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Comment Re:Isn't the cloud great? (Score 1) 52

Because Cloud != open and public necessarily.

Perhaps not - that's why there's Spideroak and a few others whose MO is storing data on someone else's hard disk, but not the means of accessing it. It may well be possible to use Google Docs and OneDrive and and Dropbox securely, but while it's possible to point to individuals and organizations who have had data compromised inadvertently, it's far less common for that to happen to data kept internally. "Default Distrust" is not paranoia, it's a response to reality.

And this is just an example of that. Only documents which were set to public were shared.

Now why the defaults on cloud providers don't err majorly on the side of caution is another story,

I'd argue that it's the same story. If the issue that documents needed to be set to 'private', rather than being set to 'public' without a default-private setting, the distinction between incompetence and malice is basically academic.

but as always there's more too this than "cloud bad hurr hurr hurr"

The cloud isn't all bad, but there do need to be very heavily leveraged expectations.

Comment Re: So now Trump controls where we vacation (Score 1) 196

Thank you for both correcting my point with more accurate data while making my point.

I meant really the Christian Israel under the Byzantine Church, but the point is well made- Christendom was slow to anger by 4 centuries of insult, and it was the Islamics who attacked first.

Comment Trump's plan to fix H1B's. (Score 1) 522

I think we have a pretty good picture of what it will be like based on his health care proposal.

1) It will somehow involve a multi-hundred billion dollar tax cut for the top 1%.

2) It will somehow remove u.s. workers protection from being replaced by H1B workers.

And no.. I'm not joking or being sarcastic.

Comment Yet another case of Moore's law abuse. (Score 1) 267

Do you want to lower CO2 emissions? The answer is simple.
1. Ban coal.
2. Replace coal with natural gas, nuclear, and wind.
3. Stop worrying about cars, trains, and planes. Power plants are the biggest producers of CO2 and are centralized.
4. Understand Solar is not the answer. The demand vs production curve does not work out. It is a good supplement in hot areas with a lot of sun in the summer but unless we go with orbital solar power stations it is not a good baseload solution. It just looks good and seems easy.

Why natural gas since it does produce CO2? Simple it produces about half the CO2 per BTU as coal does and is cheap. If you replaced every coal plant with natural gas you would have a massive savings in CO2 for a low cost. The next step would be to move large trucks, trains, and ships to natural gas. That would save about 20% on the CO2 they produce but since large trucks and trains have centralized fueling locations it would again be pretty simple to do.

You need to also think about the social cost of ending coal production You will be converting towns into ghost towns, Mining coal does pay pretty well and is pretty labor intensive. Sure you can retrain the miners for new jobs but those jobs will not be in the same location as the mine. You will not pay to relocate all the people in the town that depend on the mine. Think of the people that run the shops, restaurants, car lots, teach in the schools and so on. You can not get around the fact that you are going to cause a huge amount or problems and the idea of "job retraining " will not prevent it.

Comment Re:There's a reason we don't block spam calls... (Score 1) 76

I don't understand what you're saying... is it that your company likes the calls because, as a user, you pay $2 extra if you're up near the border? Maybe it was just Toronto, but one of the reasons I like T-Mobile was my international service was no additional charge in just about everywhere I would likely travel. Back on subject, I use a brain enabled white list.... if I don't recognize the number, I don't answer it. If they leave a message, and it was something I wanted, I add them to my contacts so I know who it is.

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