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Comment Re:Php tied to platform? [Re:PHP] (Score 1) 339

The problem with anything in JS + DOM is that version n + x of the browser comes out and the app stops working right.

We try to force a browser to act like a desktop GUI, and it often backfires because it was not designed to be a full desktop-like GUI, and our stack of kludges eventually bytes us in the ass.

People, we are doing network UI's wrong. Time for a new standard. JS+Dom keeps sucking rotting eggs over and over in different combinations of suckativity.

Comment Re:The poor economics of flying cars (Score 1) 113

I agree with your conclusion - I don't think we're going to see personal flying transport anytime soon - but I think you're exaggerating the case against.

The energy requirements to get something the weight of a human aloft are considerable

It actually isn't that much energy to get a human being up 100 ft (humans are light, and transportation is already very energy expensive) nor does it necessarily take a ton of energy to keep them there. Physics has no problem with (just as an example off the top of my head, not actually practical) a mass transit system made out of escalators and gliders. There's no absolute reasons such a system would take a ton of energy, be all that expensive, or even require bonkers infrastructure; it's just nobody has a plan to do it that would practically work.

So yeah, I think it's silly to imagine huge fleets of conventional VTOL aircraft - but I don't think there's good reason to write all this off as permanently impossible or something, it just needs more creativity than this plan has.

Comment Person Existed (Re:No they aren't denying it) (Score 1) 563

That's not true, as other replies demonstrate, but even if it were true, it's not evidence of super-natural backing.

Evidence of existence of him as a person is not the same as evidence of him having super-natural powers or connections.

I personally don't doubt that the scriptures are based on an actual person or persons (to various degrees), but the supernatural angle requires stronger evidence. "Bob said he saw the guy cure lepers" is not strong evidence. For one, we should give Bob a sobriety test first.

Comment Re:Scientists aren't the problem (Score 1) 563

Yes, if you leave lead in the systems, then people will evolve lead-resistance, like Kevin Costner evolved gills in Water World. Commies and socialist interfere with the evolution of our Great Toxic-Resistant Race!

Bring on the sludge, us Ayn Rand Cowboys ain't afraid! We'll happily ride off into the brown sunset.

I force my kids to watch Mutant Ninja Turtles to show how they COULD be if the damned commies stop cleaning shit up.

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