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Comment Re: Atheist [Re:Free global markets != wonde (Score 1) 50

Tape worms? Below is an article. Some researchers say the claims are dubious and that ads or labels mentioning tape-worms don't necessarily mean the pills actually contained tape-worm eggs. It could be a lie. But the fact some co's openly advertised it itself suggests lax regulation.

Comment Re:there is a reason for that (Score 1) 90

Commercial iPhones optionally take multiple exposures for a single "snap" so that one can skip blinking subjects, for example. Just do similar for exposure time.

And I realize suddenly replacing all that equipment would be quite expensive, but at least make the next batch of cameras better than the last batch so the ratio of good cameras in production gradually goes up over time.

Comment Re:this is really getting tiring (Score 1) 166

the best person for the job regardless of race or gender is how it should be, nothing else.

I've been in the workforce long enough, including in interview panels, to know that raw merit is only half the game. Hiring and promotion decisions are largely social, especially when multiple candidates have similar merit credentials. Humans are social animals, and thus naturally biased.

Comment Re: Atheist [Re:Free global markets != wonde (Score 3, Informative) 50

and atheist (right and wrong aren't enforced socially in the same manner as Western countries)

Hogwash! For one, China is largely Buddhist (or variations of), not atheist.

Second, the USA started off industrialization in a similar poorly-regulated dog-eat-dog kind of way. Europe used to rib us about it. Poor people take more risks because they have less to lose. Read about "Muck Rakers". Tape-worm eggs were sold as diet medicine, for example, and nobody did anything about it.

Comment The reasons it won't die (Score 3) 130

It's not hard to figure out why email isn't dying and won't die:

* It's not tied to a single provider. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, iMessage and all the others are.
* It's an open, federated system. Companies in particular can take charge of their own email servers if they wish.
* Installed base.
* It is available on all devices from phones to tablets to PCs without the need to install additional software.

Comment Re:Designers miss WYSIWYG (UI rant) (Score 1) 201

How is that combo different for client-side-auto-adjust testing? Testing one rendering engine for many sizes is STILL going to be easier than testing many sizes for say 200 rendering engines (browser brands x browser versions x OS settings, etc.)

Roughly 1/200th the work.

Also note one doesn't necessarily have to have infinite combinations: they could design for 3 sizes: small, media, and large; showing the closest fit. Sometimes you want to control what's shown anyhow for diff devices. For example, you may want to show fewer graphics or thumbnails for smaller devices to save room (phones & watches) than for tablets and screens.

User-adjustable client-side MDI windows or slide panels could also be an option for more complex applications. The MDI windows themselves could optionally be managed client-side. Treat each sub-window/panel as a mini application, in terms of how the rendering happens. (It does complicate the client a little bit.)

And one could also let scroll-bars automatically appear on the client for the vertical issue, somewhat like typical PDF displayers. PDF layouts are typically coordinate-based, but a vertical scroll-bar appears if the window doesn't have enough room to the show the entire thing.

Comment Re:there is a reason for that (Score 1) 90

Look at how they do photo-shoots for models

Models are used to harsh lights. They learn not to squint. It's part of their job.

The problem isn't tweaking the images, it's that there isn't enough information in the images.themselves.

If so, they need better cameras, such as cameras that take photos under multiple different exposures and/or has a high brightness sensitivity range. Software and/or remote human experts can then select the best exposure and/or tune levels. In the end you probably still need a human to adjust them; AI is still sketchy.

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