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Submission + - Instagram Removing Photos Uploaded Via 3rd Party Apps (

El Lobo writes: According to the developer of the popular 3rd party Instagram app developer Instance, Instagram is removing photos uploaded via 3rd party clients like Instance.When an image is uploaded to Instagram using the 3rd party clients like Instance, images will appear on Instagram’s website when you logged in using your own profile and after sometime, these photos are getting removed from the Instagram account and the public URLs to access them becomes dead.

Hipstomatic Oggl is the only app in Windows Phone Store that provides legal uploads to Instagram.

Submission + - Nokia Lumia 800 Top Selling Phone in France (

El Lobo writes: Nokia has just unveiled to the world the first handsets it designed with Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system on board, and it seems that they already are highly popular among mobile phone users.

During the week of October 24th – October 30th, the black version of the device was the top selling device at the retailer, while the cyan flavor of Nokia Lumia 800 was present on the ninth position out of 50 on the top selling chart.
Provided that things evolve in this direction, we might see that same increased demand when the handsets becomes available for purchase later this month.

According to the data from Phonehouse.Fr, Nokia's new device seems to be the most popular Windows Phone ever in the country.


Submission + - Microsoft Research juggles with 3D objects (

El Lobo writes: The Sensors and Devices group at Microsoft Research have developed HoloDesk, an innovative new system that lets users interact with 3D graphics. A Kinect camera is used to track the user's hand movements while a webcam tracks facial movements. Combine this together with a few custom algorithms and here's what you get when you look through the transparent display window: an environment of 3D objects that can be manipulated with your hands.

Submission + - Mark Russinovic releases Disk2vhd (

El Lobo writes: Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell (Sysinternals gurus extraordinaire) have just published another amazingly useful (and free!) tool: Disk2vhd, which uses the power of Volume Shadow Copy Service(VSS) to turn your running version of Windows into a .vhd file for use with Virtual PC or Hyper-V. Just start up the tool, tell it which drives you want to convert, give it a destination (which can even be on a network share), and hit Create.

Now you have a VHD that you can throw at Virtual PC or Hyper-V, load up the integration components, and you have a virtual machine up and running.


Submission + - Open source Mono framework brings C# to iPhone and

El Lobo writes: Mono, an open source implementation of .NET runtime, is bringing Microsoft's development technologies to some unexpected places, including the iPhone, Android, and the Wii.

According to Novell's lead Mono developer, Miguel de Icaza, several applications in Apple's App Store are powered by Mono.In a blog post published this week, de Icaza identifies almost 40 applications (most of which are games) in Apple's App Store that are built on Unity and Mono.

The iPhone isn't the only hot handset to catch Mono. A developer has experimentally ported the Mono runtime to the Android-based T-Mobile G1. Although this port is only an experimental proof of concept and won't be used to deploy applications on the platform any time soon, it has a lot of potential and performs well against Google's Dalvik runtime in some preliminary benchmarks.

Submission + - Asus reveals the Eee Keyboard

El Lobo writes: Asus' success with its Eee line of netbooks might have come as a surprise, but the company is now determined to expand the Eee brand into every possible niche and form factor. Case in point: the insanely cool Eee Keyboard, which will surely bring a smile on the faces of those who remember the glory days of the home computer.

Described as a fully functional PC with inset Qwerty key arrangement, the keyboard has a 5in touch screen that displays a suite of bespoke media controls or a Windows desktop.
Operating Systems

Submission + - COSMOS managed OS released

El Lobo writes: A new microkernel, .Net-based operating system is available now. COSMOS is an acronym for C# Open Source Managed Operating System. Even though the name C# is part of the name of Cosmos, Cosmos can work with any .NET language that compiles to pure IL without P/Invokes.

Technically, Cosmos is a set of operating system legos written completely in C# that allow developers to easily build custom OSes with little OS experience by simply selecting new project in Visual Studio, then pressing F5 to build, deploy, and debug.

Cosmos has a lot of similarity compared to Microsoft's Singularity. But unlike Singularity, Cosmos is publicly available now with full source code at Codeplex.

COSMOS Website can be found here.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Bill Gates last day at work

El Lobo writes: A video spoof shown during the CES 2008 keynote by Bill Gates about his last full day at Microsoft in July starring himself, Brian Williams, Steve Ballmer, Matthew McConaugheyr, Robbie Bach, Jay-Z, Bono, Steven Spielberg, George Clooney, Jon Stewart, Kevin Turner, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie,

Amazing who they can call for a guest appearance in the name of Bill Gates.

Submission + - Perez Hilton Pulls Videos From YouTube

El Lobo writes: Celebrity gossip "queen" Perez Hilton said he's unlikely to post videos on YouTube any longer and instead will probably host them on his own site, As informed on, the blogger and the biggest video-sharing service are feuding after YouTube pulled some of his videos due to complaints from copyright holders. Mr. Hilton, said he's disappointed by the way YouTube handled the matter. After discussion, Mr. Hilton's YouTube account was reinstated Thursday afternoon and he promptly posted a YouTube kiss-off video, telling the site to "F — off." "The way they treated me with this whole incident makes me feel not appreciated," Mr. Hilton said. "They didn't do anything. Not to overestimate my own worth, but I probably have sent more traffic to YouTube than anyone else on the Internet."

Submission + - The Great Leopard Fallacy

El Lobo writes: MacTopic is featuring an article about how big of a disappointment Leopard acyually is. The article doesn't talk about the firewall debacle or the broken Time Machine, but it focuses instead on much simplier things like "the Finder from hell". From the article: "No cutting in the Finder. You can copy, you can paste, but you can't cut... Open and Save dialogue boxes from hell. The open and save dialogue boxes are moronically disabled..., Column view is irritating and doesn't work right....,The amazing bad design of the transparent toolbar, etc...". The author was flummoxed that even Steve Jobs would have the balls to hint at forthcoming "secret features" and then get on stage and reveal the lame tacked-on additions to the OS that he did. He must have been mortified to say that he was going to reveal 10 new features and then only reveal 3...while pretending that they were all new, despite having given them away a long time ago.
The Courts

Submission + - Sued over a color

El Lobo writes: A swedish phone company (Telia) is being sued by the german Deutsche Telekom (swedish only). The cause of the disput? Telia is using magenta color for their image (logotype, web site, etc). So is Deutsche Telekom even if they are not using an exact shade of magenta (see the color comparation in the article)

"Magenta is one of the most important aspects of our image"- says a Deutsche Telekom representant. They are suing Telia for copyright infringement and want to get 3,4 miljarder euro as a compensation.

Submission + - Trojan Horse Targets Mac OS X

El Lobo writes: Security software firm Intego is warning Mac OS X users today about a trojan horse that targets the Mac. OSX.RSPlug. A is showing up on pornography sites disguised as a movie. When someone clicks the link to watch the video clip, a Web page states that a new QuickTime codec must be installed. If the option to Open "Safe" Files After Downloading is enabled in Safari (which is the default), the image opens automatically. The trojan changes the computer's DNS settings to point to phishing sites or ads for other pornography sites.

Submission + - Vista Sales Lift Microsoft's Net 23%

El Lobo writes: Microsoft Corp.'s best quarterly revenue growth in eight years, helped by a surge in sales for the Windows operating system, capped a strong earnings season for the technology industry that has made it a rare bright spot for investors this fall.

Microsoft's 23% boost in net income, reported after the 4 p.m. close of markets, lifted its shares more than 10%. For now, demand is strong for Office and Windows, including Windows Vista, introduced last year, and its predecessor, Windows XP. Quarterly sales at the Windows division jumped 27% to $3.37 billion.

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