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Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 320

That's the same response this question often gets: " there are too many to list". But what I see is that specifics on the real advantages of systemd are missing. No one wants to elaborate on what these "too many to list" advantages are.

It's all hand waving without specifics. Why should I not think that the claimed advantages don't actually exist?

Comment Re:Finally (Score 4, Insightful) 320

Many of those issues did not require something so intrusive as systemd to solve. OpenRC solves most of them.

Yes, the init.d files are long, but so what? Most users never look at these files, let alone edit them and even for the creators of the files, they are rarely changed.

Most of the int.d scripts on my Gentoo system are less than 100 lines, with a lot of them 20-30 lines.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 5, Informative) 320

Personally, I am still trying to figure out what real problem it solves.

Every claim for systemd seems to be that it solves things that are simply not real issues.


The one real problem it seems to solve is: how does RedHat become the company that controls the architecture of all Linux distros.

Comment Re:What am I missing? (Score 1) 40

Non-competes and no-poaching clauses are valid for high-ranking executives though,

This is not true. Unlike other states, California has a bright-line rule on non-competes. There are some exceptions, but they concern business owners or partners. Also, as of January 1, any disputes concerning non-competes must be litigated in California courts.

Comment Re:Let me just leave this here for you (Score 1) 305

1. Did you not read? Fund the IRS properly and the government could reduce taxes and keep the same level of revenue. Why isn't this happening?

2. The US is not highly taxed in comparison to other western democracies. Wealthy individuals and companies could pay more tax and barely notice it.

3. The US military doesn't need to be funded to the level that it is today. Explain why it should not be cut.

So, yes, if it takes more tax to have a society that protects more than just the wealthy, taxes could be increased.

You cannot read that graph. It doesn't say what you think it says, and, even though my family income is probably in the top 10%, we don't pay 20-25% of our gross income in federal income taxes.

The big, big issue that needs to be dealt with is: why does healthcare cost so much in the USA? Care to explain that one? If you want to claim it is better than in other countries, back that up with statistics on life expectancy, medical outcomes, etc..

Comment Re:Koch brothers opposed Trump, called Trump "canc (Score 1) 305

House Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, refused to endorse or defend Trump

Oh, really

But back to my central point, which you diverted me from. What I think you understand by "limited government" is not the objective of the wealthy backers of the Republicans: instead, their objective is a government that is hobbled and unable to perform its primary mission. Without sufficient funds, the government cannot collect taxes allowing people (primarily the wealthy) to cheat on their taxes. Without sufficient funds, the government cannot enforce laws designed to protect the environment, to protect employees, to protect the weaker members of society, etc..

Their idea of limited government is one that is incapable of anything except waging war and putting more money into the bank accounts of the wealthy.

If you ran a business where you knew with absolute certainty that, if you hired more people, you would make an additional profit of 6 times the cost of hiring those people, would you hire them? If so, why does the IRS not have sufficient inspectors?

Comment Re:Thanks (Score 1) 305

What you just did is to confirm that you are out of step with the party that you apparently support.

I will reiterate what I started out with: you are in denial about the chance of replacing this congressman with someone more reasonable. Or, if not in denial, you are dissembling.

You haven't explained how you will be able to override the effects of the money spent by the Mercers and the Koch brothers.

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