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Comment Re:What the fuck!? (Score 0) 85

First off it is the States that elect the President of the States, not the people. You wouldn't want a 271 electoral vote California dictating to the other 49 would you? My problem is Slashdot has been milking the election for everything that it can. The election is over, it is time to move on.

Comment Re:real open source (Score 2) 66

Mine, after nearly 7 years of daily use, sadly is on its last legs. And to be honest it never was 100% true "open source". Nothing available now that I know of comes even close though. Someone I know bragged about having 64gb of storage, I've had that like for near 7 years now. And if I needed more all I have to do was swap out the memory card. And I really don't get this slim fetish.

Comment The States elect the President of the States. (Score 2) 494

The fairest would be that each State get an equal say as to whom it shall be that leads the States.. New York gets 1 vote, Wyoming gets 1 vote, and everything would be fair. Only if we become a "People's Republic" should the people have a say in who becomes President of the States.

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