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Comment Re:DHS Weaponized? (Score 1) 95

Georgia isn't really a state that would have much value for them to flip even assuming they could do so.

That said, you have to think there's some kind of political shenanigans going on behind it.

Then again, maybe if this is a thing going forward, we'll end up selecting for fewer luddites and more people interested in proper opsec, rather than compromising it the moment it becomes too inconvenient.

Comment Re: Reddit is on the way out (Score 1) 233

Correction, a statement about the art was later discovered. It apparently wasn't modeled after his victims directly, but it was supposed to be a tormented person. It does bear similarities to the poses of his victims, though the artist said it was modeled after people suffering hysteria. Take from that what you will.

Comment Re:The Streisand Effect has been triggered (Score 1) 233

For the first point, I haven't claimed anyone was a pedophile, just that there was some weird and suspicious stuff going on that people were going to spend a long time looking into. For the second, yes, I do think it's pretty weird when a child protection charity uses a pedo symbol in their logo. It's not just the pizza places, there are like 4 separate places on the same block, which is why it came to attention.

You... seem to be assuming that everyone thinks there's clear proof of pedos here. This is not the case.

Also, that NYT article was quite bad. More details can be found here:

Comment Re:Sad (Score 2) 185

In a situation like this, Pebble has the choice between stiffing all of its creditors (e.g. the bank, new kickstarter backers, etc) or selling some assets and only stiffing some.

FitBit has a choice between buying some assets that they think are worth $10M to them, say, for a discount price of $7.5M... or paying off the bank for more than that and incurring all kinds of potential obligations by acquiring the whole company and getting those assets for a total price of more... or doing nothing.

It's not great for anyone to take that first choice away from FitBit. Better this than Pebble entirely defaulting to everyone.

Comment Re:Warranty Support? (Score 2) 185

Yah, asset sales aren't made in those situations and I'm sure there was competent counsel present.

There's probably no bankruptcy filing now (it's often not advantageous in this type of situation, but --- 99.999% chance this is going chapter 7 or orderly dissolution.

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