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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Lent Update: Day One, and the Family 15

As you can see by my posting history, I was successful at not using the net at work. Was tough, because I needed a 5 minute break and didn't know what to do, so I did the old 'go get water and visit with people.' The lack of video games? Ugh, I'm dying here. I'm actually trying to tell myself "Why not just give up Madden and Desert Combat... those are the only ones you play all the time..." Or "Maybe I should play some this weekend... I don't think I'm gonna make it."

This is tough, but being religious and being it during lent really kinda helps things. I've heard a lot of people ask "why during lent? Why not just give it up some random time, or like as a new years resolution." The answer is simple. God is a better 'big brother' than the best CIA spooks. If you do it to better yourself during a religious time, its tougher to go back to it, cause, well... he'd know. I guess this is a bad way of explaining it and people will bitch about it. Oh well, its not like I'll be able to respond to it until tomorrow night. :-P

As far as the family goes, Jenna has dropped down pretty far and is killing my wife's hips. Went to the OB today (she's weighing in around 7lbs, 2oz according to the ultrasound, which has a margin of error around 12oz). Official induction date is 2/22, but she could go at any time. If I don't post at night for over 2 days, feel free to do the 'bethanie game' (guess the date, time, and weight of the child...). I know bethanie is still reading things, so maybe she'll do it again? Who knows...

Joey is sick. Had a fever around 103F this afternoon. He was acting like a zombie and the doctor said she didn't have any appts till tomorrow, but he'll be ok until tomorrow (and she gave us a couple conditions to take him to an Urgent Care if they should arise). We gave him some childrens Motrin and he eventually perked up this evening late. He ate some cereal and we put him to bed. Here's hoping he gets better fast. The kid rarely gets sick, and the last thing I want is him to get sick when the baby decides to come out....

Wow... look at all that writing... can you tell I've given up net use?? ;-)
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Lent Update: Day One, and the Family

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  • 1. smoking (cigars and other 'stuff')
    2. soda
    3. innernet pr0n

    and, i'm making myself go to bed by 10:30 every night

    and, i'm about to rip my roommate's (*&@#$@#($ head off after day one =)
  • The sermon at Mass this evening focused on the idea of not doing charity for public consumption. If you're doing it for prestige, then it's for the wrong reason. He then drew that into a dual theme for Lent: (1) if you're going to make a sacrifice, don't be all glum and down-in-the-mouth about it, and (2) don't do it for pride's sake; it should rather be an exercise in humility.
    • Like this? [] Yep. That is why my charity giving is almost always anon. I was once tempted to be non-anon because she was a very cute girl going on a mission trip and I was plunking down a lot of money, but then I caught myself and kept it anon. On another occasion it was a roommate that was going on a mission so I let him know I was going to help him out.

    • thats the same sermon of every ash wednesday by all catholic churches.

      And for the record, I didn't say that was ALL I was giving up...
  • My first daughter was a few weeks late and was 8 pounds, 15 ounces when she was born. I had just been to the OB early the same day and he'd talked about inducing if I didn't go into labor within the week.

    Here's my guess: February 16th at 2:05pm. If I get it right by some misguide sense of humor in the cosmos, I'll explain the significance. :)
  • I'm protestant so I've never partaken in lent, but I am religous also. I guess diet baptist is about where I fit in. I wish there wasn't any denominations at all, but c'est la vie. I hope you don't cave. I don't know how to write this without sounding like a psycho, but you know the reason you are being tempted, and you know by whom. Just try to be strong. :-) You know, I saw somewhere a "read the bible in 90 days plan. That's an awfully aggressive schedule. Try that. That will keep you focused on wh
    • Yeah, as long as he doesn't start thinking, "Hey! They make Bible video games!"
      • Heh, I downloaded a freaking Ark-load of SNES roms via BitTorrent and one of them was called "Noah's Ark" something or other... It was actually Wolfenstein 3D changed to look like the inside of a wooden boat. There were sheep instead of enemies and a slingshot instead of a gun and the sheep went to sleep (Z's above head) instead of getting killed.

        Anyway, I was up until almost 5am messing around with SNES roms, reliving my youth when I would stay up until like 5am messing with my SNES. :)

        Crazy stuff!

        Oh, a
    • Yeah bro, don't cave. You set the bar high, but you can pull it off. My lent move was to give up playing games as well. I've totally slimmed down the number of computers in my house such that all I have left is two laptop, a TiVo, and a 3Com Audry.

      My wife is having PC trouble and is studying about 18 hours a day for the California State Bar Exam. I gave her my laptop for the next three weeks, so I have a built in head-start. (No PC to play Rise of Nations on ;) ) The other thing I'm doing is spendin
      • heh... when I get bored, I take on a room. The kitchen is immaculate. The basement and garage will be weekend projects... I'll be outta rooms before the end of lent, but Jenna being born will help me slow down... ;-)
    • read the bible in 90 days plan Woooboy. Yep that is agressive. Probably take 2-3 hours a day and / or heavy reading on weekends. I hope you can pull it off. I did get VERY bogged down around Leveticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. But after that it is great stories of God loving Israel, and Israel running around and cheating on God and screwing up, then God bringing the wrath, then Israel repenting, and God loving Israel. Amazing stories of patience and love and faith. Currently in IIKings, but I;ve been s

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