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Comment Re:Discourage, don't ban (Score 3, Interesting) 71

Perhaps consider leaving. Jerks be jerks.

If you otherwise like the work and company, then perhaps you can write up a nice diplomatic and complementing letter explaining that you otherwise enjoy working there, but that your "home tether" requirement is not being fairly compensated in your opinion, because it limits your off-work choices.

Comment Re:Support your claim (Score 1) 302

If one's neighbor pack their house with lots of renters to make money, there will likely be more parked cars, plumbing trucks, and noise in the neighborhood, making is less pleasant to the neighbors of the renter, and lower their property values.

In economics this is called "externalities": Person A gets the profits and Person B gets the headaches caused by A's actions.

Why should Person B just have to accept it?

Comment Re:Forget about the future, what about now? (Score 1) 248

Are you saying chopping down the trees is mostly what changed the southern climate?

instead of the Spanish taking responsibility for destroying their own environment

Isn't it already agreed by most researchers that global warming is caused by humans? The Spanish are humans, no? I'm confused here.

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