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Comment Re:If the article is as stupid as the summary (Score 1) 132

Aye, at a minimum we can certainly make A.I. as smart as the smartest human that ever existed.

AND that A.I. at a minimum would be able to at least plug in super genius sub-A.I.'s in every field. So it might not be good at everything at the same time but it might be able to be good at many things when it needed to be good at them.

My main issue is just that we consider the risk of a failure of friendliness and take suitable steps.

Comment Re:Neither can most humans (Score 2) 132

You know... every super genius is a master of Go, higher mathematics, english literature, Chess, Poker, and can use power tools easily to build cabinetry as well as solve physics and advanced computational theory problems. They are also really good at selling, writing song lyrics, mystery novels, television shows, and science fiction... and flirting.

And I left out the entire class of skills that relate to their physical body.

It's amazing how good it is to be a genius.

Comment Re:Misleading title (Score 1) 62

From the right angle turns on the entrance, it can obviously do long as the rectangular structure fits inside the proscribed sphere the machine can reach.

However, pipes and domes are actually stronger than boxes tho they have more waste space unless your furniture is custom fitted (like a TV table with a rounded back).

My question is how much does the foam cost?
If it costs $20,000 to print $12,000 worth of the house then that's not worth much.

Is it made from renewable materials?
If it's not, it won't scale up to the global population.

Comment And what about Naiomi? (Score -1, Offtopic) 146

Is there oil off the coast of Mar-a-Lago? Trump pitched a fit about a wind farm off the coast of Scotland near his golf course there. Wonder how he'd feel about a few oil drilling platforms or a spill?

Has the DNC E-mail leaker been found yet? Hillary was inconsolable after the election, and you know how people who cross her tend to end up dead. Wonder how she would react if the DNC leaker's name were made public?

Comment Racists or nazis? (Score 1) 220

Didn't take long for the "internet racist" to show their ugly faces. I almost feel sorry for them. They have to live their lives never being able to openly express who they are, for fear of being exposed. They have to live and work around "dirty" minorities and can never tell them what truly think of them. Their world gets smaller and smaller everyday until the internet is all they will have left.

Why is it that businesses are only required to enforce certain rights?

Equal and fair commerce for all races and religions I can understand.

I can even understand how corner cases crop up where opposing rights come into conflict - not having to make a wedding cake for gay people, for instance. It wasn't entirely clear which right had precedence before the courts sorted it out.

But businesses are allowed to curtail freedom of speech in any way they want. Facebook bans conservatives more than liberals, Google implements a "fake news" filter that's specific to Breitbart, twitter shadowbans people so that they can't be certain they're being suppressed, Berkeley effectively bans conservative speakers, the list goes on...

I'm not talking about speech generated by the companies, such as CNN or Fox or HuffPo. They're employees are paid to produce speech with a specific slant - I get that.

I'm talking about companies giving average people a forum for their speech, but then imposing rules about insults and impolite speech. And then enforcing the rules one-sidedly to promote a political agenda.

The nazis used to have book burnings, and the situation at Berkeley sounds a lot like what the nazis used to do in the beginning. People at the riots seem to think that beating people is OK, although I haven't heard of anyone being beaten to death yet...

Why do we force people to give commerce without regard to race (or religion, or a handful of other characteristics)

...but not freedom of speech?

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 303

If I kill you to lower costs, I still killed you.

If I hit you to lower costs, I still hit you.

If I reaccomodate you to lower costs, I still reaccomodated you.

If I hire people of only one race and age group to replace another group to lower costs, I still committed age and race discrimination.

It's quite simple really.

Motive and intent matters in some cases but in many cases it does not.

Comment Re:The view fails to account getting &*#@ed (Score 1) 544

I'm not intending to move the goal posts only to clarify.

When you say "nice" car, I hear something more expensive than a honda accord or honda element. I hear $36k to $42k instead of $22k. If you meant buy a nice car from a company with a good maintenance record then we are in agreement.

I could have pushed harder and gone with 2 year old used cars and saved more and still not been in junkers like you describe but i did not.

It's not about penny pinching- now you are moving the goal posts.

You are painting a picture of being an extreme spendthrift when that's not necessary. If you want to retire even earlier or if you want to retire at my age like those janitors with a million bucks- then sure. But my goal wasn't that extreme.

While I don't "hate" my job- but when I was 30, I realized I got no status or enjoyment out of working like other people do. I've been retired 6 years now and I'm falling behind on doing the things I want to do. There are shows to watch, drawings to draw, songs to play, gardens to tend, walks to take, and places to see.

I realized young that unlike many people I actually enjoyed my life outside of work and if I could just have the money, I felt no need to work. I recognize that some people need to work to feel happy. I'm not wired that way.

Years of luxury DOES trump a few extra years of hard work. That's my entire point. From 20 to 30, I did that. The result was few good memories of the luxuries and a lot less money. It's trivial to waste $20,000 a year eating out, going to bars, etc. It costs money to work. You only get to save some of your income. A huge chunk goes to taxes as well. You save along the way or you work til you die or you commit suicide (as an increasing number of mid 60 year old people are doing).

Comment Re:Save 30%, retire early (Score 1) 544

Buying too much house is like betting large on two pair or even 3 of a kind.

You may win. But you may lose.

Buying less house is like only betting on a full house or even a straight flush.


So you buy too much house- then you lose your job. Ruined.
So you buy too much house- then you get sick. Ruined.
So you buy too much house- then the housing market drops (as it does every recession)- and your pay is cut or taxes go up. Ruined or in a lot of pain.
The OLD game was to buy a house- let it appreciate and leverage up.
Then they got more aggressive and said it was a "no lose" proposal and you should leverage to the max.

You MIGHT win. You might turn $30,000 into $270,000 in 5 years. But you may also be wiped out.


So say you buy a more reasonable house.

In the above cases, you make it thru without much pain (because it's easy to save up a couple years living expenses really quickly when your expenses are low).

Your winnings are not as great (in my case $20,000 would have been about $150,000 if I'd flipped it but instead I stayed and it's $350,000 but that might have been 600,000 to 700,000 if I'd flipped it.).

The case where you lose in both cases a major employer in the region leaves or ceases to exist- housing in the area becomes worthless- taxes remain high longer than you can stand- you go bankrupt and can't sell the house.

In both cases, if you make it- the winning case compared to renting is very nice. Over 90% of investors ACTUAL return is 2-3% over 10, 20, and 30 years (forbes magazine). Rent goes up as fast as inflation but housing payments don't. At the start of a 30 year mortgage you are paying as much for a 3/2 house as a 2/2 rental. At the end of a 30 year mortage, you are often paying under half as much as renters are paying. In retirement, you are paying a quarter what renters are paying (for comparable properties- so in the too much house case, you'd also be renting "too much apartment/luxury condo".

As you point out- everything changes.

Nothing is certain. It's all a percentage game. Real estate only has value when people want to live on it.

And to be honest, the limits to growth scenarios look to turn very, very nasty in 30 years. I'll be hoping I'm dead because a billion to two billion people could die and global wars over resources are likely.

For example- we are using more chromium every year than we did from 1901 to 2000. We are on track to use all of it- with recycling considered and that's whats estimated to be in the entire planet- not just known resources. And that's true for almost every industrial metal outside of iron. And no chromium will mean no more stainless steel. Maybe we'll figure out a replacement for it. But we'll have to find a replacement for so many things so quickly that disruption is more likely. In the mean time- we aren't doing ANYTHING to mitigate the problem. So the likely case is that it will hit hard when it hits.

Who knows-- maybe we can make new elements with fusion.

Anyway... I guess I'm painting a little more of a "buy guns and ammo and join a group" scenario than a "should I have a star bucks or save for the future" scenario. But if it happens, it's going to suck. And if it doesn't happen -well better to own a house than be renting.

I'm almost certainly dead by then (87 and my expected mortality is 78).

Comment Re:Save 30%, retire early (Score 1) 544

That's just luck. Mainly, you just want to save equivalent purchasing power. So by saving half my income until 51, I had enough to retire until 81 (assuming I can keep getting something close to inflation over the next 24 years). My expected mortality is 78. But, if I get "lucky", I have a paid for house (which I could downsize from to free up about $200k or reverse mortgage for an income stream) and I could reign in spending some so I should be in okay til I die. At least no eating pet food.

In my case, so far my investments have covered or slightly exceeded inflation. I'm getting 5.38% thru 2022, for example. We'll, see what things are like then.

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