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Comment Re:Because everyone knows... (Score 1) 123

man cp

              cp - copy files and directories

              cp [OPTION]... [-T] SOURCE DEST
              cp [OPTION]... SOURCE... DIRECTORY
              cp [OPTION]... -t DIRECTORY SOURCE...

              Copy SOURCE to DEST, or multiple SOURCE(s) to DIRECTORY.

              Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options

              -a, --archive
                            same as -dR --preserve=all

                            don't copy the file data, just the attributes

                            make a backup of each existing destination file

              -b like --backup but does not accept an argument

                            copy contents of special files when recursive

              -d same as --no-dereference --preserve=links

              -f, --force
                            if an existing destination file cannot be opened, remove it and
                            try again (this option is ignored when the -n option is also

              -i, --interactive
                            prompt before overwrite (overrides a previous -n option)

              -H follow command-line symbolic links in SOURCE

              -l, --link
                            hard link files instead of copying

              -L, --dereference
                            always follow symbolic links in SOURCE

              -n, --no-clobber
                            do not overwrite an existing file (overrides a previous -i

              -P, --no-dereference
                            never follow symbolic links in SOURCE

              -p same as --preserve=mode,ownership,timestamps

                            preserve the specified attributes (default: mode,ownership,time
                            stamps), if possible additional attributes: context, links,
                            xattr, all

                            don't preserve the specified attributes

                            use full source file name under DIRECTORY

              -R, -r, --recursive
                            copy directories recursively

                            control clone/CoW copies. See below

                            remove each existing destination file before attempting to open
                            it (contrast with --force)

                            control creation of sparse files. See below

                            remove any trailing slashes from each SOURCE argument

              -s, --symbolic-link
                            make symbolic links instead of copying

              -S, --suffix=SUFFIX
                            override the usual backup suffix

              -t, --target-directory=DIRECTORY
                            copy all SOURCE arguments into DIRECTORY

              -T, --no-target-directory
                            treat DEST as a normal file

              -u, --update
                            copy only when the SOURCE file is newer than the destination
                            file or when the destination file is missing

              -v, --verbose
                            explain what is being done

              -x, --one-file-system
                            stay on this file system

              -Z set SELinux security context of destination file to default type
                            like -Z, or if CTX is specified then set the SELinux or SMACK
                            security context to CTX

              --help display this help and exit

                            output version information and exit

              By default, sparse SOURCE files are detected by a crude heuristic and
              the corresponding DEST file is made sparse as well. That is the behav
              ior selected by --sparse=auto. Specify --sparse=always to create a
              sparse DEST file whenever the SOURCE file contains a long enough
              sequence of zero bytes. Use --sparse=never to inhibit creation of
              sparse files.

              When --reflink[=always] is specified, perform a lightweight copy, where
              the data blocks are copied only when modified. If this is not possible
              the copy fails, or if --reflink=auto is specified, fall back to a stan
              dard copy.

              The backup suffix is '~', unless set with --suffix or SIM
              PLE_BACKUP_SUFFIX. The version control method may be selected via the
              --backup option or through the VERSION_CONTROL environment variable.
              Here are the values:

              none, off
                            never make backups (even if --backup is given)

              numbered, t
                            make numbered backups

              existing, nil
                            numbered if numbered backups exist, simple otherwise

              simple, never
                            always make simple backups

              As a special case, cp makes a backup of SOURCE when the force and
              backup options are given and SOURCE and DEST are the same name for an
              existing, regular file."

Seems perfectly clear to me.

Comment Re:Tipping (Score 1) 140

How good the service can get for the waiter to get a huge tip?
Does he have to go full monty?

Not spilling my food and being prompt and pleasant is generally enough.

The waiter will earn less than the flirtatious waitress, have you any doubts about that?

Since I nearly always dine with an intimate guest, flirting would subtract quite a bit from the standard tip.

The black waiter will get stiffed?

On the other hand, a flirty black waitress may get more. I do have a thing for women of color.

All you are promoting is discrimination, shaming underpaid people and excusing slave wages because we need to reward excellence Lol ... What does that even mean? Nobody said not to reward excellence, we said minimal wages should enable people to live decently like human beings!

What happens when automation replaces waiters and waitresses?
Put the poors against a wall and shoot, just because they were asking for bread they could not afford? Problem solved, right?

All among the reasons I firmly support a UBI.

Comment Re:Awesome!! (Score 1) 127

"A future where everyone has no opportunity to work in order to survive, and has no other means with which to secure the necessities of survival, is a hellish future for the human race.

I agree, it could be very nasty if the necessities of survival aren't provided to everybody. History is chock full of bloody revolutions.

What makes you think the owners of all the businesses that employ all those robots will willingly support the rest of humankind?

What makes you think the rest of humankind will support the owners of all those businesses?

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