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Comment Re:Maybe it is a good thing? (Score 1) 42

Those more enlightened* countries won't act because their populations are too distracted with social media, television, sports matches and the like. It looks like China has evolved to adopt this more refined form of mass control, letting the masses too entertained to rebel, while they contribute with data for mass surveillance. The next step is breaking the Communist Party in two, so as to give people an illusion of choice and one more thing to crave for.

* I don't use quotation marks, as the Enlightenment was a western thing

Comment Re:That's just great... (Score 1) 378

Well, in 2018, the 2006 MacBook will be 12 years old. 18.04 is an LTS release and will have 5 years of support and security updates. By the time there are no more security patches, the machine will be 17 years old and software exploits will be the least of the user's concerns if it is still his/her main machine.

I have a 2009 32 bit processor Sony Vaio P for which the best option I found so far is Linux Mint, which is based on Kubuntu. The form fator of this model was abandoned long ago, so I have no appropriate alternative in size and weight (no tablet is not good enough). By the time the aforementioned MakBook be 17 years old, my Sony Vaio P will be 14, yet I have to admit that my least concern will be software exploits.

Submission + - SPAM: El Niño Is Dead And California Could Be "In A Drought

Cheyenne1989 writes: Forecasters say El Niño is now officially over and there's a 75% chance of a La Niña forming. But “the real story is the Godzilla drought,” a NASA climatologist said.

Boat docks sit empty on dry land, as Folsom Lake reservoir near Sacramento on Sep. 17, 2015.

Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images

The giant El Niño that fueled flooding rains in Texas this year but failed to make a big dent in California's extreme drought, was declared dead Thursday, opening the door to a La Niña and extended period of dryness in the West.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced the latest El Niño event had come to an end, saying "we're sticking a fork in this El Niño and calling it done." According to NOAA forecasters, the unusually warm pool of water in the equatorial Pacific Ocean had "mostly returned to normal by the end of May."

The El Niño was born in 2014, NASA climatologist Bill Patzert told BuzzFeed News. Patzert, who coined the nickname "Godzilla El Niño," said it "came early, it was immense, and it was quite long lasting."

Droughts in India and Africa, recent flooding in Texas, and an earlier-than-usual tornado season in the Plains states were among the significant effects of the El Niño, he said.

The warming of the Pacific also contributed to massive coral bleaching events, NOAA coral reef watch coordinator Mark Eakin told the Associated Press.

The question now is if sea surface temperatures will swing back in the other direction and become cooler than normal, leading to a La Niña. According to NOAA, there is now a 65% chance of a La Niña by July, and a 75% chance by the fall.

A graphic compares sea surface temperatures during current and past El Niño events.

NOAA / Via

Patzert agreed that a La Niña event was likely, but with warm water still lingering in the Pacific, suggested it was still too early to be certain what would happen.

"At this point this El Niño is leaving us reluctantly," he said. "Our future is a little up in the air here."

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Submission + - Russia lawmakers pass sweeping spying law that requires encryption backdoors (

Patrick O'Neill writes: Russian lawmakers passed new "anti-terrorism" legislation Friday including new rules on providing mandatory backdoor access into encrypted communications for the FSB, the Russian intelligence agency and successor to the KGB, as well as a vast data-eavesdropping and -retention program so that telecom and internet companies have to record and store all customer communications for six months, potentially at a multitrillion-dollar cost.

Comment Re: I'll give the investigators the benefit here (Score 1) 1718

That only proves that "Daesh hates fags," as any violent action against gay people that is somewhat related to Islam is supported by Daesh (and I have to admit, many other Mulim groups as well). There is not need to hast and blame it on Muslims, or especially Daesh, as the latter is being fought by US, the Russians, and everyone around them, and the former have been focus of counter-terrorism measures for years. I guess the reason why the authorities are hesitating to associate the attack with Islamism is that there are some more groups who support violence against homosexuals.

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