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Journal FortKnox's Journal: FotoKon 3! Again! [Updated] [UPDATE 2] 652

Ok, its an ass of a thing for me to do, but the last page was utter chaos and I couldn't follow it at all (and I know all the answers and such). It just started getting moving, so I'll restart now as opposed to thinking it out and doing it later. Lets do it right this time. Please follow the directions.
  1. OK, here is how it works:
  2. Only one parent thread for a pictured contestant!
  3. Each parent thread should be Score:1. Log in to post, but don't use your bonus
  4. Try to put the threads in NUMERIC order!! If you want to comment on hotty #X, the start at 1 and work your way to it. Patience is a virtue I'm teaching my 2 year old. You should have some by now ;-)
  5. If two threads exist for one (two people posting at the same time), then one of you post a child saying "Don't use this thread, use the other." And only use one...
  6. You should be able to use the 'Oldest Post First' on threaded and nested and be able to see the contest (mostly) in order.
  7. Put a link to the contestant in the parent thread (IE: For Contestant #1, the link should point to http://www.marotti.com/slashdot3/1.html)
  8. Make your lists, and general comments as AC or under an AC comment so it doesn't garble up the rest of the contest.
  9. A joke from time to time is alright, but don't be an ass and insult people. Lots of people had to be convinced to play and because we are all nerds, there is some insecurity. Don't be an ass.
  10. Have fun with it!!

And lastly, if you are the AC who has been rudely pushing me, you can go straight to hell. I'm volunteering to do this on my own time away from my family. You can do it next time, assmonger.

With that out of the way, here is the list of people who are in the pictures (in nice random order): Thanks to dexterpexter for fixing all but 2 of the URLS!
Brainboy, Real World Stuff, Tsunayoshi, sparky4, dead sun, shadowspark, Aridhol, arb, October_30th, jawtheshark, sam_handelman, Safety Cap, baldass_newbie, KoriaDesevis, rdewald, NeMon'ess, sielwolf, blinder, fluffybacon, buffer-overflowed, lithron, samthebutcher, BWJones, BethaniesHubby, grub, ellem, BlackHat, (H)elix1, Alioth, http, Tet, OverlordQ, RailGunner, XopherMV, Mantorp, spoonyfork, Pirogoeth, Scott Lockwood, elmegil, Flamesplash, js7a, andr0meda, Morosoph, Blazin, slashchick, CyranoVR, myAmygdala, ces, jeepliberty, themusicgod1, tenman, M.C. Hampster, Iamthefallen, HokieSeas, Oculus Habent, eno2001, turg, insanecarbonbasedlifeform, Ashtead, ncc74656, Jeremiah Cornelius, bethanie, Enforcer999, Ra5pu7in, Keith Russell, LordBodak, red5, btlzu2, lab16, OctaneZ, dauthur, gmhowell, eugene ts wong, johndiii, TechnoLust, nizo, mekkab, Liora, the_mad_poster, Ethelred Unraed, subgeek, SomeWoman, glh, Sloppy, tuxette, bhakiti, dexterpexter, shitface, lpetrazickis, neenee3, GreyWolf3000, SolemnDragon, TheConfusedOne, GeckoFood, BandwidthHog, Abm0raz, bryanthompson, Penguin Follower, Dr.Zong, peacefinder, fortknox, Degrees, *no comment*, Saige, bellus quies, daniil, ryanr, sulli, robi2106
Yes, there is 109 people in that list and 108 contestants in the photo contest page. The reason being is that there is one person who sent me encrypted files. We'll get it cleared up and they will be contestant #109 on the photopage when that happens.
The photos are still at marotti.com/slashdot3.

Since the slashdot frontpage is useless today (they will do the April Fools thing ALL DAY even though its pointless after 10am), this will be a nice way to help you avoid working today ;-)

Update: Browse at "Oldest First" and either nested or threaded and its in pretty good order. If you run out of posting privledges for the day, simply create another account. (IIRC) Contestant 19 has an account called "Number 19" so he can drop hints and such. Something to consider.

Update 2: There is now all 109 pic sets up. Number 109 showed up in my email this evening, and the game is completely ready. So if anyone was kind enough to mirror, please update your mirrors.
Also, if you are strapped for cash, check out grub's journal. He's giving away a $20 amazon gift card for the first person to guess who he is correctly!

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FotoKon 3! Again! [Updated] [UPDATE 2]

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