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Submission + - Baby Brain

EzInKy writes: The BBC and others are reporting the results of a study that women's brains do in fact change during pregnancy.

"Pregnancy reduces grey matter in specific parts of a woman's brain, helping her bond with her baby and prepare for the demands of motherhood.

Scans of 25 first-time mums showed these structural brain changes lasted for at least two years after giving birth.

European researchers said the scale of brain changes during pregnancy were akin to those seen during adolescence."

Thanks Mom!

Submission + - Venus May Have Been Habitable

EzInKy writes: Science Daily has an article speculating that Venus may have been habitable which is suggested by NASA climate modeling which proposes that Venus may have had a shallow liquid-water ocean and habitable surface temperatures for up to two billion years of its early history. Talk about global climate change run amok, Venus may represent a near Earth example of what is in store for the future of our world if we don't make it a number one priority to address.

Submission + - Can Coffee Cause Cancer?

EzInKy writes: Only if it is very hot according to WHO scientists.

  There is no conclusive evidence that drinking coffee causes cancer, the World Health Organization's cancer agency will say as it downgrades its warning, but it will also say all "very hot" drinks are probably carcinogenic.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) had previously rated coffee as "possibly carcinogenic" but has changed its mind. On Wednesday it will say its latest review found "no conclusive evidence for a carcinogenic effect".

At the same time, however, it will say other scientific evidence suggests that drinking anything very hot — around 65 degrees Celsius or above – including water, coffee, tea and other beverages, probably does cause cancer of the oesophagus.

The U.S. National Coffee Association welcomed the change in IARC's classification as "great news for coffee drinkers".

Submission + - Pope Condones Condom Use

EzInKy writes: In the wake of the Zika Virus threat, Pope Francis said "that it would be OK for couples to practice birth control if there is a chance they might conceive a child infected with the Zika Virus". Back in 2010, the BBC reported that Pope Francis was on record as saying "the use of condoms is acceptable in exceptional circumstances". Does this bode a major shift in Catholic Doctrine in its views on what many consider a natural human activity?

Submission + - Crossover Linux

EzInKy writes: Back in the day I was weak and resorted to paying for Crossover Linux to help me wean myself off of Microsoft's software. Once I learned to find open source replacements for Window's software I really didn't need I continued to support their efforts by renewing my subscription by paying whatever fees they requested. Today, long after they started requiring verification to even use their software that I rarely if ever find a need for, I am being incessantly spammed by them to send them even more money to unlock software that I will never use. Though I have no problem funding a project that helps users leave proprietary operating systems, I have no wish to be continuously bombarded with "send us money" or we will cut you off spam. Please, how do you get off their list?

Submission + - Gunshots reported in Paris

EzInKy writes:> the hunt for the perpetrators of Friday's terror attacks in France continues, with reports of gunfire in a Parisian suburb linked to an ongoing police raid. How can the French be confusing the sign of a free and armed populace with terrorism? Wouldn't the lack of gunfire be more worrisome in a free society?

Submission + - Fight Against Uber Gets Physical

EzInKy writes:>CBS News and others are reporting on violent protests against Uber in Mexico. According to the article:

"A raucous crowd attacked Uber drivers and their vehicles with clubs and stones outside the Mexico City airport, the company said Wednesday, as licensed taxi drivers demonstrated to demand a "total halt" to app-based rideshare services in the capital.

Video of the incident showed people throwing eggs and flour inside the windows of vehicles, kicking doors and trying to rip off side mirrors. One man destroyed a sedan's rear window with a large rock."

Uber has responded to the attacks:

""What happened is a very grave attack on everyone's freedom and right to make a living in a dignified manner," Uber said in a statement. "Incidents like this are completely unacceptable, and we trust that authorities will act so that justice is done."

Could justice being done include all cars for hire being required to follow the same regulations?

Submission + - Fuck Slashdot

EzInKy writes: I tried to reply to a story important to me, namely about how to give input to input resistant systems, only to find that there was no way to give input.
WTF here people.

Submission + - Man Arrested For Posting Photos To Facebook

EzInKy writes: A Louisville man has been arrested after police say he was posting explicit photos of his girlfriend on social media. Police say 32-year-old James Dewitt was dating a woman for a couple of weeks and unbeknownst to her, he was taking sexual photos of her and posting them online. It's nice to see a win for those on side of privacy, especially in a world where so many think nothing of respecting the rights of others before they post to social media sites. Does anyone else side with me in believing that the time he spends behind bars should be limited by only the length it takes to remove these images from the internet?

Submission + - 5 year old passed Microsoft Certified Professional

EzInKy writes: The BBC has this heartwarming story about a five year old British boy who is the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional.

He told the BBC he found the exam difficult but enjoyable, and hopes to set up a UK-based tech hub one day.

"There were multiple choice questions, drag and drop questions, hotspot questions and scenario-based questions," he told the BBC Asian Network.

"The hardest challenge was explaining the language of the test to a five-year-old. But he seemed to pick it up and has a very good memory," explained Ayan's father Asim.

Ayan says he hopes to launch a UK-based IT hub similar to America's Silicon Valley one day, which he intends to call E-Valley.

Submission + - T'Pring dies!

EzInKy writes: The actess who portrayed Spock's potential mate T'Pring passed away Tuesday. According to the BBC and others the cause was complications from a heart attack. Leonard Nimoy took the time to tweet "Saying goodbye to T'Pring, Arlene Martel. A lovely talent." I'm sure there are many here who will also be saddened as she was most probably in our first fantasies of interspecies mating.

Submission + - Technocrat dying again!

EzInKy writes: Bruce really seems to have a hangup over who posts what. Technocrat, which under different leadership to Slashdot could have become a real competitor for news from nerds for nerds, is again hung up by it's stance against anonymous postings. Bruce, you are screwing the pooch once again! Just why is it you are so against free speech?

Submission + - is coming!

EzInKy writes: is planning on going live today! According to the site:

" The software is ready to run, with basic features. No moderation yet. On Tuesday morning I will deploy the software on my server and do a little testing. After that, probably around mid-day California time, we will have a low-user-id land-rush, we'll put the site on the air with rather shaky software and we will start soliciting for volunteer editors. Thus, Tuesday will be a live test and there will probably be a lot of issues in the software. Please keep your expectations low until I can work through them. "

What other Slashdot's alternatives are in the planning as the result of beta?

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