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Comment Guess I'm obsolete... (Score 0) 114

Still love my Aluminum Macbook from late 2008. Too old for my kids' Minecraft, but does flash games and internet in general fine.

Of course it's too slow for recent versions of MacOS, but still works nicely on the latest version of Linux Mint.

Apple hardware is still good (when they have updated specs, of course), it's just their OSs that makes things obsolete.

Comment Time based? (Score 1) 56

blending a monthly bucket metaphor with that of a time-based subscription system

So is a month no longer considered a unit of time? Is it now a unit of distance?

But seriously, I was on one of the grandfathered in unlimited plans. Last time I went to the AT&T store with my wife, we were looking to cut the cost of our monthly bill. The rep looked at how much actual data I used every month over the past year and offered to cut the bill dramatically by putting me in a capped plan with a cap twice as high as my highest monthly usage.

So I took it. Money's money.

Comment Re: Can't watch TV, it's all pro Hillary (Score 1) 198

Bill Maher (of the HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher) had a great monologue about how regardless of how this election goes, Donald Trump will likely be the last major candidate born in the 40s, with formative years and values stuck in the 50s. When he says make America great again, he's talking about making it like the 50s again.

Which was great, if you were a straight white male.

Comment Kinda like the idea... (Score 1) 113

But why wait until someone is dead?

I would be quite interested in something like this combing the internet and by text messages for all my posts and creating an AI that would respond like I would. At the very least, it could give insight to my friends and family after I've gone. Particularly if a decade after I'm dead my kids would want to ask me a question.

Comment The problem isn't the low error rate... (Score 1) 55

The problem is the false sense of security and subsequent lack of proofreading and error correction.

Try voice recognition software for a week. You'll likely find that you will read over something that you dictated and not realize that there are errors in it. People are less likely to find errors in something they dictated than in something they typed.

Comment Re:Am A Noob Too (Score 5, Insightful) 279

Dude, I'm not a network technician but I've been putting computers together since the late 80s and have been running Linux OSs as my desktop OS for over a decade now...

And I couldn't set up the network you described without some serious googling.

How are we supposed to expect normal people to do it? Do routers come with VLAN set up out of the box, jailed so that it doesn't send data out of your network? Somehow I doubt it.

Normal people are screwed, until routers are set up to manage IoT networks by default.

And let's be real: Normal people aren't going to buy a separate access point if their router has Wifi built in.

Comment TV? Or video device? (Score 1) 207

62 percent of consumers plan to buy a consumer electronics viewing device in the next 12 months; 33 percent plan to buy a smartphone, and 29 percent plan to buy a TV. "Consumers are showing a strong preference for 4K,"

Did they just include mobile phones in their 4K penetration data? If so, it seems somewhat misleading.

I would certainly like more pixels in my mobile phone and computer screen. 4K TV? Not so much.

Comment Re:Refunds? (Score 1) 341

A couple weeks ago I was in a Wells Fargo to deposit a check (I hate going to banks for numerous reasons). It wasn't busy and I overheard a teller dealing with a client next to me.

The client spoke broken English and I heard the teller explaining to him that he was being charged a fee because the balance in his checking account was below the required minimum. No compassion. No effort to try to mitigate the fee or move him into a no-fee account. The individual was sheepish and thanked the teller and just left.

Frankly I wish banks were required to insist on individuals to keep open a no-fee checking account in order to open any other accounts with them. And if they don't offer no-feee checking, they should refer the individual to a competitor or a credit union (and be obligated to tell the individual that a credit union can offer all the benefits to an individual with low income that a bank could).


Comment Refunds? (Score 2) 341

The bank agreed to pay $185 million in fines, along with $5 million to refund customers.

So they created millions of fake accounts and charged them fees ... and now they're required to only refund $5million to customers? Is each account only going to be refunded $5, or am I missing something here.

If this was an individual and not a bank, he (or she) would be going to jail. This sounds like a collaborative effort. Why isn't a racketeering investigation taking place?

Comment Re:Not Really Required.... (Score 1) 113

On my Model S, I get about 29 miles for every hour of charge. At 10 hours a night, that's 290 miles.

So, true, for home charging you're getting close to the upper limit ... and it's quite rare that I travel > 200 miles in a day.

But it's so comforting to know that I have a lot of extra wiggle room on those road trips with the family, when we don't know exactly which place we're going.

BTW, on the supercharger it's pretty common to get >190 miles for at least the first hour of charge. It slows down dramatically as you get close to the full charge, of course.

Comment Re:Autopilot is a glorified cruise control (Score 1) 277

I went with a friend when he picked up his Tesla about 6 months ago. Even at that time the delivery specialist told him that he should not take his hands of the steering wheel and that it's essentially adaptive cruise control which also helps keeps the vehicle in the lane.

Why customers think they can absolve responsibility is beyond me.

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