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Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 4, Insightful) 920

> Jews haven't had a "homeland" in more than 2000 years. Putting natives population in camps so that you can move somewhere your great-great-great-("...-"*100)-great-grand-father lived is just plain wrong.

So-- Jews and Muslims lived side by side in what is now Israel throughout the middle ages. All of Palestine was about 10-15% Jewish in 1900 and about 30% Jewish in 1945. International forces proposed partitioning this at the close of WWII and with the rise of sectarian violence into three parts-- a Jewish state, a Muslim state, and the city of Jerusalem. But that all became a free-for-all with multiple Arab armies moving on the Jewish population and we've evolved to the shitty situation we have today-- where there's an overly-defensive state of Israel taking extreme measures to prevent its own eradication and somewhat becoming the bad guys in the process.

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 2) 97

The grandparent poster is volunteering his time to make a thing that people like (DragonFly BSD). There are limited resources to be spread. Old versions will continue to work unmaintained, just like the old hardware does.

How much should he increase his effort to support smaller and smaller populations? If supporting x86 is a 15% "tax" on developer time and resources-- is it worth it if 10% of the userbase is x86-64? 5%? 1%? How long should we still be supporting things? 386's are still out there.

> That kind of attitude is not only arrogant but just shows the devs haven't actually bothered to think about the conditions those who might use their software have to deal with.

No.. the attitude where you expect people donating their work and resources and time to work on what you would like them to is arrogant.

Comment Re:Airplanes are slower than cars (Score 1) 167

> If an airplane autopilot goes bad it would take many tens of seconds if not minutes for disaster to ensue.

Tell that to the guys in the bizjet who were killed when the autopilot trimmed to the maximum stop fighting a small control column force and then disconnected/"let go" and killed everyone in the back from head trauma.

Comment Re:I don't think so (Score 2) 456

It depends on a lot. Carrie Fisher carried off an incredulous vibe in critical parts that .. transformed the story and our interpretation of the characters, I think? Who's to know how much of that was written-in, how much was directed, how much was her interpretation, how much was her talent, and how much was her chemistry with the rest of the cast.

Comment I worry a bit about the safety of this (Score 2) 131

Population density and machines mean various kinds of pollution which you don't really want getting concentrated in your food (solvents and plasticizers from trash, medications, oil from runoff, lead from water in municipal water systems, and tailpipe emissions and particulates from everywhere).

On the other hand, it's probably great for disaster preparedness and robustness of the supply chain if a few percent of a city's nutrient needs can come from rooftop gardens, and people find farming enjoyable. And food grown in small batches rather than industrially is super yummy.

So, I'm not sure of the net impact of this. I hope in 20 years the increase in urban farming is seen as something good, rather than another way that we concentrated lead into poor peoples' bodies.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 170

If they cross the equator and go from fall to spring, they're already alternating directions at 6 mo intervals in response to (pretty much) the same initial circadian stimulus. That is, flip the world over, and the algorithms to follow work the same.

Comment Re:So... (Score 5, Informative) 170

TIL macro-evolved life wasn't around 780k years ago.

It's an event that's happened 3 times per million years on average for a long, long time that complicated life was around for. Yes, the weakening involved with a flip has had varying severity, but at this point there's a pretty large N.

Will it kill us off? Almost certainly not. Could there be bad cancer rates for a couple or a few generations as a result? Heck yes.

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