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Comment Re:Trump will succeed because... (Score 1) 413

Will Trump being president be a disaster, probably.. but at least it would shake things up[...]

Yeah. I've been gaining some weight lately and need a shake up. But there's no way I'm injecting myself with HIV to do it.

No, I don't think Trump would cause World War 3. There are too many safeguards to prevent a president from going 'rogue'. But I also don't think his policies would be good for either the country or the world.

Comment Re:Nice, but a little late... (Score 2) 65

I'd happily trade the ability to remove stock Apple apps to be able to open addresses directly in Google Maps...

Perhaps if you don't have the Apple Maps app installed and you have another app that exposes the same functionality, it will be allowed to be opened by default when an address is selected? (Just like in most other operating systems.)

Apple will have to be very careful about this.

It's cool if it's Google Maps or Waze as the mapping application. Not so cool if it's Fandango or Angry Birds.

Comment I decided to educate myself instead (Score 1) 507

Sure you can get a smart TV with everything built into it. And complain that the TV is dreadfully slow at running it's 'Apps'.

Or you can stick all your devices on the TV's 4-5 HDMI ports. And complain of all the wires in a tangled mess behind the TV.

Or spend a few minutes and understand what a receiver does. At which time you will understand that you can plug all your media devices into the receiver and a single HDMI cord from the receiver to the TV and do just about whatever you want. If you want to get rid of most of the remote controls, then get the Logitech Harmony 650 or similar universal remote control with lots of hardware buttons on it.

Comment Re:So why use Linux Mint now? (Score 2) 75

I have Cinnamon/Debian on one machine and Cinnamon/Mint on another. I have no idea what you mean by "added troubleshooting". You understand that most of Mint's packages are pulled directly from upstream, yes? And that the major distros do not generally have a preferred DE? Other distributions also have their own testing and QA processes;

What I meant to imply was that the other distributions' testing and QA processeses may not include Cinnamon as well as Mint's does.

Now, you're right. I've never installed a non-distribution sanctioned DE. Maybe it will work just as good as the original with no added polishing needed. I'm just skeptical things will be that smooth. (And I'd find it hard to believe any of the desktop environments have zero bugs.)

Comment Re:So why use Linux Mint now? (Score 2) 75

You want to use Linux Mint if you want to use Cinnamon as your Desktop Environment and want an OS which is made to use that DE. And that's why I'm eagerly awaiting Linux Mint 18. (Sounds like the official release is going to be in July, at this rate.)

If you're comfortable installing Cinnamon on top of whichever OS you are using (whether Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, or other) and accept that some added troubleshooting will be needed since you're not using the preferred DE that comes with the OS, have at it and go crazy.

Comment Re:Burnout, Depression, Anxiety in Em Dept staff (Score 1) 247

I am a physician who practices in the U.S. as well, and I mirror your sentiment.

Things have really gone from bad to worse in the last five years. The number of patients we each have to see has dramatically increased, and the level of staffing is either the same as or worse than five years ago. Certainly staffing is worse than ten years ago.

I'm hoping that more money gets put into the system for physician extenders and that society as a whole realizes that the extenders are 'good enough' for the vast majority of patients. (Knock on wood, I'm relatively healthy. My primary care physician is actually a nurse practitioner. The only reason his supervising physician even knows I exist is that he refers a lot of patients to me -- I'm a cardiologist.)

As a physician, I've become exhausted over the past few years. I think you're going to see a lot more physicians take earlier retirement or dramatically cut back hours or something. The stresses are horrible at this point.

Another outlet for physicians is to stop going to hospitals and extricate themselves from the hospital-employed model. But that's going to be impossible, as reimbursement for private physicians has dramatically dropped. We need the economics of scale a hospital can bring in order to stay solvent.

Comment Re:Classic theme (Score 1) 235

Yeah. I love classic theme as well.

What's wrong with admitting that you got it right and no need to completely reinvent the wheel? What should have happened with XP, Vista, 7, etc. is that they cleaned up classic theme a little with each upgrade rather than replacing it time and again. The constant replacement of the UI led to moving around configuration options, instead of unifying everything in a single control panel which would be extensible in an intelligent manner.

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