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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Why I don't drink... 21

The reason I don't drink is I don't exactly know where my so-drunk-I'm-legally-insane line is. And I don't wanna know...
But, man, did that guy have the biggest shit-eating grin that I ever saw....

And, the contest photos will be posted tonight. Got home late from class last night and Jenna was alert and interacting. So she kinda took precedence :-P
But I think we may have broken 100 total pictures. Wow!
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Why I don't drink...

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  • I won't be doing that again.
    • Oh come on down, i'll get you to the line and way, way, way beyond. So far beyond the line that the line will never have of existed. Or something like that.
      • screw that, my feces tasted like shit.

        And I still failed the breathalyzer, damnit.
        • screw that, my feces tasted like shit.
          that's one of the funniest things you've ever typed.
          • I aim to please.

            I'm here til thursday. Try the roasted goat testicles, they're delish!

            SLOWDOWN COWBOY! Slashdot is a CAUTION: CHILDREN PLAYING zone. Speed limit is 1 post per 2 minutes.
            • Why don't we ever see sign that say one of the following:
              and the like. Those would be far more entertaining. Althought I do like the one in front of the girls' dorm at one of the local Christian universitys. They have massive mounds of asphalt to keep you from driving fast in front of the dorms. So all in front of the dorm, there are signs that say SPEED HUMP. I derive so much amus
    • At least don't do that after eating all that Mexican food :-/
  • ... is that the vomit he put back in his mouth probably had more booze in it than an untainted sample would have given.

    Now, do you want to try to be crazier than him? I think he's got most of us beat. At least I hope so.

  • Toronto be representin'.

    The reason I don't drink is that my legally insane line is at zero alcohol.:)
  • But the reason I do drink is beer is nice :-)
  • I think it was probably over 100 photos with the 70 participants that you posted last week.
  • And I don't wanna know...

    Come on, everybody's got to find out their limits and try to push them a little bit further. Unfortunately, at least for me, it's a young man's game. ;-)

  • Alcohol is a stupidity-enhancing drug, and too damn many people think life is the Stupidity Olympics and they are doping for all it's worth.
  • The cop only thinks that trick didn't work. He might have blown twice the legal limit, but I think to suck in a mouthfull of shit, you'd have to be at least ten times over the legal limit.
    • Well it didn't work as far as getting him out of (legal) trouble.

      This reminds me, I read a story once about a guy who was busted in the wee hours of the morning and found to have something like 4 times the legal limit. He was brought to the station, put in a cell and released first thing in the morning after being formally charged. He walked back to his car, drove away, got pulled over by the same cop. Another breath test. He still was over the legal limit.

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