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Comment Re:Here's the problem with stereo Bluetooth: (Score 1) 381

SBC, AAC and MP3 are lossy codecs. I never saw a product that accept AAC or MP3

Creative Roar 2 speakers support AAC over Bluetooth. My MacBook Pro uses AptX though with this speaker, and it does sound better connected via USB than wirelessly. I also had to hack around with some BT tools to ensure the Mac doesn't use SBC, which sounds horrible. You'd hope that iTunes would pass-through any AAC streams it's playing without re-transcoding, but 1) I don't know if it or any other player can do this, and 2) there're probably some special encoding settings required such as limiting the bitrate or using AAC-LC instead of AAC-HEv2.

I'd say BT isn't really a good choice for music playback given its quality, difficulty correctly configuring and how flaky it is (say hello to the microwave and other 2.4GHz interference!)

Comment Re: Disable, then VM or Mac (Score 1) 400

You're worried about her workflow but you're going to completely change her environment and make her learn a new way of working? Seriously I'd be more worried about Adobe than Microsoft breaking something.

BTW, I guess your wife's professional setup doesn't rely on 10-bit graphics? I can see banding in blue sky gradients in Lightroom on my MBP.

Comment Re: Linux. (Score 1) 400

Huh? What are you taking about? Connect a keyboard with these if you want them. There have always been key chords for these and I particularly like that many keyboard shortcuts are the same as on Linux, like the Ctrl+E/-A combos. Pointy-clicky and advanced people are satisfied, but Windows users have to learn a new way (and so what?)

Comment Re:There's an easy solution to this (Score 4, Interesting) 426

I've already started clicking on every ad to hide it, and then choose offense / sexually explicity. Time to pollute their data set, and if they actually action on this feedback then that system will get broken if enough people also do the same.

Oh and I've started using FB on my phone because of the advertising. If they put up a wall then like other sites I've encountered doing the same then I will say "no thanks" and move on. There's just not enough value in FB at the end of the day.

Comment Re:Not suitable for all driving conditions (Score 1) 277

Yes exactly, and that's why there are suprisingly few accidents. The other extreme for me is Russia, where I see accidents every day on the way from hotel to office.

I had some meetings in California a few years ago, and let one of my Shanghai colleagues drive my rental car. He was slowing down on the ramp on to the Interstate because he didn't feel safe with all the traffic flying by making no space. This scared the shit out of me because expect you to do quite the opposite: floor and go as fast as possible and get up to highway speed so you can just merge in to a tiny gap between vehicles. I thought we were going to be rear ended by other people on the ramp accelerating whilst looking over their shoulders for a gap, or by people already on the Interstate not expecting somebody merging so slowly. I have to say I prefer the way the Chinese drive (in China at least) as it generally feels safer than the way Americans go about it.

Comment Re:Number of whatnows? (Score 1) 162

I was chuckling at these bullshit marketing numbers too. Perhaps Seagate are unwittingly admitting that they use technology from ca. year 2000? My phone's shitty pictures are 3-5MB normally, and my DSLR's RAWs are another order of magnitude larger. I wonder what crap they're using that creates 150KB photos? As for the movies, this sounds like a DVD rip using MPEG-2 rather than a modern AVC or HEVC encoder, which can give good movie quality at 1.5GB.

Comment Re:Why use FB? It's a social network (Score 1) 534

That's incredibly judgemental and misguided. Your views are based on your own experiences and circumstances. I have a love-hate relationship with FB, disliking it for many of reasons you mention, plus more. But it is a good way to stay in touch with people and even augment other forms of communication. My wife is from the other side of the world and we both have friends and family in many places we already communicate with via phone, Skype, email, normal mail and more, and places like FB still add value to relationships. If it doesn't work for you, fine, but there's no need to be so rude and call somebody lazy like that.

Comment Re:facebook is not a necessity (Score 1) 534

Yeah I've basically stopped using it on my phone because of the advertising, sponsored links. All advertising is annoying, perhaps especially because I've grown up with the ad-free BBC. There's enough noise already on FB with pictures of people's food and other annoucements about the most banal parts of their lives without throwing more advertising in to the mix.

The funniest bit of the story for me was FB trying to equate itself with journalism. They're far too far up their own arses.

Comment Re:Why is it importing so many people from India? (Score 1) 472

There was an article in the Economist a few years ago that pointed out that Americans have a shorter school year such that by the age of 18 they've had a whole year less education than most of their overseas contemporaries. They could fix their primary and secondary education and allow people to focus on their core subjects more at university and reduce this to three years.

Comment Re:First cool site was 'the liquid oxygen barbecue (Score 1) 136

Besides the LOX demo and his invention of Refrigerant R-406A "AutoFrost", George was an Alpha Hardware Hacker at Purdue who presented at Usenix conferences. He got a grant to work on multiprocessing, and so he took two VAX 780's, and connected them by the backplane, creating a multiprocessor VAX. Digital Equipment liked it so much that they made a product of it, called the VAX/782. The CPU clock was 5 MHz and there were a lot of DIP-package digital logic ICs in there, with lots of space between them on the PCBs.

Comment Classic Steve Jobs and the Nascent Web (Score 5, Interesting) 136

Steve Jobs and some folks from Pixar were going out to lunch one day. While walking out of the building, Steve said "we have to find the killer app for the Internet". Steve and I both had NeXT workstations on our desks, and they had the first Mosaic web browser for NeXTStep on them. I'm not sure I even tried that browser, but we both completely missed that this was the killer app for the Internet.

Comment Re:Every intelligent person (Score 1) 517

" Some of us aren't quite so keen to live in a Germany-dominated super state. It didn't work out too well last time"

You sound like one of those twits who goes on about two world wars and a world cup. Nevermind that Germany has won the World Cup three times and been runner-up four times since then - where the fuck have we been? Do you realise how stupid you sound with this kind of claptrap?

Comment Re:Usual media FUD (Score 1) 517

Are you seriously claiming this now? Don't you think you should wait until we see what happens two years after Article 50 has been triggered? If the pound stays at this level, it won't even be until next year that we start to see the impact coming through.

As for a weaker pound benefit exports, this didn't help us after the 2008 crash when the trade deficit didn't close. People don't want our goods at any prices we're likely to be able to offer. We've had plenty of time to learn from Germany, who have been very successful despite their high costs, inflexible labour market and no trade deal with the likes of China. What Brexit will show us is that our problems are home grown and the EU won't be a valid scapegoat.

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