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Submission + - Canada's battle over Copyright hits Wikipedia (

Fox_1 writes: The Conservative Government of Canada has been editing Minister of Industry Jim Prentice's Wikipedia entry, removing mentions of the recent copyright-reform controversy and hailing the minister as personifying "experience, confidence and competence, ability and capability."


Submission + - Internet Watch Foundation Awareness Day

Fox_1 writes: Today(Oct.24) is Internet Watch Foundation Awareness Day, and unlike many organizations that are involved in Filtering and Censorship activities, these guys are worth your support. Their mission is to minimise the availability of potentially illegal internet content, specifically:

child sexual abuse images hosted anywhere in the world
criminally obscene content hosted in the UK
incitement to racial hatred content hosted in the UK

They are a charity which really only has substantive power in UK, but their mission is good and achieving results though they are facing an uphill battle. Let's raise some awareness and think about what we can do to keep the net from being used for evil.

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