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Comment 3D is not what anyone was ever looking for... (Score 1) 379

3D is not a feature. It's an attempted implementation of a feature.

The feature that people want is 'lifelike' video or immersive video.

To get that at home, I do see two potential technologist that are making headway. 4K TVs (for the color gamut, not the screen resolution) and virtual reality glasses.

Comment I'm seeing more of this lately... (Score 2) 252

At the hospital I work at, I've noticed that a lot more people are watching pirated content. It's no where near the 32% mentioned in the summary, but certainly a much larger percentage than 5 years ago. I basically find out as we discuss various old movies and give each other suggestions on what to watch.

The interesting thing is how these people are getting the movies. It seems that they're getting 'hot boxes', which are apparently copies of Kodi with a set of streaming plugins to pirate sites. These guys (and girls) are not particularly tech-oriented. All they know is that the movies are streamed from pirate websites.

How these people don't get caught is beyond me. But none of them are concerned with the legality of it.

Comment I think they are forgetting the obvious use here (Score 1) 73

If you're going to use magnets, do them right.

Magnetize both airpods and let them attract to each other through the skull. That'll keep them in place.

Bonus points if they use electromagnets that only activate once the devices are both in the ear canal (temperature-based?). Of course, this means that they may decouple once the user dies. I'm sure marketing can spin that in a good way.

Comment Re:Smart Devices (Score 1) 181

The last time I let my Denon receiver update itself, the update stalled and I spent over an hour between manually downloading patches on a desktop and patching it over USB and several calls to their (admittedly fairly good) customer service phone center.

And, of course I had tried the original update just before the kids wanted to use the TV for a movie night.

Fool me once...

Comment Re:That's why they're called BAD (Score 2) 164

And how many people have this either installed or can be made to install this?

~5 years ago, when I cared about making sure I installed all the media codecs, I installed the GStreamer Bad plugins. Only reason I don't install it now is because things work fine without it?

What would happen if someone downloaded and tried to play one of these files now (thinking they were downloading a Taylor Swift .mp3 off of Pirate Bay)? Would the OS offer to download GStreamer Bad plugin? If it did, how many users would even blink before okaying the download (after all, it's from the repositories) and entering in the administrator privileges to get things done so they can listen to their (supposed) .mp3.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 406

As many of the other replies allude to, there's living and there's living well.

When I retire I want to live well and in good health. Depending on what age I retire it will likely take over $1M.

Retirement investing books are interesting. They talk about a 4% draw down on your investments during retirement in order to not run out of money too early and figuring out your expected life expectancy based on actuarial tables and your parents' health.

Sure you can retire at 55 years old without a mega-buck, but the risks that you will either end up broke in a medicaid nursing home or die early due to lack of ability to afford medical treatment goes up dramatically.

I plan to retire at 55, but only if I can get closer to 5M in equity investments. That way I can afford to live well while retired, traveling regularly and not concerned about food stamps.

Comment Re:mindstorm ev3 (Score 2) 204

Agree 100%. Best thing about Mindstorm is that it's LEGO, so you can extend any of their other lego creations with it.

Got it for my son last year (he was nine at the time). He played with it for a couple months (creating the pre-programmed structures), put it away, and just recently brought it back out and wants to learn the programing that goes along with it.

Comment Pump and Dump (Score 3, Interesting) 78

having climbed almost 9 percent in the past month. It has climbed around 80 percent so far this year, far exceeding its 35 percent rise in 2015.

Don't forget mentioning that it may actually make up all the losses from 2014.

I like the idea of Bitcoin. It's fantastic.

But in reality it's still trading more like a commodity than a currency. Sort of like how Susan B. Anthony dollar coins are more hoarded than used as actual currency.

Comment More than this. (Score 1) 291

One ass I work with has a 90 minute commute to work.

He was apparently gloating to people at lunch that he watches videos on an iPad which he keeps on the steering wheel during the drive.

He's already totaled one car (luckily no one else was involved).

Frankly, I don't think too many people would be upset if he drove himself into a tree (he's not a particularly likeable person). My problem is if he hits another car on the road.

Comment Need? (Score 1) 123

Is there much need for this, even in the corporate world?

I think what's much more useful in the corporate world is screencasting, so that the screen is essentially agnostic and you can project any video source on it, not be limited to x86 phone apps. That way if you want to use a windows mobile app with attachable keyboard, that's fine. If on the other hand you use an iPhone or Android app, it will still work just fine.

Microsoft has to face facts: They've lost the mobile market and have to create standards that others are compelled (either due to corporate environment or actual user needs) to follow.

Comment Huh? (Score 4, Informative) 161

Elon Musk most certainly wanted this to happen, but he actually recused himself from the actual vote, citing conflict of interest.

That being said, good for him and other Tesla investors (I don't own any stock in any individual company, but I own mutual funds which own just about all stocks in the market) for looking a little bit at the long game rather than the next quarterly profit.

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