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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Back from vacation... and a big change 36

I don't have a ton of time, but figured I should at least sum up my vacation last week (did anyone notice me gone??)
The weekend was my sister's wedding. Everything went off without a hitch. I played Trumpet Voluntary (on my trumpet) as my sister walked down the isle (and, yes, I kicked ASS on it).

Sunday was the meetup. bethanie was, in a word, "spunky" IRL. The pictures you've seen of her do her no justice. Unfortunately, hubby and her kids didn't make it. eglamkowski was quiet. I think my kids musta scared the bejesus outta him. I saw TL as I was pulling out of the parking lot. If he had a bartender with him, let it be known that it was A DUDE!!! (heh, naw, it was a guy helping him with his boat, which is why he was late... or at least, that was the story TL told me.... ) ;)

The beginning of the week was mostly lounging and going to the beach. I did spend an hour in the car with the wife running down to jetty park to see the shuttle launch. (Jetty park is one of the best places near cape canaveral to view the launch). I have pics, but not online, yet.
I spent friday morning (waking up at 3:30am!) fishing on the intercoastal waterway. Was a blast. Didn't catch much, but fishing on a boat on the intercoastal, watching the sun rise and stuff made it worthwhile. Even had quite a bit of contact with dolphins, which, as a midwesterner, I thought was fantastic, until I realized its really bad for a fisherman (they chase the fish away, and if you catch something, there's a good chance the dolphin will dehook the fish and eat it). So we were catching and releasing, but the fish were getting eaten, anyway. Also saw a manatee and a seaturtle.
Saturday was spent driving for 15 hours.... with two kids. I had too much caffeine (for someone who doesn't drink caffeine), so I was pretty messed up on Sunday.

I tried an experiement to see if beer causes my gut to go out of wack, or if the milk even helps that this vacation. Looks like I can drink again, cause it didn't cause any trouble, whatsoever.

Saw pirates 2. Thought they tried to outdo the first one, which makes things a little 'too' fantastic, losing that suspension of disbelief, so I was a bit disappointed. Saw superman on Sunday, and I'm convinced that I'll see any Bryan Singer movies... that guy can tell a story!

On to the big news. I am leaving my current employer (consulting biz) and taking a job with my current client. The reason is mostly to get me into management. In the consulting biz, its tough to move up... great to hone your skills, but without management experience, its extrodinarily difficult to get a contract to manage... So I'm working for a large corporation in hopes of being a CIO with a $500,000 yacht in the future...
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Back from vacation... and a big change

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  • Sorry I won't relocate to Cinci for you to push me around. :D

    Trumpet Voluntary sounds way better on an oboe. ;)
    • Btw, why would you not consider it? Moving to Cincy or moving period?
      • I'd consider it, but the money would have to be INSANE. Why? Because I live in Colorado right now, my parents live here, my wife's parents are moving here (they already have a condo - her dad has MS & is in a scooter), her sister's family is moving here within the year, my sister & her family are moving here probably within 2-5 years....

        And we were the ones who started this exodus to the, I mean...snowy, awful, horrible, overcrowded state of Colorado. Stay away. ;)

        As much as I'd like to w
        • Thought I'd ask, we've probably got an opening coming up for a "fresh out of school" developer with some sysadmin experience.

          Unfortunately it doesn't have an insane pay, and it's in SC :-)
          • At this point, I'd say that any positions in Hawai'i are on the table. :)

            No...yeah...I dunno. I mean, it'd be easier on her parents if we moved after her sister's family got here. But I really want to try my hand locally before I do anything drastic.

            Unless it's for INSANE money. :) Which I know I'm not looking at any time that resembles anything remotely close to "soon". :D But thanks for thinkin' of me.
    • Its actually a piano piece that was made into a trumpet piece. It was written in the baroquian period (which makes the trills sound different... you start on the top note, hold onto it for like a 16th note, then trill with 32 or 64th notes). The real title is "Prince of Denmark's March", but most people know it as trumpet voluntary.

      Wikipedia to the rescue []. If you google about, you could probably find an ogg of it somewhere legally... or I could even play it into a mic if you really wanted to hear how f
      • Cool story. I didn't know you were all musical & shit. :) I'll try to find it somewheres. Unless you *want* to make a recording of yourself, 'cause I'd be down with that, too. :)
        • Senior year of high school, I was troubled by having three possible degrees to pursue. Trumpet performance/education (was accepted into a prestigious school), math/science education (high school math/science teacher), or computer engineering. After debating with a lot of my extended family in various vocations, I chose the engineering (obviously), thinking that when I retire, I can teach high school, and I could always have a hobby in music.

          Unfortunately, that hobby died off. Sure I play for the church
          • I spent 20 years playing trumpet in lots of different types of bands (concert, marching, pep, jazz, orchestra, pit orchestra, brass choir, christmas, etc. etc), 3 years of choir. I rarely listen to music any more :-(
            And I wouldn't even want an ipod.
          • I completely separate "musical" and "music listener". Musical, to me, is someone who plays an instrument, and can do it well enough for me to say "okay...pretty good". Not banging on a piano, not lessons for 10 years but still tone-deaf.

            Music listeners are people who just listen and bob their heads. They can enjoy music, but they don't play. They're not musical.
    • Sorry I won't relocate to Cinci for you to push me around. :D

      I would. :-p

  • Moving up to Pointy Haired boss land, eh? ;-) It nice that you're moving up and I hope to someday get a ride on that fancy yacht of yours.
    • Just as a point, I'm not IN PHB land, yet... just establishing a path to get there :)
      • just establishing a path to get there

        THe Golden Machete is always the first step;-) And, instead of blowing half a mil on a yacht someday, have you considered taking up Aviation as hobby? Its even more expensive these days;-)

  • Nice, me too. Though I don't get to practice too much anymore with as many kids as I got.

    What kind of horn you play? I've got a Getzen 900SLB. One of the last large bore 900's they made before changing the specs back to the original 1960's model that Doc Severinson played on.
    • Bach Stradivarius, but, unfortunately, I don't have the model number. Its the same horn I had since like junior year of high school. The only changes I've made is the mouthpieces. I normally play on a 1.5B Bach Acoustimass. For jazz bands, I'd play a Marcinkiewicz 14A4A. Like playing on a dime. I could hit double high C's without any effort. Eventually I even used it on my pic (bought an inexpensive 4-valved piccolo trumpet which had tubes to adjust from B-flat to A, but wished I woulda saved up to b
  • by turg ( 19864 ) *
    I played Trumpet Voluntary (on my trumpet)

    but did you do it voluntarily?
    • See... I knew... knew I should have used the more appropriate name "Price of Denmark's March", but thought I'd use voluntary cause most people recognize it.... ;)
  • OK. I think I can live with that. :-)

    Congratulations on the new job. Hope you shoot right up the ranks!

  • Oh ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! I slay me!!!
  • I always thought you blew.
    What an awesome gift to be able to play at your sister's wedding.

    anyway, congrats on the new job.
    and more importantly. Congrats on being able to drink again!

  • Well wishes to you in your new employment.
  • Glad to hear you are making the move. Management is pretty cool. I think it works for some people, and not for others. I think you'll do well...

    Also glad to hear you are still using some of those mad trumpet skillz! I played at a wedding about 2 years ago. I really haven't done to much with it in a while, but would like to. We are thinking about getting a quartet or something going at church. It's not the same as playing jazz/blues though.
  • I'm happy for you. I'm contemplating moving back to Texas (again) I do this every two years or so. I'm pretty serious this time though. My wife and I are on the verge of starting a family and think it would be cool to be closer to her family. She just has to come to grips with taking the Texas State Bar just 2 years after passing the cal st bar.
  • no the best place to watch shuttle launches was from my front yard on Merritt Island. I lived there for 5 years in the mid 90s and pretty much caught the height of the shuttle era. Those things were always shooting up. The neatest part was the delayed rumble. Wait about 3-5 minutes into the launch and then you hear the runmble. Not like a distant train sound, but a shakes everything around you rumble. That is impressive.

    Too bad I don't have any pictures.


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