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Comment Re:same as with everything else (Score 1) 401

I can chime in here... as I've pirated tons and TONS of iOS apps.

Once you know you can pirate them, the sense of value attached to individual apps is lost (Still, to this day, I do not consider apps to have 'value'... same with movies and CDs...I can't fathom spending money on them)

Then you want to try them all, etc..... I guess the question becomes, why NOT pirate the game, $2 or $4? Money saved is money saved.. and downloading pirated iOS apps is as easy as the regular store once you have everything set up. If there's 20 iOS apps you want to load on your iPod touch, you are probably a bit loathe to drop $40-$80 at once... but it's no problem to que them up in hackul0us (sorry if this is old, been a long time since i've had an iOs device)

Comment Re:How much of this is correlated to... (Score 1) 203

Tell me about it... try me shift... Saturday and Sunday I work 8am-8pm

Mon/Tue/Wed I work 12midnight-9am.....

So I go straight from regular days on sunday right into a night shift... so I have the choice of either staying up ALL night sunday after working a 12 hour shift, so I can sleep during the day monday (So I can be rested for work)... or I just pass out (what happens all of the time) from exhaustion sunday night, wake up around noon monday and end up staying awake until it's time for work at midnight....

i've been doing this for a year now and i'm used to it.... but it sucks

Comment Re:Oh come on (Score 1) 1173

don't get me wrong, when i'm beat from work i'd love to drive a nice automatic.. but for any serious driving length i'd totally prefer a stick. no snobbery about it... it's just about more fine-tuned control of the vehicle, like the vehicle is an extension of you... plus i find driving an automatic incredibly boring. i feel like i'm at the mercy of the car's decision on when to change gearing ratios, I feel this gives me more control over my vehicle and thus more power to prevent an accident or safely navigate a turn.

Comment Re:What's price got to do with it.. (Score 1) 122

This is actually the reason I pirate all of my kindle books. That, and at the rate me and my girlfriend read books, it would be completely not viable economically.. we're talking 3-4 books a day being read, That's much, much more money than any other general hobby (think, WoW is $15/mo.. a new GOOD book ebook/hardcopy is 3-13$)

My system is as follows; If the book is good enough that I'll want to read it again down the line, I'll pick up the paper or hardback copy for my bookshelf.. not only does this provide great asthetics but allows portability, and allows me to loan it to friends.
The kindle has more than paid for itself in a month (We have exhausted the library's supply a good while ago)... I'm sure there's plenty of people who consider what I'm doing 'wrong' and that's fine with me... I just like to read, and I can't afford to spend 100$+ a week on books.

Comment Re:Useful for audiophile pirates, though (Score 1) 391

Being an audiophile specializing in digital music for over 10 years, I am glad that finally someone from an academic background can verify this "digital dust" phenomenon. However, what the author failed to realize is that, similar to the essence of this "digital dust" issue as opposed to its analogue real world problem (that is, real dust on your desk, CDs, etc), there is a digital way to tackle it, which has been known as "digital vacuuming". It's pretty much like how you clean real dust from your floor. You need to record the sound of a vacuum machine into your computer and save it as audio clips in bitrate matching the audio files you want to clean, and put them in the folders of your audio files. To clean, just play the vacuum sound for a while (1-5min depending on file sizes) and it will clean the audio files in that folder. The key is matching the bitrate of vacuum sound to your audio files. It works like a charm! And I would suggest implementing this procedure on a regular basis to preserve your audio files in perfect status.

Comment Re:Bottom of the barrel (Score 2) 283

This has totally happened to me.

Totally boned the cisco firewall, email was totally BROKEN, and I was winging it..

I was so green that i didn't even realize we paid for cisco support contracts.... spent hours searching through google and manuals

what you said is exactly right, people don't bitch on forums about problems with enterprise cisco equipment, they call support

Comment Re:Bottom of the barrel (Score 1) 283

True this ;)

I've worked many-a-jobs where the first day was "Okay oh shit.... I don't have a clue what i'm doing... let's fire up google"

Hell, one time I was hired to admin / datamine some small-time company's SQL database..

had no clue what SQL even was when I was hired, but sure as hell did after 6 months of being knee-deep inside the database

Comment Uhh, why wouldn't they? (Score 2, Insightful) 172

Why is it news that they are honoring these pre-orders? To pre-order, don't you have to actually, uh, pay for the game? Whenever I've pre-ordered something at my local gamestop I usually pay full price and just pick up on release.

Now, maybe they have some sort of 'down payment' thing, and then on release date you pay the remainder... but still.. why wouldn't they honor them? I can't see any reason why they wouldn't.

Case in point, I ordered Team Fortress 2 a long, LONG time ago. I'm talking about when they were releasing the videos of the army guys and the turrets, looked 'realistic' (for tech back then) etc etc.. the game that never came out.

I pre-ordered this game because it was on Game Stop's 'RELEASES' board. I was an avid player of Quakeworld TF and MegaTF.

Know what? I only got one call, asking if I wanted to change my order to The Oranage Box because it was learned tf2 was being shipped with it. Of course, I did.. and TF2 was a totally different game at this point.. but at no time did I lose my pre-order.

Comment Re:Bitcoins as currency (Score 3, Insightful) 411

Thank you. Finally someone else who sees bitcoin for what it really is.

It's an elaborate ponzi scheme designed to generate insane interest at the very beginning (due to people starting getting crazy amounts of BTC).. in turn these people become huge vested in increasing bitcoin's value.. so much so that they becomes fanatics and thus you see stories like this EVERYWHERE these days... more interest is generated by seeing people with 1000s of coins and a $7 exchange rate, leading to a huge influx of more people looking to generate coins, so on and so forth
i've said it before and i'll say it again

In the beginning of BTC mining, the FEW people who programmed/used their own personal GPU miners on huge farms (while everyone else was still using CPU) are the only ones who are going to benefit (See more that a couple thousand dollars) from this crap... everything else is just increasing value for these guys.

Comment Re:Funniest thing is... (Score 2) 411

This is just from the ridiculous inflated exchange rate.

The article even said he was going to buy 10,000 BTC .. if he would have done that instead (with the current exchange rate) he'd be sitting at $70k

As you can see, mining is a fool's errand. Now.. buying a thousand or so BTC might have seemed like a smart move on my part right about now, wish I did. Bitcoin seems akin to a pyramid scheme. The early adopters get insane amounts, this leads to a huge increase of people 'using' and 'valuing' the currency because of interest in generating money, in turn exponentially increasing the value of said currency.

The real people benefiting are the super-early adopters who have 10,000+ BTC who have been using custom build GPU mining software from the start. Everyone else just pretty much helps add value to their insane amounts

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