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Comment See Dr. Mark Hyman's big picture approach too (Score 1) 151

Dr Hyman's "The Blood Sugar Solution" book mentioned earlier (in a Dr. Fuhrman comment):

One of several books he wrote:

A review on his very latest book"Eat Fat, Get Thin: Why the Fat We Eat Is the Key to Sustained Weight Loss and Vibrant Health":
"I was a member of Dr. Hyman's beta test group for this book and my results were miraculous. I was an insulin dependent type 2 diabetic with high blood pressure. I have been off all of my medications and have lost about 50 pounds. I have no more heartburn, no more stiff joints and feel like I am 30 years younger. It is truly an amazing book. Words are not enough to express my gratitude to Dr. Hyman for giving me back a healthy life."

His bio:

He is director of the Cleveland Clinic for Functional Medicine:

A related medical practice in MA (great video overview there of the big picture):

A movie he is in about the societal problem:

Good luck! One thing Dr. Hyman points out is that it helps to get well as part of a community -- it is tough to go it alone. If you can find a buddy or support group to make the health shift with, you are twice as likely to succeed.

Comment Re:Check out Dr. Joel Fuhrman's approach (Score 5, Informative) 151

This comment sums up an alternative to the Fuhrman approach that is more fat heavy:
" ... based on what I've read and the lectures I've listened to over the last year, I'd say that the low carb, high (healthy) fat, moderate protein (LCHF) diet works for more people with type 2 diabetes than Fuhrman's diet, BUT his diet DOES work well for type 2 diabetics too. Which diet works best for you likely will be influenced by what your ancestors ate. If you enjoy eating grass-fed, pastured meat, free range poultry and eggs, and wild seafood, try the LCHF diet first. If you prefer a whole food, plant-based diet (vegan or vegetarian) try Fuhrman's diet first. Of all the books written on the low carb diet, Mark Hyman's book, The Blood Sugar Solution, is probably the best because it goes into greater detail on all aspects of a healthy diet, not just low carb. ..."

Basically, the "Fat makes you fat" meme (which led to eating lots of refined carbs) has been terrible for our health! Our brains are mostly fat. Healthy fats are an important part of any diet, although we can argue about the best sources of them.

The "Banting diet" (later variant is the Dukan diet) builds on that protein/fat alternative -- but a problem with that approach healthwise is that too much protein and meat from badly raised animals can cause other health issues in the long-term (as well as ethical issues). Of course, it still may be better to get rid of diabetes first anyway you can and then worry about preventing cancer later when you feel better...

I also think Fuhrman is probably low on his iodine and vitamin D recommendations. And his general advice may not be a good match some few people with specific needs from genetics or microbiomes.

In general, Fuhrman's history as a world-class athlete in training may also bias him towards expecting so much that some people give up entirely (so, there is social / psychological aspect of all this that is somehow missed -- perhaps intentionally) whereas they may have done better with a lesser approach. I also agree it is very easy to backslide when only one family member makes the change and is constantly confronted with other people in their space with SAD eating habits.

Another interesting discussion with a specific disagreement with Fuhrman vs. McDougall even within broad agreement:
"The similarities between these 2 doctors and their dietary approaches are far greater than their differences."

Comment Re:My job... (Score 1) 353

Because american workers don't have unlimited rights to immigrate to india.
Because the cost of living here is much higher. A person will starve to death on the same salary that would be excellent in india.

Now, IF capitalism were allowed to work and we could buy products from india at the prices indian consumers pay- that would help a lot. But we have artificial laws preventing that.

Flatly ILLEGAL web sites offer the same drugs for sale from india at under 1/4th the cost the same drugs are sold in the U.S.

Microsoft charges U.S. citizens over $1,000 for the same products they give away free to indians.

It's a short term problem. It's going to resolve itself and indians are going to experience tremendous inflation while u.s. workers stagnate until automation wipes them both out.

And then it will be very stark. Some people will have money and the majority of everyone else in the world will have no way to trade their labor for money ,food, lodging. And at that point, the mass market collapses.

Comment Check out Dr. Joel Fuhrman's approach (Score 2) 151
"After I was diagnosed with diabetes, my brother recommended I read Dr. Fuhrman's book The End of Diabetes. I started to read it right away and applied what I learned from it to my own life. By the time I was able to see my doctor -- three weeks later -- I had already lost 15 pounds, my blood glucose levels had returned to normal and the doctor said he had planned on putting me on meds but, after reviewing my new numbers, he would hold off for three more months. By that appointment, I had lost a total of 35 pounds, going from 218 to 188 pounds on my 6'1" frame ... I feel great and I never had to go on diabetes medication. My physician is now lowering my blood pressure medication, too. Thank you!!!"

Also see reviews here:

Key idea:
"Scientific evidence suggests that the re-sensitization of taste nerves takes between 30 and 90 days of consistent exposure to less stimulating foods. This means that for several weeks, most people attempting this change will experience a reduction in eating pleasure. This is why modern foods present such a devastating trap--as most of our citizens are, in effect, "addicted" to artificially high levels of food stimulation! The 30-to-90-day process of taste re-calibration requires more motivation-- and more self-discipline -- than most people are ever willing to muster.
    Tragically, most people are totally unaware that they are only a few weeks of discipline away from being able to comfortably maintain healthful dietary habits--and to keep away from the products that can result in the destruction of their health. Instead, most people think that if they were to eat more healthfully, they would be condemned to a life of greatly reduced gustatory pleasure--thinking that the process of Phase IV will last forever. In our new book, The Pleasure Trap, we explain this extraordinarily deceptive and problematic situation -- and how to master this hidden force that undermines health and happiness."

I feel Dr. Fuhrman is slightly wrong about a few of things, but overall he is very right on the big picture and a good place to start. Good luck nomad63!

Comment Not a conservative (Score 0) 123

Welcome to the darkness you've embraced. It will have consequences.

I'm actually an independent, not a conservative.

There's planks in the conservative platform that I don't agree with; for example, I think women should be able to choose abortion and we're probably wrecking the climate. A couple of other positions as well.

The problem is, coming out in favor of either of these puts me in the company of Liberals: People who leak classified information for political assassination, people who call for a military coup, people who riot to suppress free speech... I don't want to be associated with any of that.

I used to be a global warming believer, but I'm now having second thoughts. That "97 percent of scientists" figure people keep throwing around? It's fake. This whole thing about the left has caused me to reexamine my beliefs about global warming, and how I came by them. 'Turns out most of it was passively accepted without a critical thought, because I kept seeing it in the news.

This is troubling, and not in the false sense of the word that Liberals use. Global warming is conceivably the most important decision we'll face, and we need to get it right the first time.

And yet, debate on the issue is stifled by insult and threats. Scientists fear losing their livelihood if they question the dogma. Policies are "our way and nothing else", and always require reducing our standard of living while increasing economic disparity.

No where do I see proposals that would actually help the problem, such as calls to modernize our electrical grid, calls to change tax code to encourage telecommuting (section 1706), tax rebates for rooftop solar, or increased funding in helpful technology.

I'm having a tough time keeping my position about global warming, simply because it's the clarion call of the left.

There's an old saying among geeks: it's not enough to be right, you also have to be effective.

The left is so ineffective that it's tough to agree with them.

Even when they're right.

Comment President doesn't affect individual businesses (Score 1) 67

But that is likely because Trump is pro-business instead of a anti-business Democrat.

It's because Tesla inked a deal to start selling cars in the middle east, along with the support charging infrastructure.

I'm good with blaming the president for things, but the president really has very little effect on any individual business, and in particular has little effect on a specific business in his first 30 days.

I think the same can be said about Obama. Anything he did was more of a global long-term effect if it was any effect at all. Taking health care as an example, I don't see Obamacare as having curtailed or encouraged the medical industry or the insurance companies - the economics of health care would probably have evolved to the state we are in now with or without it. Military vendors were similarly unaffected over the last 8 years.

In economic terms, I don't see the president having much effect on business.

Comment All or nothing (Score 1) 123

I'm a pretty liberal dude -

Considering you don't agree with a liberal law, no you're not. You are actually a centrist. If you believe in private ownership of property, you are center right.

It's apparently all-or-nothing with liberals.

When asked, I immediately had one good thing to say about Hillary Clinton, and had a dozen more after a few moment's thought.

The left can't find one good thing to say about Trump, and it's all-or-nothing. Attack in every possible way: his family, his business, even attack his 10 year old son.


Comment Staggering disinformation (Score 4, Interesting) 67

All this earnings losses doesn't mean anything to a expanding company like Tesla. Do we really want them to stall their growth just to be little bit profitable? They have the advantage with big car companies dragging their feet. They have to do everything they can to gain marketshare now before others catch up.

There was a big stink about Amazon during the late 90s and early 00s about how they are posting losses. Where are all those shortsighted investors now.

The amount of Tesla disinformation in the financial news is staggering.

I read an article three weeks ago that said that 38% of Tesla stock was shorted, with a due date a couple of weeks from then. I then read another mainstream financial media was reporting that Tesla was expected to hit zero by the middle of the summer, and you should sell your stock right now!

Sure enough, Tesla inked a deal to sell electric cars to the middle East, and its stock jumped 10% on that news and has held relatively steady.

One financial news report suggests to sell your Tesla stock and take the profits and invest in Twitter. Of course, Twitter has yet to make a profit and no *clear* way to do so, but hey... Tesla will be burning through cash and be bankrupt real soon now - take your profits out of Tesla and run!

I think there's a lot of "self interested" reporting going on. Most analysts want to bring Tesla down because a) they've bet heavily on the stock dropping, or b) have clients who would benefit from the stock dropping, or c) have clients heavily invested in oil and natural gas.

Tesla has been laying a firm foundation on which to build its future, and is posed to dominate a very big section of the economy. It shows every indication of being the next Microsoft or Apple.

If only those pesky financial analysts would stop and look at it objectively.

Comment The Original Affluent Society (Marshall Sahlins) (Score 1) 512
"Hunter-gatherers consume less energy per capita per year than any other group of human beings. Yet when you come to examine it the original affluent society was none other than the hunter's -- in which all the people's material wants were easily satisfied. To accept that hunters are affluent is therefore to recognise that the present human condition of man slaving to bridge the gap between his unlimited wants and his insufficient means is a tragedy of modern times.... The world's most primitive people have few possessions. but they are not poor. Poverty is not a certain small amount of goods, nor is it just a relation between means and ends; above all it is a relation between people. Poverty is a social status. As such it is the invention of civilisation. It has grown with civilisation, at once as an invidious distinction between classes and more importantly as a tributary relation that can render agrarian peasants more susceptible to natural catastrophes than any winter camp of Alaskan Eskimo."

Comment All the value in one place (Score 1) 28

The solution is not to add another complicated layer on top.

The proposed solution also presents a single point of failure for the cryptographic resource. If one company manages to get hacked, or infiltrated by one agent, or gets betrayed by one employee, everything will be lost.

Bruce Schneier had the analogy of putting $100 into each of 10 safes, versus putting $1000 into one expensive safe. The $1000 in a single place makes it cost-effective for a burglar to try to break in, while $100 in ten safes does not, even if the 10 safes are individually less secure than the one safe.

We've seen this principle in action recently: losing our clearance info database to the Chinese, and RSA losing its secureid seed database.

If the security of IOT devices is managed by one system, all it takes is someone to offer $500,000 to an employee for the root info (root certificate, or whatever the chain of trust originates from) and everything is lost.

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