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Journal FortKnox's Journal: A Minor (Gaming) Announcement 27

Its been known to my family and such, but I thought I'd announce it here. I will be buying a Nintendo Wii the day it comes out.

I don't care if the name sucks... I don't care if people will call me a fanboi. Fact is, that "Wiimote" (controller) is simply too revolutionary and badass for me to ignore. I already can see Madden will be easier when the 'cone of sight' of the quarterback is controlled by my motion, not a secondary joystick.
The fact that it'll be cheaper than the other consoles makes no difference to me. In fact, if it was more expensive, I'd still get it (though I'd end up taking time to save for it if it was that expensive).

Anyone else already planning on getting one? Or are you getting another console and want to tell me what a terrible mistake I'll make (don't worry... I won't shove it in your face when Wii kicks ass)?
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A Minor (Gaming) Announcement

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  • I'm going to sell my PS/2 ... Hopefully the Wii will be a good investment. Especially with a kid on the way.

    Yeah, sure, it'll be a few years old when he's old enough to play, but better an old Wii kid's game than Soul Calibur 3 :)
    • Did I mention I like Mario games? And with Sega bringing their titles to the table its a sure thing.

      Plus I like the arcade idea... sure I can Mame/ZSnes/Gens9x with a PC/controller --- but I'd rather let the Wii handle it.
    • Especially with a kid on the way.

      Eh, I have a 4 year old, that only can play the first level of zelda:wind waker. The V-Smile is a better gaming investment for a child under the age of 6 (plus they are educational).
      Keep in mind that the baby isn't goign to smile for like a month, and not even fully mobile for a year, communcation doesn't really come until a good year and a half....
      By the time they understand you, and you can kinda understand them, the next gaming systems will be out.

      But if it gives
  • Though it is currently dead:-( (Looks like the lens went kerplewie). Since we have an Xbox now the cost isn't worht it. Oh, and since we are planning on getting a Wii, too, there's even less incentive;-) I am really looking forward to Madden! (If they have online play maybe we'll even get a chance to see how my Rams fair agaisnt your Steelers...)
    • (If they have online play maybe we'll even get a chance to see how my Rams fair agaisnt your Steelers...)

      Its ON!! ;)
      Seriously, though... I'm not that good of a player, but I thoroughly enjoy franchise mode. But if online is available, I'm always up for a game.
  • Nintendo already 0wnz our family anyway, we have something like 3 Game Boys, 1 Advance, 2 SPs, 2 DS Lites, GameCube (not to mention an NES that the kids still play with).... I still think the name sounds silly, but who cares. The games are gonna rock. We already have a blast with the more interactive stuff like Donkey Konga and Mario DDR, so it's almost a no brainer for us. Assuming it's 100% backward compatible as claimed, we may even trade in the GameCube if it makes any kind of dent in the price.
  • Given that 1) I still play tetris on my phone 2) haven't even purchased GTA:SA (because I have barely made a dent in Vice City) and 3) most recently bought the Sonic Collection (which my wife and I have been playing pretty steadily... Sonic 1 is much more challenging than Sonic 2. Who knew?!)

    I am obviously more focused on game play vs. polygon count. And I'm also a cheap bastard, who is very far behind the curve.

    So when the Wii is released, there will still be plenty of PS2 games that I haven't even playe
    • I can't wait until the PS3 comes out; my guess is there will be piles and piles of used PS2 games hitting the market then. I already have probably a dozen games I haven't finished, so I should be entertained for quite some time yet too :-) I am the same way with the realism too: I love photorealistic gameplay as much as the next guy, but there are still plenty of less than perfect looking games that are loads of fun to play.
    • There's a reason that the NES has one of the best resell values of any system, and as you said, it's not poly count.
  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    I'd been planning to get a 360 to replace my Dreamcast, but it seemed expensive and underwhelming and so I figured I'd wait for a PS3. Now that also seems expensive and underwhelming. Wii seems the way to go.
  • if you buy the thing and then don't tell us about it. No fair saying "I'm getting this cool thing" and then never talk about it. If it's uber-cool, tell us. If it sucks donkey butt, tell us anyway. Just don't leave all of us hanging.

  • ... the Wii is the only option I'll consider. With the kids being 2 and 8, the other consoles don't really seem to make sense. Last I looked, there were not many E-rated games for anything but Nintendo.

    That said, I really want a Wii, but I probably won't be able to afford one anytime soon. No release-day wii-fishing for me.
  • Yeppers. I want one. I have a DS, and some GameCube games, so I'll be buying one. They link wirelessly with the DS, I hear. I'm all excited about it. Heard anything about a lauch date?
  • I am getting one, probably on launch day as well.

    The price makes it very affordable, I have a 360 and the Wii will round out my collection. I still have my GC and I love my DS.

    But yeah I'll be getting it. If for no other reason that Zelda: Twilight Princess. That game looks like it's going to be great.
  • ..apparently, I'm the only one getting a PS3.

    Launch Title: Final Fantasy 13. That's enough for me...

  • by arb ( 452787 )
    Was there ever any question about it? I am so getting a Wii, most likely on launch day, or shortly thereafter. Why do you think I'd register a domain name like []? (There's bugger all info there yet - feel free to add whatever...)

    I love my GameCube and DS, of course I'll be getting a Wii. XBox360 and PlayStation3 just don't interest me - both the XBox and PSx platforms are only interested in quantity of games, not quality of gameplay, and that's where Nintendy gots 'em both beat.
  • since I'm getting hitched in a month and I'll have a mortgage and need to replace my car and need to buy a camera for my wedding video business...... chances are that spare money for the Wii will nto be found. I'll eventually get one. I just like the way nintendo makes their games and consoles.

  • Nah, I completely understand. I'd buy one too, except I have a PS2 and will not be buying a next-gen console. I have no HDTV and do not even think about buying one, so the biggest advantage would be lost on me. The Wii doesn't do HDTV, so it probably would be the best choice of next-gen consoles for me. I never even finished playing my games on the PS2. I still have years befor I finish them all (if I ever do). I just do not play enough. Of course the Wii might just be ideal for parties. Last time

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