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Comment Re:Kinda makes you wonder... (Score -1) 59

If you think it's there to protect the computer and OS you are horribly uneducated about it.

It's there to protect the precious software IP from dirty evil YOU. so you cant disable DRM and make a copy.

That is the only reason this crap exists in modern processors. Intel is King of DRM and they are trying to keep it that way.

Comment Re:stupid managers making clueless requirements (Score 1) 222

First thought:
Not really true, but it could go into a mode where it only operated in a VERY degraded state....like no external connectivity.

Second thought:
And I guess even that could fail if, say, the power went out, so I guess you're right after all.

The problem here is that "network failure" isn't well defined. Computer failure is, though, so if all the computers that ran the software went down, the network would have clearly failed. I'm sure they meant something different, but they don't seem to have been explicit about what they meant. (Betcha that "never goes down" came out of marketing, and they didn't know, or care, exactly what they meant.)

Comment Should have been as good as VMS (Score 1) 283

The funny thing is that VAX VMS is the "parent" of the Windows kernel, and many approaches between the systems are very similar (to the extent that Digital sued Microsoft and won). The ACL permission scheme is the most striking.

VMS had very good security - the best in the business. It's hard to understand how that went so very wrong for Windows. There has been commentary that Dave Cutler himself practically threw the issue overboard.

Comment Yes. (Score 1) 877

The problem is it needs to be phased in, and various support programs need to be phased out. Handling this smoothly will be difficult. And the transition period probably needs to be about 15 years.

Jobs ARE disappearing a lot faster than they are being created, and the population is growing. This does not augur well for social stability unless there is some universal support system. Basic Income is the universal support system that has the most push behind it. And we need a lot more effort put into virtual reality, so that people without jobs can find something that they will do rather than cause trouble. Of course, that itself will eliminate entire classes of jobs. But virtual reality when properly developed could replace gyms, schools, and many other activities. The "school" replacement could be essentially apprenticeship games.

Think of this as a high-tech version of "bread and circuses", but it needs to be done in a way that's less socially disruptive than Rome was forced into....and preferably before wide-scale civil war breaks out. (Again, check the history of Rome.)

If this is handled right we could be headed towards a utopia...but if it isn't we could be headed towards a profound dystopia. Unfortunately, I see very few signs that anyone with any power even realizes the problems.

Comment Re:The Goldman talks... (Score 1) 308

I'm quite convinced that Hillary violated the law in setting up her private e-mail. I'm a lot less convinced that doing it the officially approved way would have been any more secure.

And if I chose between Hillary and Trump I'll pick Hillary. There's a lot I don't like about her, but it doesn't come close to what I don't like about Trump.

OTOH, I don't live in a swing state, so I'll probably pick Stein. Not because I think she'd be a good president, or because I think her ideas would work, but because they're CLOSER to the ideals I have than those of Hillary. Sanders would have been even better, and his ideas could be made to work if Congress would cooperate.

Additionally, despite my dislike of Hillary, I think of her VP the way I think of Spiro Agnew...President Nixon's life insurance policy.

Comment Re:I used to think Assange was smart (Score 2) 308

Corruption is, indeed, good to point out. But timing can cause one to suspect partisan motivations.

If I liked Hillary, I'd be upset. As it is I just don't think she's as bad as Trump, which is a really low bar. And she may mean some of the good things she says. (Her honesty rating is higher than that of most politicians holding office...but I sure wouldn't claim she never lies.)

Comment Re:Doesn't surprise me (Score 1) 58

That's why I think that a fair amount of money that Kim Dotcom's Megaupload made was legit.

>99% of those people who wanted free stuff wouldn't have paid him. And they might even be running ad blockers. In contrast I can imagine employees of organizations signing up for paid accounts to transfer large files to customers. I used it to transfer large (legit) files. Didn't go for the paid account- the downloaders could wait - wasn't a business thing. If I needed it for business I might have expensed it.

Comment Re:But what part of the plant. (Score 1, Informative) 55

Here is the scary part. MOST places dont have the control network isolated from the internet. Typically because of the drooling moron managers that want to log in and spy on the workers from home.

I know of at LEAST 4 water filtration plants that have the C&C network directly connected to the internet.

Honestly the managers that deem that security breach necessary need to be waterboarded while someone takes a cattle prod to their testicles.

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