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Comment Re:Solution: (Score 1) 763

Heh - I used to do something similar with my old Porsche Sportamatic.

Stick shift. No clutch pedal. Operated by 'magic' (ie you touch the shifter and it activates the clutch).
Cool thing was that it was so sensitive that if I moved the shift boot, it would no longer engage the clutch again - and you could start the car, but not actually shift into gear.

Even the valets hated that thing, but realistically car thieves just toss them onto a tow truck and pretend they're doing their job.

Now my old Corvair with the bad wiring that gave you a nasty shock if you didn't touch the handle just right - that was theft deterrent :D

Comment Re:Bring in a 3 strikes law (Score 1) 391

Can we have a 3 strikes for politicians so that when they've been caught with red handed with their hand in the checkout 3 times

That shouldn't leave many.

they're jailed

What spend more public money of these parasites? Far better to conscript them to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan. Deport the "Nom doms" too.

Comment Re:I knew that and is MAIN reason I bought Toyota (Score 2, Funny) 276

By now you should know how this routine usually goes.

No, there aren't any websites like this. All Sites that had lists and pictures of disected dashboards that showed those chips have been pulled off the net. That alone should be proof that those rumours are true, for what other reasons would someone be intrested in covering it.

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