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Comment Re:Offshoring (Score 1) 96

That is within perfectly reasonable bounds. IT workers are more like a Doctor or Lawyer than a McDonalds worker in term of the intelligence level required to succeed in the field.

Also see the last story for why CEOs think it is worth it. IT workers are expected to be working toward putting other workers, including themselves out of the job. They don't succeed all at once but they do the shrink the pool a group at a time and eventually all the pieces will have been developed to accomplish this.

Comment yawn (Score 1) 87

Were they vcr proof? Because, since commercial skipping was stripped out, there is no difference with regard to how a dvr impacts advertising. There were actually even devices that could skip commercials with similar effect to what has been ripped out on a vcr recording but they were never common.

Comment Re:More advertising data (Score 1) 78

Linking who you share your location with their habits. Alice went to McDonalds. Bob went to Burger King. Both like fast food, show Bob ads for McDonalds.

Very elementary example, but they are basically asking the users to confirm that when Alice and Bob are in the same (or a similar) place, it is not a coincidence.

Comment Re:More advertising data (Score 1) 78

Thank you, you nailed it far more succinctly than I.

What gets me are the "So? Every other company does it." as if that makes it right. These are the same people that check in on Facebook, leave location metadata on in photos, and run Google Maps in the background because it gives them the warm fuzzies thinking they're helping.

Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 256

Sure walk-in centers exist in the US if you have spare no expense attitude. Just getting in to my doctor for any appointment can take 6-8 weeks and arguing it requires getting in faster often means being directed to an ER. You can't "walk-in" to get an MRI without a doctor referral if you want there to be any chance of it being covered by your insurance and even so using that clinic will likely leave you with a series of bills amounting to $1000+ when all is said and done. Remember when a doctor or hospital visit resulted in a single bill from a single entity? Unless of course you haven't met your several thousand dollar deductible in which case it will be much much more.

That is of course assuming you are allowed to get an MRI in the first place. 99% of the time a doctor is ordering an x-ray or a CT an MRI would have been a better test but your insurance refuses or he knows it won't cover an MRI.

Comment Re: Long range space probes? (Score 1) 155

"The nuclear diamond battery is based on the fact that when a man-made diamond is exposed to radiation, it produces a small electric current."

A diamond is needed to convert the radiation into current, there is no clear indication the radiation source itself needs to be a diamond vs lining a shielded rtg with vapor deposited diamond.

Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 256

I wouldn't dispute that at all you need all three. Like I said in another thread, keep that hamburger, drop the bun and the ketchup, but keep the thin slice of tomato.

You also never want to combine high carb and high fat in an 8 hour period. Go ahead, have that pasta, just don't have butter/cream/meatballs/cheese. Have your sausage and bacon, do not eat toast or jelly or a muffin alongside it... you could always have whole grain toast tomorrow.

Unfortunately cuisine is pretty much universally designed around combining these elements. As hunter gathers this was easy, you kill a boar you ate boar that night, you forage berries you ate berries that night, food was too scarce to render those berries into a nice glaze carbing up a ham.

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