer than fly groups that didn't eat the herb. Study results appear in the online version of Rejuvenation Research. ( )"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Hello AT&T, Goodbye Cingular

Anonymous Coward writes: "From the Article "The Cingular name will start to disappear on Monday, when the AT&T brand will once again describe a mobile offering in the U.S. The move will have a tangental effect on Apple's nascent plans to get into the mobile phone business. Earlier this week, in unveiling its new iPhone, Apple announced that Cingular would be the exclusive U.S. carrier for the smartphone. Cingular CEO Stan Sigman appeared onstage with Steve Jobs during the Apple CEO's Macworld Expo keynote." And "As a result of a series of mergers and acquisitions, the AT&T brand on a wireless service was recently killed off, only to now be revived."

The article is done by Macworld,, and they have some good keypoints as to how this merger will effect Apple and their release of the new iPhone. Apparently all this name flipflopping is causing more than a bit of confusion with all their customers."

Submission + - Year 2007 Problem - Daylight Saving Time Changes

bdognet writes: "On March 11 2007, Daylight Saving Time will start 4 weeks early. This article discusses the problem and provides links to the major vendor patches including Microsoft, Sun, RedHat, Ubuntu, Cisco, Oracle & MySQL. Many devices like PBXs and fax machines can't be patched and need manual settings. Also, don't forget your cell phone/PDA/smartphone. Windows Mobile requires a registry hack!"

Submission + - IBM wants to sell our used hard drive

mvrekic writes: "One of the hard drives on our company's servers died yesterday. Since the drive was under IBM warranty we contacted them to get a new drive only to learn that in order to get a new drive from IBM we have to give them our old one so they could repair it and resell it. Since the damaged drive contains thousands of user records (among them the private info of the IBM chairman as well) this was not an option for us. Then we have been told that in order to cover our warranty and keep the drive we have to pay an extra 700 dollars. Can they do this if it is not indicated in the warranty?"

Submission + - R.I.P. Robert Anton Wilson

mindwar23 writes: Science-fiction author and mental provocateur Robert Anton Wilson has died: "Robert Anton Wilson Defies Medical Experts and leaves his body @4:50 AM on binary date 01/11." Wilson is best known for co-writing the Illuminatus! Trilogy and for founding Discorianism. Fnord.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Jobs: No third party apps for iPhone

walt-sjc writes: In a New York Times article Steve Jobs says: "I don't want people to think of this as a computer," "These are devices that need to work, and you can't do that if you load any software on them." Quick — someone tell Palm, Motorola, and Samsung why their phones don't work!! But seriously, that seems like a major slap in the face to third party software developers, basically saying that they can't write reliable software. It also seems to decrease the utility / value of the most expensive smartphone (soon to be) on the market. Or does it matter?

Submission + - Teacher guilty of endangering kids due to spyware

nursegirl writes: Norwich, Conn seventh grade teacher, Julie Amero has been convicted of four counts of risk of injury to a minor after her classroom PC displayed pornographic pop-ups in class. While an expert for the defendant said he had discovered spyware on her PC that had been downloaded from a hairstyling site, the local police investigator claimed that the spyware had been downloaded from actively visiting porn sites.

Amero testified that she had told four other teachers and the assistant principal about the popups, but received no assistance. The school's internet filtration software was not working because it's license had expired.

Amero faces up to forty years in prison.

Choose the New PBS Science Show 143

chinmay7 writes "PBS has posted three different pilots for a new science show, and they want viewers to weigh in and help choose one as the regular science feature. All three pilots are viewable as vodcasts. Wired Science aired on January 3rd. The pilot certainly is polished, as one might expect from Wired Magazine, and deals with interesting topics: 'Meet rocket-belt inventors, stem cell explorers and meteorite hunters.' Science Investigators (air date: January 10) seems to be the most 'science' show: 'The investigators examine 30,000-year-old Neanderthal DNA, vanishing frogs, mind-boggling baseball pitches and more.' 22nd Century (air date: January 17) is pretty gimmicky and loud for my taste, but delivers interesting content — 'In the coming decades will all our brains be wired together like networked computers?' So watch and vote."

Submission + - Top 10 spyware of 2006

An anonymous reader writes: The top ranking spyware is Gator. A significant aspect of 2006 has been the appearance of a new category of malware. Rogue antispyware claims to detect spyware or to repair errors. This increasingly prevalent malware detects flaws or malicious code on computers but then demands that users pay for a registered version of the program if they want to delete these threats.

Submission + - Information Technology and Voting

ChelleChelle writes: " In this interview from ACM Queue, Douglas W. Jones and Peter G. Neumann attempt to answer the question: Does technology help or hinder election integrity? Focusing on the issues related to the use of computer systems in elections, they discuss some of the most basic problems and potential solutions. This article is both timely and informative!"

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