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Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 487

Allow me to introduce you to the concept of professional liability. When you, as a trained professional in a field, give false or misleading information - you're employer can be held liable for any harm that results.

Then it is up to the employer (and/or jury if it gets that far) to make that determination and set liability... and not government edict.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1, Insightful) 487

They can do. Just not while they're pretending to be health care professionals.

So you think there is to be only one government-approved guide to all healthcare decisions, right?

Mind, I'm not an "anti-vaxxer", but I am pro-speech. The vaccination controversy, no matter how well/poorly-founded, does exist, and trying to end it by government force is not only a stupid tactic, but sets a very, very, VERY bad precedent.

(also, Nurses *are* health care professionals, for fuck sakes... you don't get to disqualify them as such just because you don't like what they say.)

Comment About time (Score 1) 85

Finally, one of the prime problems with the secret orders authorized under the Patriot Act is beginning to come out: "We'd like to reassure our rapidly shrinking customer base that we no longer do this, but under the law, we are subject to arrest for saying ANYTHING about it!" Clumsy attempt to avoid legal sanctions by asking the FBI to come clean about it so they don't have to won't work because the FBI has no incentive to say anything.

Submission + - How the Web Became Unreadable (

mirandakatz writes: If you've found yourself squinting at your computer and wondering if your eyesight is starting to go, fear not: you're probably just suffering from a design trend. As computer screens have achieved higher resolution, web design has trended toward paler, lighter-weight type that often doesn't meet accessibility requirements. At Backchannel, web developer Kevin Marks breaks down the history of this trend, and offers an impassioned plea for designers to go back to the typographic principles of print: keeping type black, and varying weight and font instead of grayness.

Submission + - DNA testing for jobs may be on its way, warns Gartner (

dcblogs writes: It is illegal today to use DNA testing for employment, but as science advances its understanding of genes that correlate to certain desirable traits — such as leadership and intelligence — business may want this information. People seeking leadership roles in business, or even those in search of funding for a start-up, may volunteer their DNA test results to demonstrate that they have the right aptitude, leadership capabilities and intelligence for the job. This may sound farfetched, but it's possible based on the direction of the science, according to Gartner analysts David Furlonger and Stephen Smith, who presented their research Wednesday at the firm's Symposium IT/xpo in Orlando. This research is called "maverick" in Gartner parlance, meaning it has a somewhat low probability and is still years out, but its potential is nonetheless worrisome to the authors. It isn't as radical as it seems. Job selection on the basis of certain desirable genetic characteristics is already common in the military and sports. Even without testing, businesses, governments and others may use this understanding about how some characteristics are genetically determined to develop new interview methodologies and testing to help identify candidates predisposed to the traits they desire.

Comment Re:because everyone carries a bag of 100 gift card (Score 1) 204

What sibling said.

It is not up to you to prove your innocence, it is up to the police to prove (or at least show reasonable evidence of) your guilt.

Now in this case,yes a dude with an outstanding warrant is going to raise suspicion, but honestly, it wouldn't have taken too much effort to, oh I dunno, hold the cards for 72 hours and then get a fucking court order. The cards can be returned after 72 hours if no order comes forth.

Comment Re:Sounds reasonable (Score 1) 204

That's one of my problems with the rules of evidence: the only penalty for unlawfully obtaining evidence is that the evidence is thrown out. That protects only the guilty, innocent people who's rights are violated have zero recourse! I thinks cops should be penalized for violating the rules, but if you got evidence of a crime, unless you have reason to suspect that the cops themselves planted the evidence, it should be admissible in court.

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