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Comment Re:For a long time, I just wished I could (Score 1) 247

I had a young son, who would take my phone out of my pocket while I was sleeping.

My kid loves to swipe my phone as well, though he loves that you don't need to unlock it to access the camera. So once I retrieve it from him after a fair amount of time, I find a thousand selfies on it.

I'll take that over the 911 thing though.

Comment Yay for metered connections! (Score 4, Interesting) 110

About time!

I recently helped a friend who kept having Windows 10 chew through all his Verizon bandwidth. They live in a rural area and are unable to get DSL, so they're on Verizon's 5gig a month plan. The Anniversary update along with all the live tiles, Update sharing and telemetry information sharing, completely wiped out their monthly bandwidth limit.

I turned on the metering controls to help with that, but this is even better.

Comment Re:Chromecast support (Score 1) 105

This might be cool if Amazon would bother to put in Chromecast support, no one is stopping them. Hulu, Netflix, CBS, HBO, and many other streaming vendors have managed to do it. Without that they are nowhere near worth paying for.

I totally agree. Lack of Chromecast support is very annoying. I ended up buying a Firestick when it was on sale, and have both my Chromecast and Firestick plugged into my HDMI switcher. That way I can control both with my phone. One more step but it makes the best of a bad situation.

Comment Re:They should do it, but they haven't. Why? (Score 1) 254

The answer is easy. They are not interested in the contents of the terrorist's phone as much as they want a magic key that will unlock anyone's iPhone anywhere.

That is it exactly. This is a high profile case. A major terrorist attack on US soil. What better way to convince the public that there NEEDS to be a backdoor on their devices? They aren't going to let this opportunity go to waste.

Comment Re:Sliders (Score 1) 480

If you really cared about quality of story, characters, etc. Sliders was by far the best. It doesn't hurt that it's science was some of the best too. Most items on this list are melodramatic space opera.

I think you mean the first two seasons of Sliders.

Comment Re:Indicative of General Attitudes (Score 1) 153

The older people are eeking out what they can until retirement, but at the cost of preventing younger people from having access to jobs where they can build their skills. I fear that in 10 years, our country will be in trouble as the Boomers retire for good and there will be no one left to replace them.

So what you're saying is, we need "Carrousel"?

Comment Re:Reminder of who not to credit (Score 1) 151

Excellent point. I often wondered to what extent the first Guld war played in stopping the Soviets from the "military" solution, once things began crumbling. When they saw some of their best hardware defeated so handily by the Coalition forces, did that keep them from launching a military strike to preserve the Soviet state? Interesting to think about.

Comment Re:Rather cumbersome (Score 3, Interesting) 77

I'm guessing that if Amazon had added it to Google Play Store, rentals would have had to use Google payments where Google gets 30% instead of Amazon. That or it'd work only with Prime, not rentals.

That is an excellent point. I hadn't thought of that. Like Microsoft's fight with Apple over their IOS Office app.

Comment Re:Rather cumbersome (Score 2) 77

Amazon isn't making you change the "unknown store" setting--that would be Google. Android OS is set to only accept Play Store unless you deactivate that setting.

Actually they are since they could've added the app to Google Play like they do for all their others. Kindle is there, as is the main Amazon App.

Comment Rather cumbersome (Score 4, Interesting) 77

It's rather cumbersome, but it works. You can't install it straight from Google Play. You have to install the Amazon app and install it inside of that. They make you change the "unknown store" security setting in order to do it. Curious strategy on Amazon's part.

Now if only they would add ChromeCast support... I know, we customers are never happy.

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