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Comment Re:Its the capacitors (Score 1) 188

You wouldn't use electrolytic capacitors in space because the low pressure would cause the electrolyte to boil away fairly rapidly. Yes, even faster than normal.

As Mark Watney discovers in The Martian when his laptop goes "phut" when he takes it outside of the dome, consumer electronics, even units approved for usage on NASA missions, aren't designed to withstand environments outside what's normal on Earth.

Comment Re:Shoe on other foot (Score 1) 531

There are over 300 people in the USA for every police officer, and that ratio is only slightly higher in cities (1:250 for New York City).

There's now more guns than people in the USA, the bulk of them in private hands. In a civil war between the police and the people, I know who I'd back. And that's not even accounting for the fact that the majority of the police signed up because they wanted to protect those people, not mow them down en-masse.

Until the robot factories are mass producing killdroids, the people still have the edge in terms of power.

Comment Re:The business model (Score 1) 531

This is why business in the USA desperately needs to push for single-payer state healthcare.

You're spending 17% of your GDP when systems with comparable or better outcomes spend 10-12%, or even as little as 7% in the case of the UK NHS. Most of the difference is profiteering and insurance admin overheads.

Comment Re:or how about less sugar anyways? (Score 3, Informative) 328

Part of the reason everything is better in Europe is because of the high taxes. Low taxes lead to inequality, which leads to civil unrest, which leads to suffering. It's like the path to the Dark Side, but for civil societies.

The happiest nation on Earth, Denmark, has

  • Federal income tax up to 15% for higher earners
  • Healthcare tax
  • Land value tax
  • Local income tax too! Around 25%
  • There is a ceiling on income tax though ; you can't pay more than 51.5% when all income taxes are added up
  • There's a 25% sales tax on nearly everything though
  • They even have a tax on stupidity being a member of the state church.

Taxes are good for the health of a civil society Why do you think the happiness levels in the USA correlate so strongly with the drop in tax levels promoted by the richest?

Comment Re:or how about less sugar anyways? (Score 1) 328

You might want to get yourself some Black Blood of the Earth, which was developed for just such a reason.

Or an Aeropress. I find that as long as you don't let it steep more than about 30 seconds, the coffee an Aeropress makes is much less bitter than filter or french press, the taste is almost chocolately in nature.

Cold-brew produces similar results in terms of flavour as well - but it's powerful ju-ju, I've not titrated the dose right yet. Last time I tried it I had one glass of it cold over ice in the morning but all the little wheels in my brain spun all night while my body slept.

Comment Re:or how about less sugar anyways? (Score 1) 328

The US formulation has PGPR in it. They claim not to have changed the recipe in the UK, but given the number of people complaining it's not as good as it used to be that stretches credibility.

I've found Dairy Milk to be too sweet and greasy and not chocolately enough for years though.

Sadly Cadbury's owned my go-to choice of "everyday" (not every day) chocolate, Green & Blacks, which means the Despoiler Mondelez own them too. The cracks are already starting to show, with their US arm now releasing bars that are no longer labelled "Organic". I'm not the kind of person who thinks "Organic" bestows magical qualities on food, but it displays a willingness to compromise has been forced into the heart of the company, and who knows what will change next.

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