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Comment Either that or (Score 1) 4

It pulls the chumps off of Wall Street to work in relatively economically harmless cabinet positions, thus allowing a new generation to take over on Wall Street producing a boom.

The Peter Principle- it still could work.

Comment Re:I just bought one last week (Score 1) 72

Maybe you can help me a bit. With Mario, the gameplay element is jumping. When you jump on different objects or enemy types they react differently. Jumping on a Koopa is different than jumping on a Goomba and so on. These reactions are arranged into an amazing and creative game. With Splatoon, the gameplay element is team based ink coverage. Each weapon has a different take on such a task. Different modes provide additional twists on this idea of covering the world with ink. It is this varied, yet easy to understand concepts by what I mean by gameplay first.

Bloodborne, and I know I'm judging a game by its title, sounds like something where you get weapons and kill things. Sometimes there are things that are harder to kill. But the concept is the same. Get weapon, kill things, move. Get weapon, kill things. move. Just like Space Invaders. Kill thing and move isn't something that interest me. Perhaps you can help me understand how Bloodborne should be in my library. I just don't see me bringing it home and saying, "Hey kids! Let's sit around the PS4 and play Bloodborne!" or "Guys, want to come over to my house after work?" "To play Smash!?" "No to 'Bloodborne' it up!" Please convince me on what I'm missing.

You get what I'm saying? I'm sure Bloodborne and games like it are challenging and entertaining to a certain group of gamers, but not for me. So if I don't get excited about the next "mash 'x' and kill things" games, don't worry. I'll still support the PS4 by buying games like 'Dragon Quest Builders'.

Comment Re:I just bought one last week (Score 1) 72

If we ignore the awesome remakes and amazing multiplatform indie games, the Wii U had: Splatoon, Pikmin 3, Nintendoland, Wonderful 101, Smash Bros., Toad's Treasure Tracker, Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Maker, and Mario Kart 8. These are all high quality games that are fun to play. Many of the games above are probably quality games, but not anything I'd want to play personally. I'll probably pick up Little Big Planet 3, Tearaway, Dragon Quest Builders, Ni No Kuni 2, and Valkyria Chronicles 4 for the PS4. Perhaps even the Kingdom Hearts games if I have time.

I'm more of a game play first kinda gamer than a "watch a 'movie' about killing things that requires mashing the 'x' button a whole lot" kinda gamer. But there's nothing wrong if someone likes that sorta thing.

Comment Re:I just bought one last week (Score 1) 72

So what you're saying is that the PS4 is a powerful console without games? ie games == space in your analogy?

I don't think that's entirely true or fair. There are some really fun games that I'm thinking of picking up such as Dragon Quest Builders. Also I'm going to try out PSVR as I hear they have some asynchronous games similar to Nintendo Land.

Comment I just bought one last week (Score 0) 72

I bought one last week and I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm still trying to find games to play for it as it doesn't seem to have the wealth of games I enjoy like the Wii U does, but next year looks like a really good year for PS4 gaming. I'm also excited to see what they do with VR. Hopefully the Scorpio comes out and blows us away with that too.

Comment Re:Microsoft see, Microsoft do (Score 1) 101

"Microsoft's response to the Amazon Echo and Google Home is Home Hub, a software update for Windows 10's Cortana personal assistant that turns any Windows PC into a smart speaker of sorts."

No it's not. Based on Microsoft's track record it will be a poorly-designed, late-to-market, barely functional piece of shit that will garner no market share except for that of the die-hard Windows fanbois. After a year or two of disappointing reviews and craptastic software updates they'll discontinue it.

That may well be true...but there's a one-in-a-billion chance that Microsoft will be able to make it stick if they can successfully court the XDA community. If a device is mod-friendly, and it becomes "the Echo you can mod", it's possible that it'll carve out a niche for itself...because both Google and Amazon have taken steps to ensure that the modding community isn't welcome.

Microsoft clearly has no recent evidence of this path, which is why I'm perfectly aware that it's such a remote possibility. However, it's a market hole that neither Google nor Amazon have any chance of filling.

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