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Submission + - open source against open societies

Elektroschock writes: The Russian Federation will create a walled wide web based on open source software because they see American information technology as a threat. Their "distrust of commercial software from abroad" was recently fueled by the Stuxnet windows worm. Stuxnet was applied to sabotage nuclear research of middle east emerging powers. A proprietary software trojan as a the saviour of the occident, and Linux embraced by totalitarian regimes as North Korea and Usbekistan, makes you wonder: Does open source promote an open society?

Submission + - Transatlantic talks on ACTA (

Elektroschock writes: The European Parliament is fed up with the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement negotiations. They want to talk up the Digital Chapter with Washington before an agreement gets finalised in the rounds following the Sidney technical meeting: digital market, internet freedom in the world, net neutrality, the right of privacy, common standards, transparency and the rule of law in relation to ACTA. The European Parliament is capable to deny consent, and EU members also represent a blocking majority to the agreement.

Submission + - Wikileaks - Schmitt coming home to Redmond (

Elektroschock writes: The second Wikileaks public spokes person, "Daniel Schmitt", told German news magazine DER SPIEGEL he left Wikileaks. He revealed his real name was Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a extremely unique name in Germany. Anke Domscheit-Berg is a German Microsoft open data lobbyist who commented on the usefulness of the Wikileaks project (German radio) in the past. Wikileaks incidents like the EU Open Source Strategy "leaks" or the pulled Microsoft Cryptome files case come to our mind. Apparently the US software company pulls more strings behind the scenes than observers previously suspected.

Submission + - Europe embraces Open Document format (

Elektroschock writes: The European legislature has decided to support the open document format as to advance electronic business. It asks the European Commission take concrete steps to support the adoption of ODF 1.2 and its spread. Open Document is an open standard implemented in the latest incarnations of Microsoft Office, Open Office, Google Docs, Abiword and many other products.

Submission + - Gallileo was wrong?! (

Elektroschock writes: A geocentrism conference makes a strong statement: Gallileo was wrong. They know it but they are hiding it. Friends of the hollow earth hypothesis will be excited to see Gallileo debunked.

Submission + - adACTA day and our right to copy (

Elektroschock writes: The Swiss Pirate party published youtube videos from their adACTA convention in Lucerne, the city where the Trade negotiators meet this week to negotiate the ACTA treaty. ACTA strongly encourages "graduated response" internet disconnection policies and interferes with fundamental rights. The German pirate party contributed a song against the "monster" treaty. It is not Canada, cars don't burn as at the G20, just the Sun. ACTA also hampers climate change.

Submission + - Protests against proposed redefinition of open sta (

Elektroschock writes: The European Union Commission wants to lower the barrier what qualifies as an 'open standard or specification'. This week an EU high-level minister conference would take in Malmö. Advocacy groups pressure for stronger proposals to overcome dependencies and promote true interoperability. Also Microsoft promotes open interoperability with eclipse.

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