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Comment Re:IP law has nothing to do with logic. (Score 1) 191

It's not really that simple, and in a restricted market well designed patents can encourage trade secrets to be replaced by a limited monopoly combined with publication in sufficient detail to allow others to replicate the invention.

Unfortunately, that doesn't describe the current situation, where things would be improved if all patents were canceled and declared void and invalid from the beginning.

Also read Spider Robinson's "Melancholy Elephants" for an insightful take on copyright law by an author. (Short of it: Copyrights last much too long.)

Both patents and copyrights have a valid place in a good legal system. But the current laws for both are worse than not having any laws about them.

Comment Re:5%? (Score 1) 74

Autopsies are rare unless there is already strong suspicion of a crime, and most coroners aren't competent to diagnose the workings of a pace maker or defibrillator. Additionally, if the defibrillator kept trying to restart the heart until it's battery died, it would fail to respond without replacing the battery. Not a minor endeavor.

People who are competent to diagnose defibrillators are rare, especially if they are expected to work on devices made by an arbitrary manufacturer rather than just a couple of them. People who can repair them (more than just changing the battery...itself no minor operation) usually work for the company that made them.

So unless there is already a presumption of murder I don't think this would be likely to be detected.

Comment Re:Amazon...paperweight (Score 1) 257

Reading problem? Many people have reported in earlier posts that this had worked fine with their systems before the update.

Others have reported that this happened for awhile, then they got another "Windows 10" update, and then it stopped happening.

So clearly the problem was a defect with Microsoft Windows 10 which they have since fixed.

Comment Re:What has Pokemon Go really go to do with this? (Score 1) 174

Except that games are designed to hold attention more firmly than is, e.g., text message reading. Since they are more immersive, it actually *is* a different phenomenon, if only by degree. I'll agree that this isn't unique to Pokemon Go, but it's more like playing pachinko while driving than texting while driving.

Comment Or the other reason.... (Score 3, Informative) 442

The fact the whole state is a river flood plain and only stupid people build homes in a river flood plain?

Global warming may have cause the weather pattern changes, but it does not change the fact that if you build in the low lands, you have to expect flooding because it will absolutely happen with a 100% guarantee.

Comment Several questions (Score 4, Interesting) 26

Is this browser keybridged to Opera Corporate? Is Opera able to decrypt TLS sessions run through the VPN? Does this add Opera-controlled root CAs that allow mitm?

Opera Mini has terrible security, as it uses the native Android WebKit/WebView. Does Opera guarantee that anything it provides for this VPN has current patches and passes all relevant tests (i.e.

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