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Comment What *should* be your first programming language? (Score 1) 629

The underlying question behind the question is really about what CS students should be exposed to...
When I was a beginning CS student I was exposed to a number of different languages, each being an example of a different mindset: machine language, object-oriented, functional, logical.
I think that's important to learn not just about a programming language but about concepts. Especially in object-oriented programming there are quite a few concepts that you should have a grasp of to be a good programmer in any object-oriented language. And there are times that you could use lessons learned from functional or logical programming that you could apply also in OO programming.

Once you are proficient enough in one language, and having seen a few different languages, picking up another language is easy enough. (the exception being C++) Then the challenge becomes getting acquainted with the standard library.

Myself, I was somewhat self-taught before college. Started with Basic on the Commodore 64 and then 6510 assembly. Some basic on the Atari ST. 68000 assembly on the Amiga. Then C and C++ on PCs.
I would otherwise recommend learning Ruby or Python. Ruby is underappreciated.

Comment Re:Correlation is not causality (Score 1) 232

Or more directly, they're healthy enough to bike to work.

I agree that exercise contains huge health benefits, but there's also a huge selection bias at work. Seriously unhealthy people probably can't handle the rigours of cycling to work.

Usually if you read the study you will find that they have already figured this out and measure it, these kind of simple objections are often accounted for. Beside that the percentage of people that can handle a 20-60 minute bicycle commute is so large that it doesn't really matter, everyone I know can handle it with a few exceptional exceptions.

I'm assuming a lot of stuff about this discussion though, I've not read the study nor the article, but similar papers on the subject usually have this in their models so...

Comment Re:It would be... (Score 1) 232

but I really ought to have a dash cam.

I'm not sure it would help against your pretty sever case of confirmation bias. In my commute there is a great percentage of cars doing stupid shit that endanger other people, and there are seldom any cyclists doing that. But hey they say if you don't know who's the stupid there is a pretty high risk it's you. While I don't consider myself stupid you never know...


G.SKILL Hits 4500MHz With All-New Trident Z DDR4-4333MHz 16GB Memory Kit ( 72

BrianFagioli quotes a report from BetaNews: G.SKILL is a respected RAM maker, and the company is constantly pushing the envelope. Today, it announced a new DDR4-4333MHz 16GB Memory Kit (2x8GB) -- the first ever. While that alone is very cool, the company is bragging about what it accomplished with it -- an overclock that hit 4500MHz using an Intel Core i5-7600K processor paired with an ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard. Pricing and availability for this kit is unknown at this time. With that said, it will probably be quite expensive. What we do know, however, its that the insane overclock to 4500MHz is for real. This was achieved using timings of CL19-19-19-39 in dual channel, which resulted in read/write of 55/65GB/s and copy speed of 52GB/s.

Comment "User Experience" (Score 1) 104

Yet another Slashdot headline that was unintelligible until I inserted "with" and read "Tabs Experience" as a noun.

The term "User Experience" term really irks me, because the wording implies an unhealthy mindset towards designing user interfaces.
Seriously ... if your user interface is an experience then you are doing something wrong. The UI should be functional and get out of the way so that I can get shit done.

Comment Old tech ... (Score 2) 61

Long before touch-screens with capacitative sensing became commonplace there were some touch-screens systems that used a gyroscope as its sensor to sense how much the screen rocked when a user touched it.
It was very crude and inaccurate compared to other approaches but it could be mounted to most regular CRT computer monitors.

Unfortunately I have sold off my computer magazines from the early '90s so I can't look up the name of the manufacturer.

Comment Racism is group think (collective punishment) (Score 1, Flamebait) 366

I heard news articles saying that the local [religous leaders] calling for death to gays

These are not left/right questions, it is a free speech issue and a rascism/protectionism issue. Here in Scandinavia terror spread from the far right is actually a bigger concern, if we look at terror attacks on our soil. These acts of terror are not done by muslims, and by your logic we should start looking harder at the far right and prohibiting their leaders to express themselves in media. We already hinder free speech, and it is helping to some extent to have consequences when you call for the death of all ZYX, not very harsh though. We are not banning far right activists entry, that's about as ridiculous as your suggestion though.

So sure your statements are racist, let me use a car analogy; car owners kill a lot of people with their cars, it would make a lot more sense for the US to ban cars from certain high risk areas. Sure they are "accidents" but they do happen consistently and the group of car owners can very well be held responsible, just as you say that the billions of muslims in the world should take responsibilities for the actions of the few.

In the end when you say "we should not let the group XYZ do ZYX" it's easily rascism.

Comment This is the second Titan XP (Score 2) 69

This is getting weirder and more confusing now ...

As the top of the "Maxwell"-architecture 900-series, NVidia released the "GeForce GTX Titan X" in March 2015.
Then in August last year, as the top of the "Pascal"-architecture 10-series, NVidia released a new Titan ... this time calling it "Titan X".
This new name did not contain the "GeForce GTX" prefix, but who the Elle says the entire long product name every time, right?
So several high-profile reviewers started calling it "Titan XP" - with the "P" for "Pascal", to distinguish it from the previous "Titan X" in the Maxwell generation.

And now, NVidia has released a new card with the official name "Titan Xp". I think there is no way that they would not be aware of the older card being called that.
Even worse. both cards called "Titan XP" (and the "GeForce GTX 1080 Ti") are the same GPU (NVidia GP102) with different binning - I.e. some units switched off on the cheaper cards.

The GP102 chip is also used in the top of their Quadro line of workstation graphics cards ... My guess is that the better-binned chips they had intended for Quadro cards did not sell as well as they had thought and therefore saw an opportunity to sell them at a high price as their new top consumer card.

Comment Bonding to itself, and .... (Score 3, Interesting) 55

The big issue for adoption is... what other things will it bond to in the user's pocket?

According to TFA, this is a very flexible material. I have seen cell phone cases made of flexible silicone - they attract lint and dust as if the phone had been covered with double-sided tape.

Comment Re:USB fishing (Score 1) 40

How about making ports like the infamous "USB Kill Stick" but in reverse? Any unauthorized device connected to the port would get fried.
The attacker would probably not find out what happened until afterwards when they try to get the data from the attacking device.

But yeah, if we knew what kind of attack they used to gain access one could provide another set of files: a honey pot, or just innocuous data.

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