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Comment Honest question: (Score 1) 73

Would there be any way to make Google itself update the Android installed on a smartphone without the need of support from the smartphone manufacturer? Maybe put an intermediate layer between the hardware and the operating system to deal with the drivers specific to each model? Or change the Android kernel so that it somehow identifies the available hardware and then downloads or compiles the necessary drivers? Because depending on the manufacturer of the equipment has became clearly wrong since the manufacturer no longer have the slightest interest in updating the installed software after the device leaves the store.

Comment Not new, HDR LCD has been around for a while (Score 1) 100

This has been out for a while. Dolby bought BrightSide which first pushed individual LED backlighting for HDR LCDs AFAIK.

Maybe they have now gone to individual pixels instead of white LED? Same idea, just higher res and probably lower cost.


2005 BrightSide Demos

Comment Re:As a European... (Score 3) 361

>To those of us whose parents or grandparents had to live and suffer through WW2

>That is very much what the rules on hate speech are about, preventing those very things to happen again.

I see you didn't learn from WW2. Hate speech didn't cause it. Hate speech caused the jews to be targeted in particular, yes, but the war itself was caused by terrible economic conditions as a result of WW1. Censorship will not prevent WW3.

Comment Re:Don't forget all the options (Score 1) 244

Something I do not like in purely written communication, the other side have no way of knowing if you are offended or if you are just wanting to make your point very clear. It is necessary because my experience shows that most people are unable to interpret the most basic texts and they then resort to forcing what they read in some version that fits into their simple-minded way of seeing the world (black/white, yes/no, friend/foe).

This said, I assure you that I know perfectly well the big bang theory and I agree that it makes sense... I just think it important to always remember that theories are not Laws and that we may be wrong about everything we know so far (scary, but not impossible), so therefore is healthy to always think about we might be missing out something important. Otherwise we'll end up looking religious fanatics with inverted polarity like this kiddo who's been bothering me.

Comment Joao wrote a book about this over a decade ago (Score -1) 244

I read Joao's book "Faster than the Speed of Light: The Story of a Scientific Speculation" on this topic over a decade ago. The first half of the book was not really that groundbreaking as it rehashed some relativity and talked about Joao himself. But the 2nd half was interesting. I started thinking that having a speed of light that was much higher than today would explain why it looks like the earth is so old despite not actually being that old due to discrediting current carbon dating results. The entire carbon dating concept is based on an assumption that light speed is a constant without ever having a way to prove that our 'measuring stick' is properly 'calibrated' despite having so many theories depend on that 'fact'.

Comment Re:Don't forget all the options (Score 0, Troll) 244

Do not ever understand what I wrote as an assertion of religious mumbo-jumbo, I am one of those who views religion as a cancer (pay attention to my signature). What I am saying is that we should not disregard other possibilities such as the universe simply be far, far, far bigger than we can see.

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