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Comment Re:Serious question (Score 3, Informative) 142

I've considered installing Ghostery but I'm not sure what it would bring to the table.

Tracking, privacy, etc. All of those third party domains that have a tracking pixel or some other thing to track you across web sites. If you install Ghostery and configure it you'll see that it has sections for Advertising, Analytics, Beacons, Privacy, and Widgets (Facebook, Twitter, etc). It's blocking over 2,000 items for me. Right now I've got a recent version of Opera with the built-in ad blocking turned on, plus Ghostery, AdBlock, and Privacy Badger, and even here on Slashdot all of them are blocking something (Ghostery 7 items, AdBlock 5, Privacy Badger 2, and Opera is still natively blocking 10 items).

Comment Re: Sounds Familiar. (Score 3, Interesting) 149

This was known and discussed. But they found microgravity to be a compounding effect of radiation exposure

This just drives home how much of a risk interplanetary flight is right now. And we really don't have great solutions that don't involve great masses of shielding. Artificial magnetosopheres for example are insufficient to deal with GCR.

Comment Re:In a country far far away (Score 2) 510

And now get the hardware peripherals to work. The gaming mouse with a polling speed that XWindow cannot handle. The programmable flight sticks that can't be programmed in Linux because there is no tool (and no, sorry, the windows-tool doesn't work in Wine). The EAX-7.1 Sound card that is treated like it can only output Stereo (and that gets no driver from its manufacturer). The USB Soundcard that doesn't work at all (for the same reason). The gamepad ...

Yes, all those examples can be brushed aside with "That's not Linux' fault that their maker doesn't deliver drivers" (well, except maybe that mouse issue, that's really a shortcoming of XWindow). True. But guess what, the user doesn't care whose blunder it is. What he sees is that these things he paid multiple 100 bucks for do work in Windows and don't work in Linux.

And until we solve this, it's going to be a really hard sale that "Linux on the Desktop" idea.

Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 2) 167

American Revolution was fought over a puny tax, what was it 3 or 4%? The modern tax... theft system is completely out of control compared to those times.

Well, yes, the modern state infrastructure is also out of control compared to those times. Get rid of the highways and the standing military and national intelligence services and the space programme etc. etc. and you can lower the taxes.

Submission + - SPAM: RIP Mr Garibaldi

jellomizer writes: Jerry Doyle, best known for his role as Chief of Security Michael Garibaldi on Babylon 5, has passed away at the age of 60.
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Comment Re:What is going on here? (Score 1, Insightful) 510

Well there are a few things.
1. Most Home Users and Small Businesses are unable to maintain and administer their own computer. Many of the big security problems and hacks come from the users lack to properly Admin their home PC. This lack of Administration skills put Microsoft in a worse light than it deserved. Because they fixed the problems quickly and offer fixes. But too many users just didn't want to waste the time keeping their system operational.

2. People no longer want to pay a lot for computers. 1980s $4k was a reasonable price for a good PC. 1990s it was 2k, 2000s 1k, 2010s $500 Price is going down while inflation is going up and the cost. We are getting cheaper computers. Gone are the solid steel cases, mechanical keyboards, with components that were suppose to last for decades. We are cheap plastic, flimsy membrane squishy keys, and components that will last you 2 or 3 years if you are lucky. Because of this the OS cannot sell for more than the cost of the hardware. So Microsoft is doing these control things to keep cost down.

3. Because of the cheaper hardware much of the extra processing needs have moved to "the cloud". Being that many of the OS Components are on the cloud if you disable it. You will suffer performance and feature hit.

If we can get people willing to spend $2k for a desktop PC and $300 for the OS, I wouldn't expect Windows or OS X to become more power user friendly.

Comment Re:Rules for thee, not for me (Score 5, Insightful) 204

She is still the copyright owner.
Getty took her work and sold it without her permission as well as harassing others she freely gave it away to. Damaging her reputation, as well her customers. The fact that she gave them away for free doesn't mean mean that they didn't have value.

Heck in slashdot when we find a company breaking the GPL we want Blood from them.

Comment Re:It's a feature (Score 2) 302

In the area I'm from, it was more liver cirrhosis from too much alcohol. You know what they say, in Winter, you can only code... or drink. And back when my grandpa lived, we didn't have computers, hell, we didn't have electricity. Or shoes. And the snow was THIS high, all the times. Especially in Winter!

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