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Comment Re:I thought diesel ran cleaner (Score 1) 183

Please read before replying.

Really, you are going to go there?

What do you think happens to the nitrogen intake to the engine?
What do you think happens to the oxygen intake that is not used in combustion?

Would you like me to tell you about my AT185. or my OM617.951A?

OMG, you know the part number for your engines. That must make you an expert on diesel engines. Wow, I bow to your knowledge. </sarcasm>

Comment Re:I thought diesel ran cleaner (Score 1) 183

because it's important: exhaust gas volume is proportional to load.

Gasoline engines, yes, Diesel, no. As I posted elsewhere, Diesel engines have something closer to a fixed air intake on each revolution, irrespective of load.

Remember that Diesel engines use compression ignition and, without sufficient air, there is insufficient compression to ignite the fuel.

Comment Re:I thought diesel ran cleaner (Score 1) 183

My 3.0L V6 diesel truck cruises at 65 MPHat 1550 RPM. My 3.2L V6 gas car cruises at 65 MPH at 1800 RPM. 7% higher engine displacement, 16% higher RPM, so 23.9% more airflow volume at the same speed.

Your understanding of how diesel engines work is rather poor. Diesel engines don't have throttles, there is no variable control on air intake; power output is controlled by controlling input fuel (not input fuel/air mixture like a gas engine). So, generally more air will flow through a diesel engine than a similar sized gas engine (unless the gas engine is operating at WOT condition).

Turbocharging the diesel engine will result in even more airflow through the engine.

Comment Re:It's OVH (Score 1) 93

I would not expect a lot of real CPU for $12/month. It works for me (small mail/web server, VPN endpoint, etc.).

If I were relying on a machine for work, it would probably be better to pay for a dedicated machine, or to install my own hardware in a datacenter.

The problems I have seen have been the time when they started shutting down the infrastructure and one class of VMs. I only found out because I noted that the RDNS wasn't working. They claimed that they had sent me an email telling me that I needed to migrate to a new VM, but they had not sent emails to me about this.

Comment Re:MODS, GET A GRIP!!! (Score 1) 500

Get a grip!! Seriously. Go back and READ what I wrote.

I was attacking your analysis because it showed Obama in a worse light than is true.

I was pointing out that Obama's numbers are better than your original, incorrect analysis.

I was pointing out that the economy tanked during Bush Jr's term, so that unemployment was far worse at the beginning of Obama's term than the figures that you had erroneously cited.

You think that I am attempting to attack Obama's record. I'm not.

Comment MODS, GET A GRIP!!! (Score 1) 500

The parent has been modded up, yet every number in it is wrong or irrelevant because the parent poster thinks that Obama was inaugurated in January 2008, when in fact, it was an entire year later.

2008 was a year when the economy really tanked. All of parent's figures reflect the very bad last year of Bush Jr's term.

It should be modded down, not up.

Comment Re:Outlook (Score 1) 156

"Windows Phone satisfies my extremely limited demands for a phone, therefore it will be supported in the future."


People want banking apps. Many (or perhaps most) banks don't support Windows Phone.

People want games. Most games are not on Windows Phone.

Etc.. There are many "must-haves" that are not available on Windows Phone. When even Microsoft does not port its own apps to Windows Phone, you have to see that the platform is being abandoned.

Android and iPhone do everything people want from a phone. The ship has sailed and Windows Phone was left behind.

Comment Re:Don't give him ideas (Score 1) 549

You can turn off Amber Alerts on Android.

How you do it depends on what version of Android. Under Marshmallow, you open the messaging app, then open "Settings", "More" (under "ADVANCED SETTINGS"), then you will see "Emergency alerts". Under that option you can turn off Amber Alerts.

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