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Journal FortKnox's Journal: 4 18

Its Joey's big day. Four. How time flies. He had his big birthday party back on 4/29 cause his grandparents from Maine where in from out of town. He got a bike (with training wheels) and he's already tearing sh*t up with it.
So tonight is Chuck-E-Cheese with my nephews. This means I'll probably be cranking and will have lost what few hairs i have left on my head....

Why does I feel wierd about Joey and Taco sharing the same birthday?
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  • I was about to mention that.

    Maybe you guys should go out for tacos.
    • Yeah, take 'em to TACO CASA! It's better than that chuck-e-cheese in our neck of the woods...
      • Heh... Chuck-E-Cheese food sucks donkey balls, but they know you'll buy it cause your kids will bug the shit outta you if you don't.

        I hate chuck-e-cheese... I got more and better games at my house and can make a decent pizza... but the wife already mentioned the name, so there's no turning back...

        And there isn't a decent mexican joint except for El Coyote in the whole city of Cincinnati...
        • is there a 400 oak street in cincy?
          i'm curious.

          and if there is, is it really a k-mart?
          • 400 Oak Street is The Vernon Manor Hotel. A Cincinnati landmark since 1924. Renovated in 1999, this hotel features a remodeled guest lobby, new fitness room and business center. 177 guest rooms and suites offer old-world charm with the amenities of new-world comfort and convenience. Featuring "The Shops at The Vernon Manor". Nearby are the shops and nightlife of Mt. Adams, The Zoo and the city's museums.

            Why would it be a k-mart?
            • i don't want to give it away. think movie. think movie made in 1988. 'course definitely a good movie
              • Never saw it, but everyone in Cincy knows that Rainman was made here. And it was a 1988 movie....
                No way a K-Mart ever existed there, though. Vernon Manor is an old historical building...
                • Whats wrong with you! How can you have never seen rainman!! Oh, wait..I've never Rainman either... I'm gonna have to try Trattoria Roma's sometimes.. whats good? (besides everything :))
                  • My wife swears by the chicken parmigiana. Me? I like to have the panini for lunch. Never tried their pizzas. Everything I have tried was fantastic, though...
        • On the plus side, Chuck E Cheese has better skeeball than Gameworks. I'd almost forgotten that the balls were supposed to be made of wood!
        • You like THE DOG (El Coyote)? I don't like any of the food their, except the mac and cheese. They do have a pretty decent bar. In fact, I spent last friday night living in the bar until almost 3am. For Mexican I usually go to Margaritas, even if I don't like the food. I like to drink Remy Martin with the owner, Tony.

          I do like Ricon Mexican, right with Biggs. They have yummy chicken fajita chimmy-changas and the cheese dip. Oh, The Cheese Dip!

          Did you see the the Popeye's Chicken in Eastgate opened, where fa
          • Best italian in cincy is "Trattoria Roma's" across the street from the Arnoff. Authentic italian, by real italians. My wife's friend (who's from italy)'s brother was a waiter there. They only allow waiters who are fluent in italian to tell the chefs what was ordered. I recommend it.
        • In Fairfield there used to be Pedro's up on Route 4 and... Woodridge?, which wasn't bad until they went on this Angus Beef "Let's be a Steak House oh and yeah, we'll do Mexican too, I guess" change in the late 90s.

          There was one in Hamilton and Oxford, too.

          No idea if it's any good at all these days if it exists at all, as the closest I've been to Ohio in seven years is Irmo, South Carolina.

        • Omg, you are near dixie and starline chili and you are not taking him there. Blasphemy, evil man evil man!

          I order cases of dixie chili every 6 months or so. Great stuff.

      • Casa Bonita [wikipedia.org]

        More Sopapilla's, please! Cliff Divers are AWESOME!!

  • If there is a hell, for me it would be just like Chuckie Cheese. The noise, the smell of nasty pizza, blargh. Oh and have fun :-)
  • As a kid... I actually liked Chuck-E-Cheese pizza. Yep. I'm a pizza whore.

    My first job was working as a bagger at Nob Hill Foods in Capitola. I was 16. The Chuck-E-Cheese in town used to be next door to it, but it had closed a couple years earlier. One day some of the older checkers were reminiscing about Chuck-E-Cheese's demise. I thought that odd since I had missed the video games (their arcade had been the only one close by), but didbn't know why these "grown-ups" would miss it. Turns out Chuck-

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