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Comment ragdoll cat.. you'r kidding, right? (Score 1) 1032

Please do your homework before purchasing a cat. Ragdoll cats are just as likely to run away from a rat as to attack it. They are extremely docile and won't even defend themselves when they are being attacked by another cat. If you want to get a good rat catching cat do your homework and speak with the group you are adopting it from.

Comment Re:Constitutionality (Score 1) 630

Oh, its a lot worse than what the article claims. I suggest everyone living in the state of Georgia (US) to go read the bill. SB474 - Located here. This bill lets the state do all kinds of nasty things to "sex offendres" (I'll let others define that and argue about it).

Guess its time to write to my local Senator.

Comment Economics FTL! (Score 1) 24

Inflation was a lot higher over the last decade than the "official figures", because food, fuel, and housing were removed from the index. Under the same rationale, fuel and housing price decreases shouldn't be figured into any "deflation index" - so either the books were cooked all along (which we now know to be the case), or this sectors' deflation is just an adjustment to reality.

My economics teacher in college pointed this same thing out 4 years ago. He already viewed the Federal Reserve system with a bit of disdain and was concerned that the various indexes they use to measure things were inaccurate at best.

I learned a lot in that class. The main thing I learned was to not trust any numbers without finding out exactly where they came from.

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